10 Best Apps Like ‘AppValley’

AppValley is a third-party application that provides applications that are not available in the apple store for iOS device users. It was originally released in mid-year 2017 by App Valley LLC, an American service operator who wanted to serve AppValley as an alternative to the apple store by providing the same apps available in the apple store.

And additional apps that are charged by the apple store and certain apps that are not available in the apple store such as music apps, screen recorder apps, games, etc. for free of cost.

The app has an additional feature of dark mode appearance for a better user experience with a user-friendly interface.


This app is legal and safe to use, the owners have a good reputation in the market which is making the users believe that they are trustworthy as they do not fail to secure their user’s data with high confidential manner.

The app since the beginning has not been launched for android users, and the current users of the app find issues with the app due to which they have switched towards alternatives such as:

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10 Best Apps Like AppValley

1. Tweakbox

Tweakbox is a software mobile-based application that can be accessed through both iOS and Android devices. It has its website from where the app has to be downloaded because it is neither available in the apple store nor available in the play store.

The specialty of this app is that it allows users to download paid games and other paid applications for free of cost because of which it became popular. The app does not cause any harm to the device and also has a simple user-friendly interface making it a lot easier for the users to choose this.

To date, it has more than 2000 apps of every variety leaving no chance of the users feeling bored. Since Apple has not approved Tweakbox’s certificate leading to it not being a real alternative in legal terms has brought down its traffic. Furtherly, the app is now shut down by its owners for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Tutuapp

It is a mobile application that is developed as an alternative to a popular android application, the play store. Users are given the feature to download the paid apps of the play store for free of cost legally.

The owners expanding their reach to the iOS devices, developing the app as an alternative to the apple store as well. Users need not make any payment for downloading the app from its official browser also. Their helpline service has always been active and concerned about the user’s problems.

3. Apps4iPhone

It is an app that is developed similar to jailbreak, that breaks the software restrictions in iOS devices imposed by Apple. The apps that are provided in apps4iPhone are completely free of cost for every user and it is also compatible with most of the iOS versions starting with iOS version 7 till 13.

Users of the United Kingdom feel this app to be safe and secure whereas users of various other countries feel this app is a scam as there exist technical issues. It has proxy websites that are declared to be risky for the users as this app is not legal.

4. AppEven

It is an app that has developed a reliable name for itself as an alternative for the apple store to the iOS device users by providing a huge number of apps and games that are restricted or paid in the apple store for free of cost.

This app is safe for users from viruses, malware, and data hacking issues. The app has a simple, user-friendly interface that is easy to access by the users.

The owner of this app has not been supporting the app after a few of the app’s releases due to which the activity of the app has been reducing drastically. The app currently is now shut down and may not be available for the users in the upcoming future also.

5. CokernutX

It is an app that is developed for the iOS, Android, and iOS jailbreakers users legally and maintains a good third-party relationship with apple. It provides a huge variety of apps, games, and theme developers for the wallpapers that will ever be required for any iOS and Android device user.

One can download this app on their device using the SSL encryption developed by the owners to maintain its security.  This app is available for certain iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to date.

It provides all its services free of cost and has ensured to provide the same in the future too, having a website with a simple interface inclusive of a dark mode feature installed.

6. Asterix Installer

It is an app that provides the content of apps, games, themes, etc. who has developed its name globally also by providing its services for free of cost. The app is not available in the store, however, users of iOS and Android devices have to go to its website to download it.

One of the features it has is the multiple language portability as per the users across the globe, where originally the app has its data and information are available in English and Russian that can be translated by the users to their preference of language in their devices. It provides content that is hacked, paid, and free for the users exclusively.

7. iPasStore

It is a premium app that is developed for iOS users that provides additional features, games, apps, regular updates than the apple store. There are three membership subscription offers available for the users to have access to more features, which starts with a minimum of 16 USD per year.

The app can be downloaded from its website which has its services and features to offer split into categories. The website is simple but attractive, also provides helpline services because of which the app could develop its traffic.

8. AppCake

It is an app that allows iOS users to share APK and IPA files, developed by iPhoneCake.com. User needs jailbreak to have access to AppCake app, having its features segregated categorized.

It covers a variety of genres to provide its users such as games, business, catalogs, health and fitness, music, food and drink, travel, weather, utility, etc.

9. Emus4u

It is a third-party app, known as the best alternative installer for AppValley as it contains a variety of applications such as unofficial apps, gaming apps, and paid apps that are useful for the device users, free of cost.

It includes a screen recorder and junk cleaner apps which do not harm the device in any manner. Currently, it is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

10. iNOJB

this is an app that does not require jailbreak, the best alternative to Cydia applications. The specialty of this app is that the users have not required to download this app from the website to install other apps featured in it, they can directly go to the website and begin downloading the apps they prefer.

iNOJB is available for users in India, specifically for iOS device users.

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There are more alternatives to AppValley other than those mentioned above such as ZestiaApp, Mojo Installer, Panda Helper, PPhelper, Aptoide, etc. Most of the alternatives are free to access, have a simple interface.

Users can download VPN or any anti-virus software if they want to secure their devices from any of the third-party applications. Most of the apps aim at being the alternatives for the apple store because it has a strong database and different configuration than android, even though both the software have variations.

Users need to know that the third-party apps they download are downloaded at their own risk and it may be recommended only when it is required at the most.