What Is Gstatic

Many users make complaints about the Gstatic website. There are some that there is in the browser this website. And the browser is redirecting the user to this gstatic.com. In today’s article, I will guide you on gstatic.com. It is a virus or a safe website? This will be discussed in the article. So, read the full article for a better understanding.


What Is “Gstatic”?

Firstly we will discuss that what is Gstatic? Gstatic is a website owned by Google. It is used for the content delivery network of google.

The content delivery network is used for the upload of the content on the server which can later be accessed by Gstatic. It is also used for the storage of static data. And also it is used by chrome or android devices to ensure that the network connectivity of your device. The full domain name of Gstatic is “http://connectivity.gstatic.com/”


But there is a fake website in the form of the virus. this virus has is associated with adware. Adware is an app that installs automatically on your computer or laptop. And it started showing advertisements to you. It installs with various other content that is installed in your computer in the background. It tracks your interest shows advertisements accordingly. And redirect your browser to that website.

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Is Gstatic a Virus?

There is mix statement about this website users made. Some say this is a safe website and some had a terrible experience with this site. It is a difficult thing to make a verdict about this website. Because users have a mixed opinion about it.I suggest you scan your computer before you want to make your mind. But making a full scan takes more time. So, also you can use windows defender to scan.

How To Run a System Scan?

It is an important thing to scan your device for protecting it from viruses. The show I am sharing with you is the step from which you can run a system scan. So, the following are the steps for running the scan.

Step 1: Open settings on your computer or press “windows+I” to open the settings.

Step 2: go to the update and security tab.

Step 3: select the windows security from the left sidebar.

Step 4: go to the virus and threat protection option.

Step 5: press the scan option button.

Step 6: press the full scan button.

Step 7: Then select the scan now option.

Step 8: then defenderstartOpent to scan your device shows the result.

From the above steps, you can successfully scan your computer for protecting yourself from any virus.


The Gstatic is a google website but there is a fake website that spread viruses on our computers. So, be aware of this kind of virus. So, before going to this kind of website be sure to think once. You will scan your computer properly for being a safe computer. So, from the above article, I think you will know all the things about Gstatic.