How To Fix ‘Confirm Form Resubmission’ Error

Today, our life is very much dependent on the internet. The Internet helps us by providing all the information we need. The most commonly used browser is Google Chrome. Sometimes, it doesn’t run as we want it to.

It shows some errors, and among all those errors and pop-ups, the most common of all would be Confirm Form Resubmission.

Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error


Why Does Confirm Form Resubmission Dialog Come?

This kind of pop-up appearing when you press the reload button to resubmit the data or when you refresh Chrome or after pressing a back button. When too many resubmissions have been received, please try again later message appear on the browser.

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According to different forums, the Confirm Form Resubmission is not an error. It is considered as a Google Chrome feature that acts as a warning. This feature is provided by the developer to prevent the browser from accidentally duplicating post actions on forms.

This bug has been reported many times by the users, but it is still persistent in all the versions of Google Chrome. This problem is not only faced by people using Google Chrome, but the same has also been reported in other browsers.

The most probable reason for this might be the module of Google Chrome that deals with the forward/backward movement is weakly built, so it is difficult to solve this problem. You will see these kinds of pop-up messages on sites that include some kind of forms.

These forms include:

  • Sign up forms and login forms
  • Search forms for searching a database
  • Credit card forms for completing transactions
  • Or anything that has to do with add, edit or delete entries or files on a database

The data provided by the user in the form is sent from the user’s browser to the server, and during this transfer, if the page is refreshed, the content of the page might be duplicated.

For example, if you are filling a form regarding certain transactions through your credit card and after clicking on the submit button. While the transaction is being done, if you try to refresh the page, you would get the dialogue Confirm Form Resubmission.

Now, if there would not have been such a feature, then it might be possible that you have two transactions from your card at the same time. So, to avoid such accidents, this feature had been developed and is being practiced.

But some people find it annoying to have such pop-up messages. There are several ways to fix it.

How To Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error in Chrome

There are several methods through which Confirm Form Resubmission Error can be fixed in Google Chrome. The following methods are given:

Method 1 – Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data

The browser remembers the information once filled in the form, and thus, data duplication is possible. So, if you force the browser to forget everything, then there would not be any point of duplication. So, you should try to clear out the browsing data from time to time.

While clearing the data, you must select all the options viz. Passwords, media licenses, cached data, browsing data, etc. After doing this, try using the browser again and see if the error is resolved or not. We can do this by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the three dots placed on the top right corner of your browser.

Step 2: Now, select More Tools → Clear browsing data from the menu.

Step 3: Navigate the Advanced Tab and select the data you want to delete.

Step 4: Then, click on Clear Data.

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Method 2 – Replacing The Post Method

This method is used to post the data entered by the user in the form of the browser. There are generally two methods:

Method 1 – POST Method: The details entered in the form would not be appended to the URL, and thus, the details are not visible to the user.

Method 2 – GET Method: The details are appended to the URL and thus doesn’t ensure confidentiality of the data being transferred.

If your page allows you to modify data on the page, you can replace the POST Method by GET Method. To do so, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Just remove POST from the URL and use GET at its place.


//Remove POST
<form action="index.php?load=SEARCH" method="post">
//Use GET
<form action="index.php?load=SEARCH" method="get">

Disadvantage: This is not the most effective solution if you are using Google Chrome or any other browser regularly.

Method 3 – Using Google Chrome Properties

In this method, we change the Google Chrome properties to fix the problem. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all, Right-click on the Shortcut icon of Google Chrome and select the Properties

Step 2: A dialog box will pop up & you’ll be able to find a field named Target.

Step 3: Now, as you can see, the target field in the image shown above. Just add “-disable-prompt-in-repost” {Without Quotes} at the end of the target.

Step 4: After doing this, try and re-open Google Chrome using the same shortcut.

Step 5: Now, check if the same kind of dialog pops up or not on refreshing the web page.

Important: If you are using this method to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission error, then you must have two shortcuts of the browser- one with the default properties and the other one with the modified properties given above.

They both should be used according to the need of the user. When you have work from the browser in which the security of data plays an important role, you should use the browser with default properties to keep your personal details safe.

Method 4 – Disable Motion Across The Browser

According to some people, the Confirm Form Resubmission isn’t a bug. It occurs because the browser tries to submit the form again on the refresh as there is a problem with the browser, and it cannot cache POST requests.

One of the reasons for this issue is accidentally moving forward or backward. To solve this, we can disable motion buttons for the browser.

On touch-screen devices, you can avoid this problem by disabling the sliding option to move forward or backward. So, after doing this, even if the event occurs accidentally, the dialog wouldn’t pop up.

Method 5 – Reset Chrome Browser Settings

One of the solutions can be resetting your browser. The browser may configure in an improper way that leads to such errors. So resetting it can be a potential solution. To reset your browser, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your browser to open the Control Menu.

Step 2: Choose the Settings option from the menu.

Step 3: Scroll down till the end and click on Show Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Find the option to Restore settings to their original defaults at the end of the page and click on it.

Step 5: Click on the Reset Settings option.

Method 6 – Disable Corrupted Extensions

One of the reasons for getting Confirm Form Resubmission error can be corrupt extensions on your browser. We can solve this by disabling the extensions, and the following steps can do this:

Step 1: Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your browser to open the Control Menu.

Step 2: Navigate to More Tools > Extensions.

Step 3: Now, find the corrupted extension from the list. Disable it and Re-enable it.

These are all the extensions you have on the browser. You have to disable them for once and then re-enable all as per requirement. After this, try and recheck the page to see if the error has solved or not.

Method 7 – Use The PRG Pattern

PRG stands for the POST/Redirect/GET pattern.

The forms on the web page generally implement only the P-POST part of the PRG pattern, which results in Confirm Form Resubmission Error. Instead of this, the complete PRG pattern should be applied.

Whenever any page needs a form on it, they should try and add one page between that page and the actual page after it. In such a case, it does not post the data directly to the server. By doing this, the user can post the form data to that page.

Do any processing that is necessary to do that page and then send it to the server. The user cannot see the second page as the action field of the form is the first page. The browser will remember to GET as its last method instead of POST.

So, we won’t face any problem even on accidentally refreshing the page.

Example: Here is an example, which explains the process.

Here is the Results.php page.

Method 8 – Using Ajax Submit Button

By using the AJAX function of jQuery, the form won’t reload after submitting it. It can be done by adding the following function:

type: "POST,"
URL: "bin/validation.php"
data: dataString,
success: function(){
//Whatever you want to do on successful submission
return false;

Method 9 – Adding A Tag Inside <head> Part

This method would work only if the website itself initiates the request, and it is the user who has refreshed the page. If you can get access to the source code of the web page, add the following tag to the <head> section of the page.

The attributes of the following tag are available here, and you should replace it appropriately for the web page you are testing.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60; write_the_url_of_the_page_to_be_tested_over_here.html" />

Method 10 – Delete No-Store

If you are using the form with some header then, Confirm Form Resubmission error can be solved with the following method:


The problem might be with the header, and the following steps can fix it:

Step 1: Try to delete (“no-store“) from the header.

Step 2: Refresh the page within the form.

Step 3: Re-enter the form and refresh to check whether the problem is fixed or not.

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These were the 10 ways to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission Error on Google Chrome Browser. These aren’t the permanent solution, but it can surely help with these kinds of errors. You might need to do it periodically. Stay tuned for more.