16 Best Sites Like ‘YesMovies’ To Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

YesMovies is an amazing site to find various B-movies and Hollywood movies for free! YES! You heard it right! The site is free and you can find shows and movies on it that are trending or new very easily. It is one of the best sites to find and surf entertainment on!

It is rather simple and flexible to use too! YesMovies was first started in June 2019. The site is not secure, but let us not directly jump to the conclusion that the site provides content illegally. Because that is not the case here, at least.

What we mean to say is that, think of it more like, it provides torrents for individual people who surf the site to access various movies and TV shows that they might want to watch. YesMovies is easy to find on the web and our personal favorite site to find movies to watch and stream in real-time.


Although YesMovies is a very loved site that millions of people across the globe assess every month, today we have brought you some new sites and applications that will help you stream new movies and TV shows, just like YesMovies.

These sites cannot really be called alternative sites to YesMovies, but more like sites that are similar to it. These sites are also fun places you can stream your favorite shows and movies!

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16 Best Sites Like YesMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

So without further ado, let us jump into the article to know more about them:

1. Amazon Prime

Okay, if you haven’t heard about Amazon Prime, I am pretty sure you have been living under some rock. Amazon Prime is one of the most famous sites/applications that is out there in the market. It is one of the leading applications that cater to movies and TV series.

It is a paid platform to access for which you have to be a member of Amazon or you need to get yourself a subscription to enjoy the movies and the TV series in the same! All in all, it is a very good platform to pass time and entertain yourself! We definitely recommend you to give it a try!

2. Vumoo

A similar online streaming site like YesMovies, Vumoo is a fun site to find all your favorite movies and TV shows at! The site was created by movie enthusiasts (like us, obviously) who love to share movies and their passion for great watches with the world.

Vumoo is one of the biggest platforms that you will find on this list, though, like YesMovies, it an unsecured page. The site gained a major popularity in the early 2019, when a lot of movie pages shut down and rose to the top. The quality that it provides in its movies and shows is high definition, which also has brought a lot of appeal of viewers at its doorstep.

3. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is a goldmine of good movies and top notch TV series. The site is free for anyone who wants to access movies without creating any account whatsoever and enjoy good advertisement-free movies.

The site is a good site to go and surf through to find good watches of all time! The site is very much similar to YesMovies and is very easy and flexible to access by anyone who wishes to do so.

4. WatchFree

Watch Free is a good site for people who love a good range in the movies that they are about to choose from. The site has a list of Top 100 movies, HD movies, latest movies, trending movies, and many more! There is a plethora of options to choose from and watch whatever one pleases.

It is good, however, to use this site as the uploads on this site are pretty fast in comparison to others, but in the end, it all depends on your Wi-Fi. Try and avoid the green-colored buttons that offer you a better user experience. These buttons are probably a hoax.

5. Cmovies

We would be recommending Fmovies to you, but due to it being blocked and not working, we recommend you try Cmovies. Cmovies works just fine and is an amazing platform for you to find the latest hit movies and a plethora of other genres from which you would like to choose and eventually, watch.

Cmovies is a pretty credible site and the best thing that many users of the same vouch for is that it does not give any misleading download and signing in buttons.

6. CineBloom

This is yet another site that is similar to YesMovies and a good alternative to it at that. With a quick Google search, CineBloom pops up right on your screen onto which you can click and stream online some really good movies and TV series.

The interface is user-friendly and the site is completely ad-free so it’s a good site overall. You can check it out, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

7. Bmovies

The collection that you will find on Bmovies is huge. The ample to choices that Bmovies provides is simply unmatched for. It is really fun to browse this site and find your favorite shows and movies in no time and stream them online.

The site is free and the amount of ad on this site is limited, though it is inevitably present (as it is on every platform we see nowadays).

The collection of movies and TV shows is not only limited to Hollywood, but also to shows you watches from countries like the United Kingdom, Korea, China, Taiwan etc. The site contains a list of movies from A-Z, containing almost every famous movie and shows in it.

8. LookMovie

LookMovie is yet another good site to browse through. The site provides its users with HD movies and TV series that you simply can not overlook and you have to give into the temptation of watching them! The site is also free to use for online streaming, yes!

You heard us correct, which means no giving up of information like name, credit card details etc. The site also works with a genre based search bar through which you can filter the type of movies you want to watch along with the feature of filtering through IMDB ratings of a movie.

In other words, it is a really good site and comes in handy every time you have a craving to watch something action filled or emotional, whatever is your genre! So we highly recommend and urge you to go and check the website at least once!

9. Yo Movies

Yo movies is an amazing site to stream movies of all kinds. The main target audience of this site is the Indian crowd as it provides South Indian, Punjabi, Bollywood and other regional movies to its audience! The site is absolutely free, so you do not have to register or be a member to use the site!

Though the site has a huge collection of movies that it provides to the audience, the choices in TV series is limited. So while the site has a lot to offer to a certain target audience, it does not have much to offer to another.

10. Moonline

Moonline is a good choice for you if you have an old heart and love to watch old movies that are ever so famous for their times. Though the site also has new movies collection, it isn’t as wide as you would expect it to be.

The site is free to online stream, so you do not have to worry about logins or have to register anywhere. The site also has a search bar and filter where you can choose the movies according to the year they were released in. This site is a good alternative to YesMovies so you should definitely check this one out once!

11. FreeFlix

Free Flix is a lot like Netflix and is a good alternative to YesMovies. The site contains a lot of movies and because it is free and does not ask to register, it is taking the world by storm. Online streaming was never this easy. The site is functional in many countries, including India.

The site provides you with 3 links through which you can stream the movies shows. If one does not work, try other two. Although FreeFlix is a fun site to watch, one drawback that it comes with is the fact that it does not have TV series, so this site is not for people searching for the same.

12. Flixtor

Flixtor does not have any ads shown on its site, nor any pop-ups that it caters to, so what could be better? The site has both TV series and movies that its audience could watch. The site has a lot of genres and categories that one can choose from and select whatever they feel like watching that day!

Movies and TV series trailers are available too, so you can select whatever you find interesting by first watching the trailers and then proceeding with the movie.

13. Hindilinks4u

This site will suit your needs if you are a Bollywood fanatic that wants to replace YesMovies altogether and yet find all the same content on yet another site. The site also provides you with different kinds of filters through which you can find your favorites.

Some of the filters include sorting the movies by actors, year, ratings etc. Though the content is more Bollywood centered, it still has a good TV series list that you can browse and choose.

14. Movies4u

Though this site is not exactly like YesMovies, it still stands on our list of best sites that can be alternated to YesMovies. Why you ask? Because it is a good site to find movies to watch without having to actually download them.

You can easily stream movies online without the hassle of pop-ups or ads. The genre range in the site is also commendable and hence we recommend you the site to try it out at least once.

15. 123Movies

A good site that gives audience the luxury of good movies and TV series. The site has movies from old to the latest and of all genres. The range of movies is very wide and the movies and series collection is very encouraging.

The server that provides the movies just has to be clicked, which will take you to another page where you will have to click the play button yet again. By this your movie will start playing and you will be able to enjoy the best movies and series of all time.

16. PrimeWire

Prime Wire was once shut down, but now it is back! It is bigger and better than it was ever before! Although it does have an account and login that you can sign up for, it still is free if you want to stream online some movie or TV series.

If you decide to become a member of the site, you can avail various benefits of it. for instance, you can make a playlist of all the movies and shows you would like to watch after you complete your current play.

The site also has filters from which you can find the movies and shows that you might want to watch. So we urge you to try it at least once!

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Here, we have come to the end of the article! We hope you will enjoy these movies and shows sites as much as we loved telling you about it! Although YesMovies is a good site for finding movies and shows, it is important to have some sites in mind as a backup to the site.

However, the sites that we have mentioned will help you in finding the best shows for you! If you would like to see more of such content, contact us! Or just tell us in the comments and we will make it happen!