10 Best ‘MoviesJoy’ Alternatives To Watch Movies For Free in 2023

Well, if you have been looking for alternative sites like MoviesJoy then you are in the right place. We are bringing you an exclusive list of 10 sites like MoviesJoy which you can choose and use. So without any further ado, let us go to the discussion list right away.

Before starting anything, let me give a brief introduction of what MoviesJoy is. Most of you already know what is or else why will you be looking for the alternative in the first place. But just for formalities sake and for the people who landed here without any thought or direction here’s a brief introduction of it.


The site is pretty famous and lots of people use it. Now it is an independent streaming site. You can watch your favorite movie or TV show here. The cherry on the top is that its absolutely free and you do not even need to sign in.

It has a huge virtual library that contains lot of TV shows and movies that you can binge watch with snacks and friends (or alone if you are an introvert). It has one of the biggest collection out there. The site does not have any ads either which makes the viewing experience more satisfactory.

Now you can also download movies and watch them later but it is recommended that you use a VPN while doing so. Now enough about MoviesJoy. If you did not what it was, now you do. So now let’s get into the alternative to the aforementioned streaming site.

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The transformation of the entertainment industry through online platforms is undeniable. Amidst numerous streaming sites, MoviesJoy has managed to make a mark. Here’s everything you need to know about this increasingly popular platform.


What is MoviesJoy?

MoviesJoy is an online streaming platform that hosts an extensive library of movies and TV shows. Spanning across various genres and eras, it’s a platform that caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Best Streaming Sites like MoviesJoy

It is pretty obvious that these sites however good are not legal and not stable. They can crash down or be taken out any moment. Therefore it is best to keep alternatives at hand. Now let us begin our list with the First alternative site to MoviesJoy.

1. Soap2Day

Soap2day is the first one on our list and we have really enjoyed the visual appeal of this site. It is similar to MoviesJoy. You can watch your favourite TV shows and movies for free here. You can download them and watch them later if you so desire.

The interface for the streaming site is so good. The visuals are pleasing and modern and the navigation is easier too. Even a novice can find their way around the website.

Movies and TV shows of different genres are available here. Be it romance, comedy, thriller, adventure, psychological, suspense or horror. You will find everything here. They have a large virtual library storing a large number of TV shows and movies for their customers.

You can also search for movies using filters like IMDb rating, popularity, release year trending so on. They also list the top viewed movies on the site, you can choose a movie or show from their too. Registration is not imposed here.

2. PutLocker

Putlocker is a independent streaming site. Chances are that you have heard about it. It has been around for quite some time but the original site was taken down by the government a few years ago.

There are however copied and duplicate sites of Putlocker around the web which works really well. You can stream your favourite show or movies here. It is very similar to the layout of the original site. It also has the same name.

To put in simple words, it gets the work done. You get the free streaming site. The site is a hub of movies and tv shows. You can find different movies and shows based on their genre, IMDb rating, year of release, trending and so on.

You can find everything here. It is very popular and makes for a good alternative to MoviesJoy. You don’t need to sign up for the site. You can watch your favourite movie without registration too.

3. YesMovies

YesMovies. Ever heard the name? I bet 90% of you people have heard about it. It is a hub of all movie lovers. It is very much possible that it has all your favourite movie and TV shows. The Virtual library is so big that it can store a huge assortment of movies and tv shows including the latest movies.

The site allows their users to stream the best shows and movies for free without even enrolment or registration.

The interface for the site is good too. It has the streaming varieties displayed on the top for all devices. They also provide a list of trending and famous list of TV shows and movies for you right below. The interface is user friendly and functional  a good network connection will stop all buffering and you can watch the movie or show peacefully.

4. WatchFree

It is also similar to the aforementioned sites. They do not require any of the users to sign up or register for watching movies. They have a good collection of movies and tv shows in their virtual library. The outlook of the site is icy and cool.

If you want to enjoy a good watch then you should consider this site because they regularly update their content, adding on the new releases.

5. PubFilm

Pubfilm is an old streaming site but it is just as good. You can definitely see why it has its appeal. The site has a huge virtual library that contains lot of shows and movies for their customers to watch. You can find different genres like rom-com, thriller, suspend, horror, comedy, etc.

An exiting feature is that when you choose a movie you get all the details of that movie. Including director, cast, genre, year of release, small synopsis and so on. For all those info freaks out there(me being one), this one is for you.

6. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is pretty famous among the movie lovers. You don’t need to register in order to watch movies or TV shows. They have a huge selection of TV shows and movies for their customers. Now it is true that it has videos in HD quality but that does not go for every movie.

They provide the quality existing for every movie so that you can decide whether you want to watch the movie or not. If you only want to watch HD movies then we recommend you check first and then you select the movie. The HD quality is not available for all movies however it is true that most of them have it.

7. CineBloom

Cinebloom is similar to MoviesJoy. It does not require any of the user to sign in. It is not so famous a site but it is pretty decent. You get a decent collection of movies and tv shows most of which are recent and trending ones.

Older classics may not br available on the site so better to keep that in mind before you choose one of the site. The films are classified and you can choose to watch films according to categories or you can simply type in the name of the movie you want to watch and get going.

8. HD Movie Center

This is a great movie streaming site in all honesty. Maybe you have not heard its name because it’s a pretty generic name. Inspite of that you can see the various genre of the movie collection they provide. They also provide trailers and info about the movies.

One you select a movie you can get to know about the release date, cast, director and so on. You can also read the reviews on the movie before you watch it.

9. GoMovies

GoMovies is another great alternative for MoviesJoy. It has a mobile friendly interface and it doesn’t drain your smartphone’s battery very soon. The site also has limited number of pop up ads which disrupt the viewing experience.

However, it is true that most of the good TV shows and movies are available here. You can just grab your bowl of snacks and binge watch to your heart’s content. Registration is not necessary in this site.

10. 123Movies

You must be wondering why we have placed such a popular site at the end of the list? Well it’s obvious, isn’t it? It is because of the fact that most of you know about it already. It is a greatly loved streaming site. You can watch your favorite movie here.

The outlook of the site along with its interface is pretty good. The collection of movies and tv shows in the Virtual library is so big that you will never run out of things to watch. It makes for one of the greatest alternatives to MoviesJoy.

Is MoviesJoy Still Working?

As of 2023, MoviesJoy continues to be a favorite for many. However, due to the ever-evolving landscape of online streaming, it’s not uncommon for such platforms to encounter domain changes or temporary downtimes because of legal issues.

To stay updated on its status, it’s a good idea to follow relevant online forums or communities dedicated to streaming news.

Who is the Founder of MoviesJoy?

The digital realm of streaming platforms often operates in shades of anonymity, mainly due to potential copyright concerns. The individuals or group behind MoviesJoy have not publicly disclosed their identity, which is not uncommon in the world of free streaming platforms.

Benefits of MoviesJoy

  • Vast Content Collection: MoviesJoy offers a comprehensive collection of movies and TV series, ensuring users always have diverse content to choose from.
  • High-Quality Streaming: The platform provides many titles in high-definition, allowing for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • No Registration Required: MoviesJoy stands out by allowing users to stream content without the need for creating an account, making access quick and straightforward.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The site is designed for easy navigation, with organized categories and an effective search functionality.

Is MoviesJoy Safe?

When delving into the world of online streaming, safety should always be a priority:

  • Legal Implications: Watching copyrighted material can come with legal ramifications in many countries. Users should always be aware of local laws concerning streaming copyrighted content.
  • Ads and Malware: Free streaming platforms, like MoviesJoy, often rely on advertisements for revenue. Some ads or pop-ups might redirect to suspicious sites. It’s essential to use a good antivirus program and be cautious about what you click on.
  • Privacy Concerns: To maintain anonymity and safeguard your online activities, consider using a VPN while accessing such platforms.

Is MoviesJoy Free?

Yes, MoviesJoy is a free platform. This allows users to watch a plethora of content without worrying about subscription costs. However, this also means that the platform is ad-supported, and users may encounter various ads while streaming.

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MoviesJoy, with its abundant content and user-friendly features, has carved a niche for itself in the streaming world. While it provides a haven for movie enthusiasts and binge-watchers alike, it’s crucial for users to tread carefully, considering both safety and legal concerns. Being informed ensures an uninterrupted, enjoyable movie-watching experience.

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have found your ideal streaming site alternate of MoviesJoy from the aforementioned list of sites. We once again hope that you have found the best site for yourself. So without any further ado, grab a bowl of popcorn and dive right in. Happy binging!