20 Best Alternatives To ‘Masterani’ for Watching Free Anime

The world is changing, and every individual in it is developing a sense of taste in the type of content they consume over some time. A lot of people have shifted from mainstream movies, and tv shows towards an alternative that they find are more up to their taste.

This alternative is a fairly popular one, especially in teenagers and young adults. Anime, though originated from Japan, is loved and cherished all across the world.

Though the original content is often if not always in Japanese though dubs and subtitles for every movie and tv shows are available at the viewer’s disposal, on the Internet, many sites provide access to online streaming of the anime or downloading it, whatever is convenient to the viewer. One such site is Masterani.


What is Masterani?

A genuine question, although the answer to this is a small one. Masterani is a website that helps viewers get access to anime content. The site is free for viewers to use; the audience could either online stream the content or simply download it on their PC.

As the site is free, it does have ads on it. Nothing overwhelming, though. After a few obstacles, you can easily stream movies from this website. The site has various good features that attracted many people to use it. Some of which was the fact that the genre range onMasterani was huge.

This also indicates that the library on content was huge, of course. The genre included adventure, comedy, action, romance, and the list drones on and on. The user interface of this site is pretty simple and easy to understand.

The site has good user feedback, and the user experience is rated good too. All in all, it is the best site you could find on the Internet to watch your favorite anime movies and tv shows.

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What Happened to MasterAnime.me?

Masterani was a fantastic site. But it got closed down due to certain copyright issues. The site was posting content that was subject to copyright, the same owned by some other websites. That is the main reason why it got into trouble in the first place.

The site was not secured and was used content that was pirated and gathered by various sites altogether. The site was closed down soon after by its ISP provider or blocked by the web, whatever may be the case.

Are There Similar Sites to MasterAnime?

Definitely yes! I’m surprised this question even came to your mind! On the Internet, there are hundreds of sites that you can find while flicking through page after page and find what you are looking for instantly.

Anime is no different. There are numerous sites on the web that provide you with access to anime content, sometimes a little bit of manga with it too. It is not hard to find if you are looking at the right place.

20 Best Alternatives to Masterani for Watching Free Anime

If you know me, you will know that I will take care of every little need of yours, including covering you when you need some alternative sites. You must be wondering, it is easy to find anime sites sure, but it isn’t easy finding good anime sites.

Don’t worry, and I have brought a list of anime sites that you might like, and that are similar to Masterani.me. You’re welcome. Take a look at the names mentioned down below:

1. Nyaa.si

Reddit names Nyaa.si one of the best alternatives to Masterani, just loaded with some extra features. The site has a huge library of movies and shows that you can select from and watch. The content quality of the anime of this site is nothing less than HD.

The site is free of cost, and the user interface is quite brilliant. However, there is this one feature that I love above every else. It provides information about the anime series on the anime.

To explain it further, the site has information like anime duration, size, whether it can be downloaded, all that. You can search for your favorite shows on this website and find good anime to watch when you are free.

2. KissAnime

This is a fairly popular site in the anime genre. It is free of cost site, which makes it more appealing to the users and has good video quality with subtitles and dubs. The quality of anime movies and shows is pretty good too.

All of the content streaming is in HD quality. Like Masterani, this site also has a lot of ads that you will have to bear through.

After a few ads, though, it is usually pretty smooth sailing. Kiss Anime is a good site that poses to be a good alternative to Masterani too! So I would recommend you check out this site and see if you like the content on it!

3. 9Anime

9Anime is a fairly known site in the field of anime, and all the fans of anime use this site to watch free anime content online. The site is known for its HD quality content that is not comparable to any other.

This site downloads very fast, and the user interface is simple and easy to use too. The site also claims to have friendly user experience feedback. The comments for the site are commendable too.

If you are like me and hate buffering, 9anime is perfect for you! The site does not lag, and the content quality, as mentioned before, is fairly good. This site poses to be a good alternative to Masterai.me.

4. AnimeFreak

If you are an anime fan, it is definite that you must have heard of anime freak. This site is famous in all grounds. The site is famous for its HD quality content and fast downloads. Fans from across the world use this application to online stream anime in good quality.

One of the things that attract more viewers to this site is that the creators update the site on a very regular basis. This helps in retaining the audience you already have. As the site is free of cost, it lures in more people than you can imagine. The disadvantage though, is that there are a lot of ads.

5. Hulu

Hulu is a big name in the online video streaming industry. Some of you might have undoubtedly even heard of its name and know what the platform stands for, but for those who are new to the name of Hulu, here is a brief on the same.

Hulu provides a plethora of movies and videos that you can stream in real-time and watch content that matches your needs and requirements. The anime content on this site is nice, and the library that it holds is huge. The genre range consists of action, adventure, thriller, sci-fi, etc.

This site contains some of the most famous anime movies and shows that are streamed by millions of people daily. The site is paid though, so need to have a subscription to avail all its note-worthy content. But once you get the hang of it, there is a good possibility that you would not want to unsubscribe. Hulu is a top-notch site, and I would recommend you check it out.

6. Manga-Anime-Here.com

Anime lovers love this site! Manga Anime here is popular for its library and its genre range. You will find almost every famous anime on this platform. The site caters to the audience from all over the world, especially Europe, North America, and Asia.

The site has not only good anime movies and shows but noteworthy manga available on it too. Manga lovers love this site. They can read all the quality content for free and come back anytime for more! What more would you want anyway?

The user interface of this site is easy to handle and quite plain and simple to understand. Ads and pop-ups are limited, though they are inevitably present on this site. I think you will like this one, so go check it out!

7. Anime Planet

This site caters to anime that can bee watched both online or can be downloaded to be stored and watched later on your PC. With a quick Google search, you can easily locate this site on the web. Anime-Planet is one reliable app that you can find for both on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The site is free, so you can browse it anytime from anywhere. The site also has a discussion forum where people can go and express their love for anime and talk about trendy topics. As the UI is easy to understand and simple to browse, you will find it interesting to be on.

8. Because.moe

Another good Masterani alternative site! Because.moe is known for its HD quality content that is simply too good to miss out on. This site is loaded with famous anime movies and shows like Naruto and One Piece, and the site caters to millions of people worldwide.

The site has other additional good features that it caters to, including regular updates and a simple user interface. The site also facilitates speedy uploads that you can watch your favorite shows without any glitches and interruptions.

9. Horriblesubs

This site is new, well newer in comparison to many other sites mentioned in this list. The site helpers viewers online stream and download anime in real-time. The quality that it provides is really good too.

That is a positive feature because the site has been in the market for only a few years. HorribleSubs.info has a list of the latest trending anime that you can choose from or go to the search bar in the old fashioned way and find your favorites to stream.

The user interface of this site is simple and easy to understand so you don’t have to worry about tough, hard to access platforms when you think of this.

10. Daisuki

As the name suggests, this site is Japanese. And by Japanese, I mean it is owned by a Japanese company enterprise that is responsible for handling and upgrading it from time to time. If you want to feel the real aura of Japanese anime, this is the right site to come to. The site has both a free plan and a paid plan that you could avail of.

The paid plan has additional tv series and shows that are available as a part of the premium (paid) plan. The free plan, even though the library of it is huge, you will have to subscribe to the top-notch content of the site. All in all, I think you should check the site out because I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

11. Netflix

Netflix has grown to become one of the biggest platforms of all time. It is one of the most influential video streaming applications there is. Many movie directors have shifted from big-screen movies to Netflix to air their content solely because of the popularity of the site.

What people often do not know is that it contains god anime movies and shows too. You can stream the same and enjoy your favorites with your movies and friends. It is common knowledge that Netflix requires a subscription form in which you can log in to your account and watch your favorites.

The subscription plans depending on how much of the screen is going to be connected along with how many people, which gadget is being used to stream it, etc. The best thing about this application is that you can stream it from anywhere, your phone, laptop, PC, TV, etc.

12. GoGoAnime

This is yet another good alternative we have for Materani.me. This site has good anime content that I am sure you will enjoy. The problem though is a lot of ads. But that is an inevitable problem that occurs undoubtedly if you working on a  site that is free of cost.

A price to pay when the whole thing is free. The irony. Once you get over it though, it is a good site to stream the quality anime content with good picture quality. I am sure you will enjoy the page tremendously.

13. NarutoGet

This is yet another fun platform that anime lovers would just not get enough of! The site not only caters to anime content but also famous manga series. The site aims to provide the audience with a large platform where they could gather and talk and discuss anime, avail it and consume it, all free of cost! The novelty.

The site poses as a great alternative to Masterani though it does have some features that Masterani did not. This includes providing dubbed content along with subtitles for every content, the site also has HD quality content that you can stream in, etc.! It’s a win-win situation altogether!

14. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is famous for its anime series content. Most of the audience that comes to this site is usually because of it. and if you have used it before and know how it is, you probably return yourself to do exactly that.

Now, as the site is free and does not require any registration of sort, you can simply go the site (by a simple Google search) and find your favorite anime series to stream. The same is facilitated by the site and you can stream your favorites in real-time without any real hassle.

It’s that easy. And by easy, I need to also mention that the UI is very minimalistic and easy to navigate. Apart from anime, if you are someone who also enjoys cartoon series, this is the right site for you to be in! Check this one out!

15. AnimeUltima

This is the o to the site if you want to stream limitlessly and without any interference. Another good thing about this site? It is free of cost! So you do not have to worry about login in or any sort of registration. You can simply go to the site and avail of this facility. Awesome, isn’t it?

The site also has this feature where it provides a brief description of the series or the movie that you can read before you start watching it. this will help you to judge the movie beforehand of whether you will like it or not. This is a good alternative to Masterani that you will find fun!

16. AnimeNova

Yet another bomb platform to find good anime content including movies, shows, series, and drama. Providing all the top-notch features, this site is a very good alternative to Masterani. The library of this site is huge so you can surf through the endless options to find your favorite.

Furthermore, the site updates its library regularly, so you don’t have to worry about running out of content to watch, like ever! You can find subtitles and dub series along with original content all in HD quality! This is one exciting site to be on and I think you will like this one!

17. WatchAnimeMovie

As the name suggests, watch anime movie has a lot of anime movies that you can choose from and stream in real-time. The site is a goldmine for streaming good movies and shows. Anime lovers across the world come to browse this site so that they can get good content that they can enjoy and share with their peers.

One of the best things about this site has to be the fact that if you cannot find the show or movie that you wanted to watch, you can simply request the server to make it available on the site. The site enables that content on the site within 24 hours of the request. This has not only brought more traffic to the site but also more reliability and fame.

18. AnimeLand

Yet another good Masterani alternative site! You must think about what makes this site so much special that I am recommending it to you today. Well, let’s start by saying that the user interface is pretty easy to navigate, the library of this site is very big and you can find almost every show on it and the quality of the content is almost always in HD.

To add more, the site is free and you can stream the content anytime, from anywhere. The content is not the only bomb, but the site is too! I think this one will suit your needs!

19. AnimeHeaven

This site is paralleled to Masterani.me when it comes to streaming good anime from any time, anywhere. This site has been a constant to many anime lovers out there who don’t want to miss any updates on their favorite anime shows and movies.

The sit also provides you with the feature with the help of which you can discuss the anime genre with other viewers on the platform. This reminds me to add that the genre range on Anime heaven is very large, consisting of action, adventure, horror, comedy, etc.

20. AnimeStreams

Every anime lover out there will love anime streams. This site is very much similar to Masterani hence a good alternative for it. Needless to say, it is a very popular site among viewers from all across the world.

You can easily find subtitles and dubbed content on it, but if you are a real fan, the site also contains original content. The site promises a lot and stands strong on each of its promises.

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In conclusion, we can say that there are many sites out there that will cater to your need to watch good anime. Even though Masterani was shut down, need not be saddened by it.

I hope you go through some of the sites mentioned below and see if you like any of them. That is all for today, we bid you goodbye for now, until next time!