14 Best Alternatives To ‘HDPopcorns’ To Watch Movies and TV Series

Watching and downloading free movies and TV shows without paying for them has been a dream for all. Luckily HDPopcorns has made that dream possible for all with an added advantage of high-quality print. HDPopcorns or HDPopcorn is an online streaming website where you can watch or download hundreds of movies and TV shows.

All the content can be accessed for free and are in HD quality. You can watch almost all Hollywood and Bollywood movies with the latest and trending TV series. Popular TV series like The Game of Thrones and many more are also available on the site.

You can also download and watch some latest and upcoming movies on HDPopcorns. You can sort the content on the basis of genre, IMDB ranking, etc. You can also request the movies you want to watch but are not available on the site, and the developers will try to upload them.

The main problem with these free sites is their continuous display of pop-up ads, which sometimes create disturbance in our watching. Well, these pop-up ads are their main source of income, so we cannot blame them. But once you start playing a movie, the ads will not appear.

There are some HDPopcorns mirror sites running online, such as:

  • https://hdpopcorns.org/
  • https://hdpopcorns.ltd/
  • https://www.hdpopcorns.me/
  • https://hdpopcorn.us/
  • https://hdpopcorns.nl/
  • https://www.hdpopcorns.ws/
  • https://hdpopcorns.eu/
  • https://hdpopcorns.online/

These sites bring you the movies in various genres, such as fantasy, thriller, romantic, action, adventure, mystery, comedy, documentary, etc.

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14 Best Alternatives to HDPopcorns to Download or Watch Movies and TV Series

Like HDPopcorns, there are numerous other sites present all over the internet that provides you with the same facilities and some even more.

If you are looking for alternatives to HD Popcorns, you can go through these sites and decide for yourself. Given below is the list of similar sites we have collected and searched for you to save your time.

1. 123Movies

The first and topmost option on our list is popular and used by all sites, 123movies. The site is beautifully designed and offers a good number of features. 123movies is known to have the world’s largest library of movies and TV shows.

The user interface is smooth and clean. Moreover, 123movies also offers you newly released movies for which other websites ask for payment. Movies and TV show a systematically categorized homepage under different choices from where you can sort according to what you want to watch.

It also offers you three different server choices for streaming the videos. No frustrating ads will be displayed by the site. Which means you can enjoy your limitless watching freely.

2. BMovies

If you are looking for a site similar to HDpopcorns where you can stream limitless and trending movies and TV shows online, Then BMovies can be the perfect site for you. BMovies offers you the latest episodes of your favorite TV series.

There is a trending list on the homepage where you can find the most-watched and top-rated movies of the current year. The sites present you with the best quality movies online. On Bmovies, the movies are grouped in alphabetical order. BMovies also offers you with 5 different options of servers.

3. CMovies

With the latest and hit movies and trending TV shows, Cmovieshd has attracted a good audience. Similar to HDPopcorns, Cmovieshd also accepts requests and suggestions from you. You can search for your favorite movies and TV shows based on genres, IMDB ratings, top-rated, country, and many more.

When you click on the movies you want to watch, popup ads will appear on your screens, but that can be avoided by installing an ad blocker in your browser.

4. Rainerland

One of the oldest websites for free online streaming, Rainerland, will satisfy all your cravings for Movies, series, and TV shows. The movies on Raineirland Movies are dedicated to HD movies and TV shows, which makes it quite different from others.

There is no need to sign in or register on the site or download movies to watch them. The pop-up ads will appear here, too, but if you wait patiently, that can be handled.

The easy to handle interface helps you to search for the movies on your wish list simple. Different sections will inform you about the upcoming movies, latest movies, and most viewed movies.

5. FMovies

FMovies is one of the most popular websites and is used by millions of people. You can find almost every movie or TV show on the site. The movies are systematically placed, which makes your exploring and sorting easier.

The movies are placed under different sections such as genre, alphabetical order, release year, country, language, etc. You can also request and suggest movies here. The thing that makes it different from the rest of the sites is it asks us to sign up.

Then you will be asked to verify your membership by filling in your credit card details. Well, don’t worry, we have a shortcut for that too. Fill in your details such as id and password; when it will take you to the next page, close the page and start streaming the movies.

6. PrimeWire

The next on our list of similar sites to HDPopcorns is PrimeWire.  PrimeWire streams all the newly released and hit films, Hindi and English movies with subtitles, and many more keeping you entertained in your free time.

This one, too, allows you to search movies according to the genre and different categories. The feature of creating an account in Prime Wire enables you to comment and vote for movies, making it easier and interesting for others.

The scheduling section will update you about all the to be uploaded movies. It also allows you to download movies and watch them offline but to get that option; you have to pay for a premium subscription.

7. Putlocker

If you are a movie freak, then you must have heard of the site Putlocker. Putlocker streams every movie and TV shows in every genre. The video content ranges between HD, CAM, and HD 720 versions. Putlocker also asks for subscription fees and credit card details, but that can be avoided.

Just close the window which asks for your credit card details and then start streaming the movies and TV shows you want. The content in Putlocker also provides subtitles in different languages too. The interface is simple and organized that once you get on board, you will like you are using Netflix.

8. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another one of the best sites to stream movies and TV shows. The thing which makes it different from the sites mentioned above is it is absolutely free. Here you can watch movies in various genres such as family, fantasy, history, crime, documentary, costume, war, musical, mystery, thriller, psychological, fantasy, adventure, action, animation, biography, and many more.

If you Only prefer top IMDB movies, then you can filter them too here. Just like every other online streaming site SolarMovie also displays continuous popup ads but with patience that can be handled properly.

And the best thing is that today’s site open also gets informed about the movie you are watching, such as its title caste, actor, country, director, and much more.

9. Vumoo

Vumoo is an outstanding site to watch your favorite and trending TV shows. It lists all the episodes under the media player, allowing them to watch them in one go, without any hassle. Most of the episodes here are hosted on different servers, and switching among them is very easy. Like Fmovies and Putlocker, this site also asks for your credit card details.

The site makes navigation interesting and easy by placing the content under different sections such as genre, title, country, a-z, release year, and many more. Some popup ads may disturb you, but the rest of the features makes it a decent option.

10. GoMovies

The name sounds like a combination of GO movies and 123movies and is somewhat is a mixture of their characteristics. With a similar design to HDPopcorns, GoMovies123 is a popular one-stop-shop for all the movies and TV shows.

All the content is in HD and SD print quality. The site will offer you 5 different server options to stream movies and TV shows. You can also watch all the latest movies, anime shows, movies for kids and families, daily soaps, and many more.

The interface is quite interactive and user-friendly. There is also a featured movie list on the site which streams top rated movies such as Avengers infinity war, venom, shazam, Antman, etc.

11. LetmeWatchThis

LetmeWatchThis is another famous and similar website to HDPopcorns. It will give you every movie and TV show you want to watch except for the new ones. Unfortunately, if you want to the newly released movies and TV shows, then LetmeWatchThis website is not for you.

Unlike other websites, LetmeWatchThis does not offer you three or five sever options, but it offers eleven server options. Well, that’s good news for you, you got more options to choose from. The website is ideally known for streaming old and top-rated movies in HD. The website will sometimes upload the latest videos but not as often as other sites.

12. PopcornFlix

Not only the name, but PopcornFlix has more in common with HDPopcorns. PorpconFlix is the next descent and a fine website to stream movies online. The movies and TV shows on the site are categorized on the basis of genre, making it easier for you to filter. The user interface is straightforward and clean.

It does not even ask for any login id from you. But there is a rigorous display of pop-up ads on the website, creating disturbances in your fun-filled watching. The site uses a .com domain and is easy to use.

13. TodayPK

The name of the site itself depicts how the latest and new hit movies are uploaded on it. With a massive database, TodayPK, just like HDPopcorns, has not failed to impress its audience and movie fans. It offers you Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies.

Along with them, it also brings to you Telegu movies, Tamil movies, Hindi dubbed movies, Malaya movies, Bengali movies, Pakistani movies, Punjabi movies, Kanada movies, and TV shows. And the best thing is all these contents are provided for free.

You don’t have to pay a single penny. You can watch all the latest hit top-rated movies such as Charlie’s Angel, Joker, fate, maleficent, Spider-Man far from home, a child’s play, fast and furious, IT chapter 2,  abominable, Shadow of the moon, dark fate, lion king, maleficent, ad Astra, Gemini Man, crawl, Ramo last blood, anna, etc.

From 2010 to 2019, you can find every year’s, every months’ movie. All the movies and TV shows on TodayPK are of high quality ranging between 720p to 1080p. Like all other websites mentioned above, this site also offers you various server options to stream movies and TV shows.

14. YesMovies

Similar to all the other alternatives to HDPopcorns mentioned until now, YesMovies is also an online movie streaming site that provides a good number of movies to watch.

Yesmovies is one of the few sites that offers you unlimited high-quality movies with the minimum display of ads on your screen. That means you can watch the movies on Yesmovies without any disturbance.

The site is absolutely free to use. It does not ask for your information or registration. Therefore, Yesmovies has rightfully earned its place in the list of similar sites to HDPopcorns.

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While there are a huge number of choices, present all over the internet to stream movies and TV shows online and even download them. But not all of them are fully trusted and might be corrupted. However, the list of websites that we have collected for you is fully secure and safe.

Some do not even need any registration, sign up or log in while the other websites’ login and the process of filling credit card details can be avoided. The content ranges in every quality print. From 320p to 1080p. you can watch the latest hit and top-rated movies with the highest IMDB on the sites mentioned.

Tip: Even if the sites are safe and secure to use, but it is advisable to always operate these sites using a VPN for the added security. The VPN will also give you access to the sites which are not operatable in your region.

Well, that’s its friends. Hopefully, you like our mentioned sites and are able to find the best suitable one to satisfy your appetite for movies and TV shows.