21 Best Alternative To ‘Cricfree’ for Live Sport Streaming

Cricfree is one of the biggest online cricket information platforms that cater to millions of people worldwide. Cricfree shows you cricket information and lets you free stream them online, so you can watch your favorite matches online without missing any other update.

Cricfree also allows individuals live stream other sports, any sports at that, and enjoy their favorite sports from anywhere at any time. The website is known to be the most viewed website by sports enthusiasts solely because of the features that it possesses.

Not only can you stream anytime, anywhere, you can also stream from any HD clarity gadget. The website is loved and cherished by many, for the name it has made for itself.

Best Alternative to Cricfree for Football Live Streaming

However, the site is now closed due to various unknown reasons that the developers have not yet confirmed. When the news broke the internet, millions of people were disappointed and saddened by it.

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21 Best Alternative to Cricfree for Football Live Streaming

After the site was shut, people started browsing the internet for various alternatives that would help them to stream online matches of multiple sports, which brings us to why we are here. We have compiled for you a list of 21 alternative sites to Cricfree that you might like:

1. Stream2Watch

This site is a well-known name in giving access to free live sports. The site is very organized as it has labels of various sports mentioned on it, which can be clicked and accessed.

Stream2watch also has time durations mentioned when the sport will go live and when the sports fans can watch it in real-time. The site is a lot like Cricfree, so that the user experience would feel similar too.

2. VIPBox

VIP Box is a fun site to be on. The user interface will remind you of the 2000’s animated board games. The site has buttons present on it, which labels different sports names that an individual might be interested in. The fans can select their sport of choice and stream the same in real-time. The sports on the site include Football, Cricket, Baseball, etc.

3. Ronaldo7

Are you a huge football fan? This site is the best possible site you will find for your online streaming of football matches across the world with multiple links. All the links provide HD access to live to a stream of football matches. So, if you are on the go and you still can’t miss that Chelsea match with Man City, Ronaldo7 has you covered.

4. ScoresinLive

Follow this site for the latest updates on your favorite sports and sportsperson. The scores and current live play is displayed big on this live streaming site. Fans of sports cannot skip through this site.

Scores in Live is streamed by thousands of people every day. You can see just how much that adds up every month. However, we recommend you check this site out and see if you find it to your liking!

5. FromHot

On FromHot, you will easily find a big library of sports matched that you may want to re-watch, or you might have missed it in the first place. This site has a huge category of sports to choose from and watch.

This site is a good alternative to CricFree. The traffic on this website has increased drastically after the shut down of CricFree. It is logical to assume that many fans of CricFree jumped on this platform to satiate their love for sports and stream the same free and online.


LAOLA1 is a very popular football site that people just can’t get enough of. If you are a football fan, there is a good chance that you might have heard of this site and browsed through it for watching of matches when you have no other choice but to online stream.

LAOLA1.tv also has a huge library of old football matches, so it is a good site for people who want to re-watch some of the most phenomenal matches again.

7. VIPLeague

The user interface of this site is similar to FromHot. This site has sports oozing out of it. It has all it’s content related to sports, and streaming on this site is as easy as breathing.

The user experience and reviews of this site are commendable, too, so you can depend on this site for good quality streaming and regular updates. We recommend you to check this site out!

8. StreamHunter

As the name suggests, the site is a sports streaming site. The site is an excellent alternative to CricFree. The user can enjoy HD quality streaming using this site and sit back and watch the exciting matches with no glitches. If you love the excellent quality of streaming while you’re at it, this site is a must to check out!

9. StreamWoop

This site is equipped with various sports that you can stream in real-time. It is a very good alternative for CricFree and, just like FromHot, came into the light of fame after CricFree had shut down, and fans were looking for its alternative.

Live streaming on this app has always been fun, and the quality has always been phenomenal to start with. The site also has a forum where you can discuss particular sports and indulge in other activities.

10. Bosscast

Another good CricFree alternative. This site is a gold mine if you love quality while live streaming and crave for it. The best part about live streaming on BOSS CAST? You do not have to spend a single penny!

It is free of cost, and you can enjoy watching your favorite sports in noteworthy quality for nothing except a good Wi-Fi connection. We are optimistic that this site might rub in the right with your taste of the website.

11. Batmanstream

Batmanstream is a good site that gives you a rundown of all the sports, country-wise, happening on the day you open the website along with the rundown of matches due the next day. The site is very detailed and has all the sites organized in a decluttered way that helps fans click on the sport they are eager to stream and help them do so while they are at it.

12. SportLemon

Sportlemon has a user interface that matches FromHot and is a good alternative to CricFree with its big library and stock of matches of all kinds. The quality in which you can live stream for free is also good.

Using this site, you can easily watch various sports online, including tennis, basketball, cricket, football, etc. We recommend you to check it out for yourself and see if it suits your needs.

13. Feed2All

Feed2all is known for its sports stream. It is yet another big name in free live streaming sports platforms that have it big out there. This site has an organized set of buttons or options that has made finding matches of the particular sport of your choice very easy. It is a perfect alternative to sites like CricFree and Stream2watch. The downfall, though, is that the quality is not always HD.

14. StrikeOut

StrikeOut has a fantastic user experience. We went through the site’s review and the feedback section, where we found that StrikeOut was one of people’s favorite sports streaming sites. And with good reason too.

You can stream your favorite sports match in HD quality, and that also for free. The user interface of this site is very appealing. Overall, the site is very fun to be on.

15. FirstRowSports

This site is a very good CricFree alternative site. The site is all about sports and every type of it. On Firstrowsports, you can easily stream your favorite sports matches for free. This site’s feedback is pretty commendable, and you can make more or less dependent on it for a match that you simply cannot miss at any cost.

The accessibility of this site is on every gadget. So you can enjoy the show on your home on the TV or your phone on the go, whatever you like.

16. StopStream

This site fulfills all your wishes that are related to watching and streaming of live sports. The site has an HD quality video streaming ready just for you! The user experience is very nice. The interface is very appealing, and many users like it.

Overall, the feedback for this site is positive, and we highly recommend you check the site out. This is among the best that we have for you!

17. StreamSports

Stream Sports is another good site that you should have in mind while browsing for sites to live stream sports on. The site is known for its video quality and its fast downloads, and good user experience.

The user interface of this site is pretty impressive if we do say so. The site has all kinds of sports available to browse and select your choice, which will further lead to the live streaming option where you can click on the button and enjoy the show.

18. fubuTV

We bring to you yet another good alternative for CricFree. Though the site requires some nominal payment that will facilitate the streaming, you still count on it for good quality HD streaming of sports matches.

The site is an expert on live sports streaming and gives you an additional knowledge about the sport, and its credibility is judged by the reference of big sports channels like ESPN and TENSPORTS.

19. MyP2P

Although the site has a weird name, we can assure you with good confidence that it is a legitimate site that facilitates the live streaming of sports matches. This site’s feedback is okay, though nothing glorious, it is still a good alternative to CricFree.

The site has almost all the well-known sports covered, and you can stream any of them that you might find to your liking. The library of previously-stored matches that you might like is astoundingly large, so you can see that too and select for yourself.

20. LiveSports24

If you are one of those sports fanatics who loves getting live updates on sports and your favorite upcoming matches, this site is the right place for you! The site not only helps you free live stream your favorite sports match but also gives you updates of queued matches and matches planned for the next day.

You can use this site to watch your favorite sport from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the site is flexible for any gadget. Hence, you can watch it on Laptops, PCs, TV or mobile phones, etc.

21. goATDEE

Coming to the last but not least, we have goATDEE for you. This site is the one you can trust to watch your favorite sports matches without any glitches or interference whatsoever. The clarity it provides is also top-notch.

So you don’t have to worry about being stuck with bad signals. You just need to have good Wi-Fi to facilitate the same. Streaming on this site is fun, while the administration of the site is decent as well. It is a good site all in all that you might find to your liking!

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In conclusion, we can say that though CricFree was a great streaming site, we have provided you with some equally good sites that you might have a look on and like. These sites are full of amazing features that you might not want to miss in any case.

However, though, we do hope that this article was helpful to you in one way or another, and you had fun reading it, as much as we had composed it. That is all for today. We bid you goodbye, until next time!