Is Miles Teller Married? Relationship, Ex-Affair, and Much More

“Is Miles Teller married?” This question has surfaced amongst fans and followers of the talented actor.

This article provides a detailed exploration of Miles Teller’s personal life, including his marriage, ex-affairs, biography, height, body metrics, and net worth.

Is Miles Teller Married?


Miles Teller Current Marriage Status

Miles Teller is married to Keleigh Sperry, a model and aspiring actress. The couple got engaged in 2017 and celebrated their wedding in 2019. Their relationship has been marked by mutual love and support, often showcased through their social media.

Miles Teller Past Relationships and Affairs

Information about Miles Teller’s previous relationships is limited, and he has maintained a relatively private love life before his engagement to Keleigh Sperry.

Miles Teller Biography

Born on February 20, 1987, in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Miles Teller began his acting career on the stage before transitioning to film. He gained recognition for his roles in films like “Whiplash,” “Divergent,” and “Fantastic Four,” demonstrating versatility and talent.

Miles Teller Height and Body Metrics

Miles Teller stands at a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters) and weighs around 183 pounds (83 kilograms). His athletic build is complemented by his dark brown hair and engaging eyes.

Miles Teller Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $12 million, Teller’s financial success reflects his accomplished acting career. His earnings stem from film roles, endorsements, and other entertainment-related ventures.

Miles Teller Acting Style and Critical Acclaim

Miles Teller’s acting style is characterized by its realism and emotional depth. He has received critical acclaim for various performances and has been touted as one of the promising talents of his generation.

Miles Teller Philanthropy and Activism

Outside of his acting, Teller is involved in several philanthropic activities. He supports charitable organizations and causes, particularly those related to veterans and mental health.

Miles Teller Upcoming Projects

Fans can look forward to seeing Miles Teller in various upcoming film projects. His dedication to his craft ensures that he continues to be a sought-after actor in Hollywood.

Miles Teller Personal Interests and Hobbies

Teller’s interests extend beyond acting. He is an avid musician and enjoys playing the drums and piano. His passion for music often intertwines with his acting roles, adding to his multifaceted talent.

Miles Teller Family Background

Miles Teller was born to Mike Teller, a nuclear plant engineer, and Merry Flowers, a real estate agent. He has two older sisters, Erin and Dana. Teller’s family background has significantly shaped his values and character, which reflect in his life and work.

Miles Teller Education

Teller pursued his education at Lecanto High School, where he was active in drama and music. Later, he graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he honed his acting skills and laid the foundation for his successful career.

Miles Teller Breakthrough Role

His breakthrough role came with the critically acclaimed film “Whiplash” in 2014. His portrayal of a determined drummer earned him widespread praise and opened doors to more significant opportunities in Hollywood.

Miles Teller Awards and Nominations

Over the years, Miles Teller has been nominated for various awards, winning several, including the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize for his role in “The Spectacular Now.” His talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed within the industry.

Miles Teller Collaboration with Directors

Miles Teller’s career has seen him work with renowned directors like Damien Chazelle, Josh Trank, and Todd Phillips. These collaborations have enriched his acting repertoire and enabled him to showcase his talent in diverse roles.

Miles Teller Off-Screen Personality

Off-screen, Teller is known for his affable and grounded personality. Friends and co-stars often speak about his humor, intelligence, and genuine nature that make him a beloved figure both on and off the set.

Miles Teller Social Media Presence

Miles Teller’s social media platforms reflect his personal interests, professional pursuits, and snapshots of his daily life. He actively engages with fans, sharing insights into his world, both as an actor and an individual.


Is Miles Teller married? Yes, and his marriage to Keleigh Sperry is just one dimension of this talented actor’s life. From his early beginnings to his rise as a notable Hollywood star, Miles Teller’s story is filled with accomplishments, creativity, and personal growth.

His acting prowess, philanthropic efforts, upcoming projects, and hobbies paint a rich and engaging portrait of an artist who continues to captivate audiences worldwide.