10 Best Alternatives To ‘KimCartoon’ For Watching Cartoons Online

In today’s world, where everyone loves to seek entertainment to get relaxed, enjoy their time. To have fun, there is a sudden emergence of the various platform that provides you with entertainment.

People seek entertainment from various sources like Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Music, etc. to lit up their mood. This current trend presented by people has led to a change in the area of digital platforms to provide visitors with good content with great quality so that they could seek their entertainment through these platforms.

One such platform is KimCartoon. KimCartoon is an online streaming website that provides you with an amazing cartoon in high quality without any charge. It offers all the latest and popular cartoon collection to its users.

It provides a large array of cartoons with a different list of new and trending cartoon shows that keeps viewers updated and also provides cartoon series from a different genre.


But the major drawback that this website possesses is that it only provides you with cartoons which might not suit various people.

Don’t worry, and we have prepared a list of another online platform that provides your needed entertainment without any hindrance and could certainly act as an alternative to KimCartoon covering different genres. Hopefully, this list can help you find your favorite website covering your favorite source of entertainment.

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10 Best KimCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online in High Quality

Here down below, there is a list of online platforms that provides you with your favorite mode of entertainment. Websites provided below provide entertainment through sources, and some might be covering music others might be covering online streaming content. So, choose the platform according to your need and enjoy binging.

1. iTunes

iTunes is a prominent media player or a media library where viewers can tune to unlimited songs, podcasts as well as their favorite radio station. Among the platforms listed above, it is highly popular than them. Apple Inc., a prominent organization, owned this.

Unlike another online platform, iTunes does not provide any video content like movies and shows. However, it is only specified to provide viewers with audio content to entertain them. Also, iTunes is only available through the app.

You can download it from your operating software, and is inbuilt into Apple devices. It is a paid app, and to download a song, and you have to pay a certain amount to get access.

2. Amazon Prime Video

If you are a fan of online streaming, then you must have heard about Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is a popular online streaming content that provides viewers with movies and tv shows. Prominent organization Amazon Inc. owned this website.

Also, it provides viewers with a large collection of movies, TV shows, and their original shows produced by themselves that, too, in HD quality.

Unlike other platforms, Amazon Prime is not free and charges subscription-based on a month or per annum, whatever suits viewers. But not to worry, they also provide a 30-day free trial that allows you to explore the site.

3. Hulu

Hulu is an online streaming website that provides you with all your entertainment in one place. It is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Ltd and provides viewers with their favorite movies and tv shows and also streams live TV so that you cannot miss the live broadcast irrespective of wherever you are.

Unlike KimCartoon, it is not a free streaming website and charges a subscription for streaming. But, not to worry as they also provide you with 30 days of free trial where you can explore content and then decide whether you like it or not.

In my opinion, this site is worth trying as it provides you with quality content and also gives you a trial where you can try and decide whether it suits you or not.

4. Vudu

Vudu is an American online streaming website that facilitates viewers with quality video content that they could stream. It is primarily owned by Walmart, covering major shares. It provides diversified content in its library covering your favorite movies and TV shows without any cost.

Moreover, it claims to be a free website but has the option of renting and buying movies permanently for which you have to pay money to access that. It is available on various platforms such as Windows, PlayStation, Apple. Also, it has an app that you could download and enjoy binging.

5. KimCartoon

KimCartoon is an extension of the KimCartoon and is prepared to provide its access to the location where KimCartoon wasn’t available earlier. Also, KimCartoon provides you with an amazing cartoon in high quality without any charge.

One distinct feature is providing viewers is that it also provides a link where you can access to read your favorite comic books in various languages for free without any hindrance. The major drawback of KimCartoon website is that too many ads pop while you are surfing on-site, which makes it’s annoying.

6. KissAnime

Kiss Anime is a website that is not to be mistaken for the above mentioned KissAnime. Also, this website is similar to KissAnime, where you can stream anime online. The two only differ in their features and user interface.

You can find the tabs to sort the content as per trending and the latest episodes. Also, you can explore all of its content easily using its categories under which the content is subdivided and stored.

Moreover, this streaming website owns a huge database of anime, in the forms of TV shows, series, and movies. You can stream any show you wish to, entirely free of cost.

7. Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the most popular streaming sites as it contains a variety of movies, TV shows as well cartoon shows. It could amuse your mood. Putlockers provide almost every kind of content on their website, be it a horror drama or a comedy series that gives more choice to viewers.

In addition to it, Putlocker is free of charge and can hook the audience with their great content. In 2016, Putlocker faced some copyright charges, and it has been suspended for a while, but you can still avail of it by establishing a VPN.

8. WatchCartoonsOnline

As the name suggests, itself watch online cartoons is an online platform where you can watch various kinds of cartoons and kids shows of different genres without any charge.

WatchCartoonsOnline site is made up of kids as they are the ones who are seemingly interested in cartoons kids shows, and it never disappoints them as that possesses a huge collection of cartoons in their library.

For a while, the WatchCartoonsOnline website is not opening on various devices and networks due to some internal issues so, if you want to access this site on your device, you can setup VPN to get access to that site and start streaming.

9. Stevenuniver

Stevenuniver.se is an online streaming website that specializes in providing various amount of cartoons to viewers. A famous cartoon series named Steven Universe inspires this website.

Stevenuniver.se conspires some famous cartoon-like Ben 10, Transformers: Animated, Black Dynamite, Incredible Crew, which was quite popular among kids. Stevenuniver.se provides kids with their favorite cartoons to them in good quality without even charging them.

This website could be a perfect alternative to KimCartoon. Unfortunately, due to some legal conflicts, this site was taken down temporarily, and we hope it will be back soon.

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All the platforms discussed above provide you entertainment through different sources. Some through movies and show others with cartoons and music. It depends upon you what kind of platform you want to indulge.

Apart from these websites, there are various other websites available online. It could provide you with a variety of content and keep you entertained.

However, it is mandatory to check whether those sites are safe and secure enough to use because, if not, it could damage your device. Hopefully, you like the alternatives provided by use to try them out.