How To Fix ‘Steam Content File Locked’ Error

Sometimes, updating the game on steam can cause Steam Content File Locked error. Steam is a distribution platform that offers multiplayer gaming, video streaming, social networking services, and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

This platform lets its users install games on the PC and also update them automatically. The unique features that set steam apart from the other competitors are cloud saving, in-game voice, chatting options, friend lists, and groups.

Steam Content File Locked Error

There is another essential free service that steam provides. It is the Application Process Interface. This interface is also called Steamworks. Steamworks helps developers to integrate many of the steam’s functions into their functions.

Using Steamworks, the developer can add networking, micro-transactions, and matchmaking into their own sets of functions. Along with all these useful features that steam provides, there is also this Content File Locked error that comes with it.

This error often becomes very problematic for its users. It is long-lasting and widespread.


4 Methods to Fix Steam Content File Locked Issue

We have 4 easy ways to solve this Steam Content File Locked error. Keep on reading.

Method 1 – Mend Corrupt Files

Corrupt files cause huge trouble. Corruption can destroy the functionality of any first-rate operation. The best way to fix the steam content file locked issue is to fix the corrupt file simply. Follow these easy steps to mend the corrupt files:

Step 1: Close Steam and go to the “Steam Directory” on your PC.

Step 2: Go over to the folder” logs” and select “Txt.”

Step 3: Move extremely down till the end of the text file and hunt for any recent errors.

Step 4: Search for the “root folder” of the mode.

Step 5: Restart steam and go to the downloads folder. As soon as you do this, an update requirement will pop up.

Step 6: Finally, update all the necessary files. Updating the files will fix the issue.

If this method didn’t work out perfectly for you, we have three more methods for you to try. The second method is to retune Winsock. In most cases, retuning Winsock helps the user to remove the issue efficiently.

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Method 2 – Retune Winsock

Winsock is a programming interface that handles the input-output requests for Internet applications. Winsock operates on Windows operating systems. Returning the Winsock helps in fixing the steam content file locked issue easily.

Follow these steps carefully to solve the issue.

Step 1: Firstly, press the Windows Key+R. This will open the run prompt.

Step 2: Secondly, in the control box named “netsh winsock reset” type in the following commands.

Step 3: For the final step, press Enter. Once you press enter, the following commands will start functioning, and the issue will be fixed.

These two methods described above are very useful to fix the steam content file locked issue in no time. However, we will discuss two more methods that will help you understand which method to use to fix the error.

Method 3 – Disable Antivirus

Anti-virus helps us to be aware of any malicious attacks and also to remove any viruses. But in certain cases, it is seen that an anti-virus causes some obstruction to the usual working of the computer.

Hence, sometimes, it is advisable to disable the anti-virus. Disabling the anti-virus is a very effective way at times to fix the steam content file locked issue.

Method 4 – Reposition Steam Installation and Game Files

Repositioning steam installations and game files are a very useful way to fix the issue. The following steps will give you a better understanding of how to reposition steam installation and game files.

These steps are beautifully illustrated; thus, it will be easier for you to understand every step. Keep on reading and learning.

Step 1: Firstly, find your “Steam Client” and click on settings.

Step 2: Secondly, select “Downloads” and press the “Steam Library Folders.”

Step 3: After following steps 1 and 2, click on Add Library Folders and select a new path. This path will define where you want your steam to be located.

Step 4: following which, steam will provide a platform that will allow all other installations to be located in the desired folder.

Step 5: Exit Steam client and move on to step 6.

Step 6: Find your Current Steam Location.

Step 7: Leave out the “SteamApps and UserData” folder and delete all the other folders.

Step 8: After that, cut all the files and folders and paste them to the new directory. This new directory has been mentioned earlier.

Step 9: For the final step, simply launch Steam and re-login. This will remove all the errors and ensure smooth working.

Like the other three methods that we mentioned, method 4, that is repositioning steam installation, and game files help us to remove the error. The following method is the last method in this list. We hope that at the end of this, you have been able to remove the issue successfully.

The next method that we would like to discuss with you is a very simple one. It is most probably the most uncomplicated and straightforward method. In this method, you just have to disable your anti-virus. Keep on reading to know more about this method.

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The steam content file locked issue looks like a very complicated problem. In most cases, the user has no clue whatsoever as to why this problem is occurring and what to do with it. What looks complicated is actually pretty simple.

By following a few different methods, the user can successfully remove this issue. We consistently try to fix all the problems that the user is facing simple solutions. All these methods have simple steps which are elaborated.

Thus, it will not be a problem for you to follow these steps. We have hence brought to you a crisp and informative article that presents to you different methods of fixing the issue. All these methods have proved to be successful.

Many users have been benefitted by following these simple steps. We hope you also will be able to solve this issue. We are open to more suggestions, and we look forward to your valuable feedbacks.