Olympics Seven Moments Worth Revisiting

There are numerous Olympic moments, whether they are widely publicised or not. Don’t worry if you couldn’t keep up with the 339 events in 33 sports competed by more than 11,000 participants at the Tokyo Olympic Games. To give you an idea, here are a few examples:


An Unbelievable Rhythmic Gymnastics Reversal

Putting aside the debate over whether or not rhythmic gymnastics (the kind with the ribbons) counts as a sport, the competition had a dramatic climax.


After that, there was an uneasy loser.

Even more complex than the reason why Russia is competing at the Olympics under the name R.O.C. (Russian Olympic Committee) was Dina Averina’s routine in the women’s vault.

The fact that she and her identical twin sister Arina were both in the running for the overall title added an extra layer of intrigue.

In rhythmic gymnastics, it was her first gold medal for Israel and her second overall in the sport of gymnastics. It was Averina Harnasko of Belarus who brought home the bronze medal, while her sister, Averina, placed fourth.

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After the tournament, Dina Averina kept things interesting by continuing to stir the pot.

At the moment, she stated, “It’s extremely difficult to discuss because I don’t agree with way the scoring went today.” It’s the first time in my life that I’ve disagreed with the judges.”

Averina “become the champion from whom the gold medal was taken away in the most easy way,” the Russian Olympic Committee tweeted. Judges made the final decision.

Ashram, on the other hand, was jubilant with her victory.

That’s why I didn’t care about anyone else, she added. “I didn’t pay attention to Dina and Arina’s routines. The effort I’ve put into this is well worth it.”

A Legendary Wrestler from Cuba

The 38-year-old Cuban wrestler Mijan López has been a part of every Summer Games since 2008.

His gold medal success has become as predictable as the opening ceremony’s goofball moment. Both the moment and Lopez’s gold medal did not disappoint in Tokyo. He was successful in securing his fourth victory.

López, a 6-foot-5, 290-pounder who is known for flinging opponents and coaches over his shoulder, announced his retirement after the Tokyo Olympics. But even at 41 years old and a gold medal in the Greco-Roman super heavyweight division, he’s not ruling out competing in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Wrestler From The United States Who has Made it into the Record Books

Not to be outdone, the United States of America also offered a memorable moment in the sport of wrestler.

Tamyra Mensah-impassioned, Stock’s wild celebration after winning gold slew her opponents and the internet.

After her final match, she cried and jumped in an interview, which became a viral hit on social media.

As the first Black woman and the second American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling, her legacy will go on forever.

You are Not Required to Perform a Pole Vault. Again

Is there anything you can do after a year of battling Covid-19 and then setting your own personal best to qualify for the Olympics, you win gold?

Despite two misses, Katie Nageotte of the United States had every right to enjoy her victory in the pole vault, clearing 4.9 metres (16 feet 1 inch) and defeating Anzhelika Sidorova of Russia by a wide margin.

At this point in the competition, she decided to give it another go. She placed her bar at 5.01 metres before lifting the pole to begin her run. But she came up short and smirked as she realised she had failed.

Apparently “the emotion of winning” overtook her this time.

Tom Daley, a 14-year-old British diver at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, was an Olympic sensation at the time.

He and his 10-meter synchronised diving teammate, Blake Aldridge, appeared to be on the verge of a medal in the finals, but they were eliminated in the finals (and reportedly quarrelled before the dive).

A gold medal at the Olympics has eluded Daley since then, despite his reputation as one of the best divers in history and other medals won at international competitions.

The Chinese, the countries with the greatest scuba diving dominance, were frequently a hindrance.

Not if you’re in Tokyo, Of Course

At the 10-meter platform event, he took home bronze with partner Matty Lee after winning gold with him on the synchronised 10-meter diving platform (losing, naturally, to the Chinese divers Cao Yuan, who won gold, and Yang Jian).

Olympic athlete crocheting also appears to be his specialty, as he was spotted knitting in the stands between dives (he was making a cardigan for a brain cancer charity in honour of his father, who died in 2011).

When the Winners of the Sailing Competition Sink Their Boat

If you just won a gold medal in sailing, it usually doesn’t matter too much what happens to your boat afterwards.

When asked if the mast had been damaged in any way, Kunze responded, “Yes. “It’s a wonderful time.” We’ll remember it for the rest of our lives.

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In the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro,

they won gold in their own backyard. And, well, here’s a surprise: The boat sank as well.

Being 62 and an Olympian is weird, as the oldest Tokyo medalist reveals. Inhabitants of the athletes’ hamlet, it seems, were not able to comprehend this news.

Even yet, being Andrew Hoy of Australia must be a pleasant experience. Silver and bronze in equestrian make him the oldest medallist in Tokyo’s history (the youngest medalist was 12-year-old Kokona Hiraki of Japan, who won silver in, appropriately enough, skateboarding).

Individual eventing bronze went to Hoy, and team eventing silver went to Australia.

In 1984, he made his Olympic debut in Los Angeles, where he won a gold medal, and in 1992, he competed in Barcelona, where he won a silver medal.