20+ Best Alternatives To ‘Animenova’ For Watching Anime Online

In its most simple and easy form, anime refers to animation. Surprisingly, the name anime isn’t an abbreviation of the English word animation. It is just how you say “animated cartoon” in Japanese. According to a Japanese viewer, anime is any cartoon, whether it’s made in Japan or not.

The term anime outside Japan has come to mean “animation made in Japan,” or more vastly, any animated show or movie that uses aspects of Japanese-style animation, like vibrant colors, dramatic panning, and characteristic facial expressions. Animenova is a website that lets users watch anime for free.

The users can get access to full anime series from the anime list page. Also, the users can choose from their favorite genre and even can filter the listing as per the user’s taste. The users just need to have high-speed internet to stream Animenova.

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In a world where anime has transcended cultural boundaries, platforms like Animenova have become essential for fans worldwide. If you’re an anime enthusiast or new to the genre, this guide offers a comprehensive look at Animenova.


What is Animenova?

Animenova is an online streaming platform dedicated to providing a vast array of anime titles spanning across genres, from action-packed series to heart-touching dramas. It offers episodes, movies, and even manga, catering to the diverse needs of anime fans.

20+ Best Alternatives to Animenova for Watching Anime Online

This website might not be working anymore due to copyright issues or might have been down temporarily. This should not stop the users from watching their favorite anime. There are some alternatives. So here are the alternatives to Animenova.

1. KissAnime

This website KissAnime has a huge collection of all times where the users can watch their favorite anime and stream them for free. This website provides a vast list of anime that the users can explore. Also, the users can select their favorite anime by name or filter them alphabetically.

There are various genres, such as action, adventure, cars, cartoons, comedy, dementia, demons, historical, and many more. Therefore it is one of the best alternatives to Animenova.

2. 9Anime

This website provides the search box on the home page where the users can search their favorite anime anytime. The website has categorized its anime content for the ease of the users. There is also a genre section where the users can choose their particular genre.

The users can also check out the ongoing anime series. The website also provides with advanced filters such as genre, season, year, quality, type, status, and also language. The users can find their favorite anime positively and interactively.

3. Animefreak

This website offers users to watch anime movies for free. This website is a treat to all the anime lovers all over the world as the content is subbed as well as dubbed. The interface of this website is very pretty looking and is also eye-catching.

One amazing functionality of this website is that the users can make a watch list so that they can enjoy their anime later if they are busy watching something else.

4. GoGoAnime

This website is one of the most popular Animenova alternatives in the case of dubbed anime. This provides a huge collection of English anime for users. Therefore this website has fans all over the world. This anime provides a short description of each of the anime.

It also provides other details such as genre, duration, quality, ratings, etc. The users can also give their rating to each anime on their particular anime page, which makes it easy for other users to filter through best-rated anime.

5. Anime Door

Anime Door website is a source to have access to plenty of anime. This website provides sections that are categorized for a different taste of users, such as the Latest anime, Popular Anime, Oldest Anime, and even you watch Anime Movies here completely free of cost.

All the users need to do is jump over to your desired anime section/category and choose your favorite anime to stream right away.

6. AnimeLab

This website provides access to premium anime selection, which includes all kinds of popular anime. This website offers access to various supported devices, like Xbox One, PlayStation, Samsung TV, Telstra TV, Apple TV, Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Sony TV and Blu-Ray, Android Phones and Tablets, Google Chromecast, and PC as well.

7. Anime season

This is one of the best alternatives to Animenova, where the users can stream online. This provides access to all seasons of anime. The website provides various genres, such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, historical, and many more. Users can filter by using the genres. Also, the site provides a list where the users can access the anime in alphabetical order.

8. MyAnimeList

This website has a decent collection of anime with all the episodes. This website provides depth information about each anime, such as its characters and voice actors. Also, this website has a community where the users can read blog posts about anime and also discuss various anime topics. This website also provides a section for the manga, which the users can enjoy.

9. Anime Kaizoku

This is a website that allows users to download anime for free. The users can download it by going through the search box or can go through the genre section, which will make the work easy. This website also provides a small description of the particular anime along with the download page. Therefore this site is one of the best alternatives.

10. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime website provides the user’s facility to watch anime for free. This site also has frequently updated anime and cartoons. Each anime can be streamed by plenty of servers. Hence this makes sure that the anime stays available through the site all the time.

11. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best anime sites to provide free anime online. It has a premium service as well. Therefore if the users are willing to watch more anime with more features and functionalities, then they should check out the Crunchyroll website.

12. Funimation

Funimation is the best destination for the users to watch English dubbed anime. The users can enjoy anime in premium quality. So the users should just go for this site. The users will love the experience.

13. Masterani

Masterani has a database of must-watch anime, which the users just cannot miss. The interface of this site is very interactive. The users can always filter the anime search by various genres. Also, users can watch ongoing anime here without having any complications. The users can use this site in place of Animenova for sure.

14. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is a treat for anime lovers. When it comes to the interface, it has one of the unique interfaces. The episodes are sorted in a very interactive manner. The users on this site you can watch anime, dubbed anime, anime series, and anime movies as well. Always the users should keep this website in mind for use in place of Animenova.

15. AnimeLand

As the name suggests, the users can tell that AnimeLand is the perfect place to go after if you are in hunt of watching anime online. If the users love watching English dubbed anime, then this site can be the last destination. This provides the users with all dubbed anime, which they are going to love for sure.

16. Viewster

Viewster is not completely focused on animes only, but you still get the chance to stream plenty of popular and latest anime on Viewster with high quality. You can enjoy watching anime series here without paying a single penny. It is an excellent opportunity for users to watch and enjoy all kinds of stuff.

17. Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho gives the users a full menu of anime of the user’s choice by listing various resources. So you can download anime of your choice by finding your anime by using its filter by searching it through the search box given on site. Therefore it is quite lucrative for the users.

18. Random Anime

Random Anime is not a site that provides you anime on its site, but it gives you direct resources from where you can watch particular selected anime. It has a huge collection of anime listing with their trailer, description, and all the necessary information about an anime. This site can be a good taste in terms of the Animenova alternative.

19. Soul Anime

This site has a huge list of all the anime. It also has an option for you if you like movies, so you can watch anime movies on Soul Anime right away. It also gives you a list of all the completed animes as well, which you can stream anytime.

20. Anime Planet

On Anime-Planet, you can watch thousands of dubbed and subbed anime episodes for free. Not only anime, but it also gives you the option for manga so you can also browse manga online as well. Hence it is a very attractive site for the users.

21. Watch Anime Online

You should not miss this site as an alternative to Animenova. By the name itself, it is very clear that Watch Anime online is focused on users to enjoy watching anime. This site provides a lot of subbed anime, as well as plenty of anime movies. Therefore it is a treat for all the users.

Is Animenova Still Working?

Animenova faces challenges stemming from copyright issues, which can sometimes result in domain changes or temporary shutdowns. For the latest updates on its operational status, one might consider checking dedicated anime forums or related news sites.

Who is the Founder of Animenova?

The world of online streaming, especially in niches like anime, often remains shrouded in mystery due to potential legal and copyright concerns. Consequently, the exact identities behind Animenova haven’t been publicly disclosed, aligning with the general anonymity trend in the free streaming universe.

Benefits of Animenova

  • Extensive Anime Library: Animenova boasts a comprehensive collection, ensuring that both aficionados and newcomers find titles that resonate with their preferences.
  • Updated Regularly: New episodes and titles are added frequently, allowing fans to keep up with ongoing series.
  • Diverse Content: Apart from anime series and movies, Animenova offers manga, appealing to readers and viewers alike.
  • Organized Layout: With categories, search functionality, and a user-friendly interface, finding and streaming content is seamless.

Is Animenova Safe?

Navigating online platforms always comes with safety considerations:

  • Legal Considerations: Streaming copyrighted content without appropriate licensing can pose legal challenges. It’s imperative for users to be acquainted with their local copyright regulations.
  • Potential Malware Risks: As with many free streaming platforms, there’s always a risk associated with pop-ups or redirects. Ensuring that you have a reliable antivirus software and being cautious about suspicious links is crucial.
  • Privacy Concerns: To enhance privacy and online security, users might consider using a VPN when accessing platforms like Animenova.

Is Animenova Free?

Yes, Animenova operates on a free-to-use model, giving fans access to a treasure trove of anime content without subscription fees. However, to support the platform, users might encounter advertisements during their browsing experience.

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Many people are addicted to watching anime. It provides them recreation and entertainment from their busy daily schedule. Therefore the above mentioned are the best alternatives to Animenova, which you can find on the internet.

And as you know already, that most of the above-given sites are not authorized to provide the streaming content without having copyright of it, and that’s why you are getting all these online Anime streams for free.

Therefore these sites like Animenova can be taken down anytime. But that cannot stop the users from watching their favorite anime. These are the alternative list as fresh and updated as it could get.

Animenova, with its vast reservoir of anime content, offers fans a unique platform to indulge in their favorite series and discover new titles.

While the website provides an exceptional service, users should approach with informed caution regarding safety and legality. With the right precautions, the world of anime awaits, promising adventures, thrills, and unforgettable stories.