13 Sites Like ‘LetMeWatchThis’ in 2023

It provides services for online video streaming and enjoying all the latest entertainment stuff on your device. The site gives a premium and cinematic experience and HD quality along with high-quality resolutions without any charges or costs.

The content is delivered with no disturbances such as ads and to give a more smooth experience the website also has free applications that can be downloaded on your devices. The application is compatible with multiple devices.

The platform has an impressive layout and sound effects to give you the best experience while having entertainment.


All the genres of movies are there on the platform and the upcoming and latest movies is uploaded on the website. The contents are well-sorted based on years, genres as well as the IMDB ratings of the movies. With regular updates, the site has quick bug fixes for seamless streaming.

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The digital age has ushered in countless platforms for movie and TV show enthusiasts. One such platform that has been a topic of interest among many is LetMeWatchThis. If you’ve ever wondered about its origins, its current status, or its safety, you’re in for an informative read.


What is LetMeWatchThis?

LetMeWatchThis began as an online platform that provided its users with a vast collection of movies and TV shows, streaming for free. It was known for hosting a diverse range of content, from the latest blockbusters to classic movies, ensuring that viewers had a variety of options at their fingertips.

13 Sites Like LetMeWatchThis

1. Afdah

It is a popular movie streaming website to find all your desired movies, the site hosts large database of movies, TV shows, web series and more. Moreover, all the content is available free of cost. You can search movies and shows through the search bar or by using categories.

It has film section which features all the latest and recent movies, and you can browse through genre, language or country. The video quality is HD, and all the content is available without break since there are no popups to disturb, for watching movies and web series all you need is a reliable internet connection.

2. Amazon Prime Video

The name seems not new to the ears but rather it is a top-notch movie streaming site providing all the content in best of quality and experience difficult to trace in other streaming platform. It has an impressive library of films with all the latest content and amazing features and interface layout.

Amazon prime video provides service for $119 per year. It has diverse to unique features to give best streaming experience. You can customize captions and set parental controls, sync your watching experience who have prime up to 100 people and share your membership.

3. SolarMovie

It allows movie and video streaming for free, and you can watch as well as download the movies without any registration.It allows you to watch movies in HD quality and sound with the friendly user interface. The streaming is smooth and has fewer ads and no resistance while watching.

It has many features that are worth considering. You can easily search the content through the search engine, and you can also find links to popular series and shows. It has movies of all types from action, comedy and drama to more.

4. 1movies

It is one of the prime movie streaming sites providing all the high-quality content free of cost. It has a vast collection of movies and shows from all time that is old to the latest movies.

The home page features all the trending movies and shows and to make the search specific and general it has genre-wise distribution as well as a search options to get the right content within seconds.

It has no subscription plans or any sign-up requirement. Each movie has a clear description and ratings. To make your experience better you can enable substitutes as well.

5. Putlocker

Putlocker is an online website repository which has huge movie collection. You can enjoy online streaming as well download the movies and content to watch offline. It has movies and web series and documentaries which is becoming the taste of many users.

Users can conveniently use the website as it supports a friendly and smooth user interface. The page has an amazing view and layout. The video directory is regularly updated which makes all the movie land on the platform soon after they are aired.

All the content on the website is available in HD and high-quality resolutions. Though the original website has been taken down by the authorities while many mirror sites are in use.

6. Popcornflix

It is a great platform to find full-length movies which can be accessed without paying any fees. All the latest as well as old movies can be found on this site and that too very easily.

There are plentiful of categories on how the movies are arranged such as languages, genres, actors and more.There is no limit on watching the movies, you can watch and enjoy as many movies as you wish without any registration and fees.

It has a simple and straightforward user interface that allows the users to find the stuff easily. You can also download the content without any interruptions.

7. 123Movie

It is not new to ears as the site is a popular movie streaming website where you can watch and enjoy Films, TV Shows, Anime and more. This site has huge base of movies and TV shows. It has thousands of movies consisting of different genres that you can watch as well as download without paying money.

You can search for movies using filters and genres or release date. There are different sections designed so to get easy access of movies, and web series. Here you can find all types of movies like Action, Mystery, Mythological, Romantic, Fiction, Anime, Comedy and many more highly rated films.

8. Fmovies

It is an online video streaming site that was launched in 2016. It hosts links and videos for the users to stream and download movies. It allows you to watch all the movie for free. It is a website which hosts vast content of films which are from various genres based on release year, country and rating.

You are not authorized to subscribe for the paid version to use the website.It may not be available in many parts of the world but can be accessed through VPN as many other websites which are not supported by some countries.

9. Hulu

It is a popular movie streaming website which was launched in 2007 and currently it has roughly 41 million users. It has an important feature for the users which is that there are no security issues as it offers security as well as privacy.

It has many familiar shows that you can enjoy like ABC, NBC and FOX, you can watch all these as soon as they are aired. The low monthly plans are available which are much lower than many of the movie streaming platforms.

The basic plan is just $6-per month. Looking into its basic features, the quality goes up to 4k and has profile section for the users and as well as a coming soon section where the movies that are going to be aired can be known to the users in advance.

10. Vumoo

It is an online video streaming site that hosts vast contents of films, shows and dramas and download them. The content is from regional and international cinemas.Along with movies and shows it has significant number of documentaries and sports channels.

It has the feature of subtitles for international viewers. The user interface is friendly with platform supporting advance search options, the content is loaded effortlessly, and all the trending movies and shows are displayed on the home page.

11. Moviesjoy

It is an amazing platform which requires no registration or charges for availing the services but only you need to land on the website and start streaming.

All the content is free of cost plus in HD video quality. The content is vast including almost all the movies and TV shows. Moreover, it has multi language support for substitutes and the content is updated regularly for the users.

12. Netflix

It is an online streaming platform which is subscription based. It has vast content of movies, TV shows and documentaries. It supports all the devices which are connected to the internet.

You can compare your plans and pricing to decide the best one for yourself and change your plan accordingly. It recommends internet speed requirement for optimum experience and the system requirements that is compatible with web browser.

13. GoMovies

It is a free movie streaming website providing free services for the users, it allows the users to share the movies which helps the peers to download. It has a wide collection of movies and other content since there are many users sharing their favourite stuff on the platform.

The video quality is HD and of high resolutions. The movies require no signup, and all the latest movies is uploaded. Regular updates of the platform occur to make it better for users. It is compatible with all the devices and supports android iPhone operating system.

Is LetMeWatchThis Still Working?

As of January 2022, the original LetMeWatchThis had faced several domain changes and shutdowns, mainly due to copyright issues. Over time, it branched out into multiple mirror sites and clones, making it challenging to pinpoint an “official” LetMeWatchThis platform.

Users looking to access it should be cautious of imitations and ensure they’re on a legitimate version, if any.

Who is the Founder of LetMeWatchThis?

The exact identity or identities of the founders behind LetMeWatchThis remain somewhat elusive. Given the legal gray areas in which such platforms operate, it’s not uncommon for their operators to maintain anonymity.

Benefits of LetMeWatchThis

  • Expansive Library: One of the platform’s major draws was its comprehensive collection of movies and TV shows, spanning multiple genres and eras.
  • Free Streaming: LetMeWatchThis was known for providing content without the need for subscription fees, making it a go-to for many looking to watch movies without any cost.
  • User Ratings and Comments: The platform allowed users to rate and comment on movies, aiding others in choosing quality content.
  • Simple Interface: The platform was user-friendly, ensuring that even those not tech-savvy could navigate it with ease.

Is LetMeWatchThis Safe?

The question of safety with sites like LetMeWatchThis is multifaceted:

  • Legal Concerns: Watching or distributing copyrighted content without proper authorization is illegal in many jurisdictions. Users could potentially face legal consequences.
  • Malware and Ads: Free streaming sites often rely on ad revenue. Some ads, pop-ups, or redirects on LetMeWatchThis and its clones could lead to malicious sites or software.
  • Data Privacy: It’s essential to ensure that personal data remains protected when accessing such sites. Using VPNs and secure connections is advisable.

Is LetMeWatchThis Free?

Yes, LetMeWatchThis built its reputation by offering a vast array of content to users for free. However, the cost of “free” often included navigating through numerous ads and potentially unsafe pop-ups.

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Movie steaming has become one of the best entertainments means and so it is quite important to have descent platform for doing so. LetMeWatchThis is popular site which has impressive user base while users often need unique features and friendly interface for which you can try the list of its alternatives and get the best one for yourself.

LetMeWatchThis, in its prime, was a significant player in the free online streaming arena. Its extensive library and cost-free access made it a favorite among many.

However, as with all such platforms, there are risks to consider. Users should prioritize their safety, both legally and digitally. As always, when exploring the world of online content, it’s essential to tread with both curiosity and caution.