was founded to help business owners succeed, whether it’s a small business, a start-up, or a well-known company. provides high skilled workforce supported by smart & sophisticated AI technology, which makes sure customer needs are met with high standards no matter what time of day or night it is.

Their real receptionists + AI machine intelligence makes the perfect combination in providing better virtual receptionist services. Benefits of hiring includes:

  • works as front-liners for your company, they deal with customer calls, their reviews, their questions, etc. and help in providing better services to your clients.
  • They work in two ways, i.e., they not only provide services and assistance to your clients but to your company also, which eventually saves up your time and gives you a window to focus on things that need more of their time and energy.

You, as a company, get the benefit of running your business smoothly, protect & utilize your team’s time better, and serve your clients in a better way.

We are going to discuss Virtual Receptionists and Live Chat service in detail to give you a clear idea about the quality of these services. Virtual Receptionists provides you with a team of smart and work-oriented virtual receptionists. Their virtual receptionists help by making your business works smoothly, as it is no longer hindered by unwanted calls, texts, emails, or chats. Virtual Receptionists Service Virtual Receptionists, i.e., not a robot or humanoid but rather a real person who is familiar with your company and your client history, answers client calls. Virtual receptionists engage with your client in authentic and professional conversation, ensuring that client has no further doubts. Virtual Receptionists not only answer your business calls but help you book new clients also helps in making stronger & better relationships with your client as well. Their virtual receptionists perform the following functions for your business:

  • receptionists are on duty 24*7, and they book appointments, schedule calls back to both ways with their calendar software integration.
  • Their credit card processing software collects your payments for you in your bank accounts.
  • screen and integrate every call, block spam and sales call, and all those unwanted calls you would not want to receive.
  • virtual receptionist informs you about every call via text message or email, so that you stay put with your client requirements.

How Virtual Receptionists Service Works

As I mentioned, virtual receptionists are not some machine or robot but a real person that works along with smart and innovative technology. Though, first, you will need to sign up on their website after you sign up will give you a phone number for your clients, both the current ones as well as for the future clients.

If you want to keep your current business number, it is of no issue; you will just have to forward your client calls to Virtual Receptionists Service, they will take care of the things for you.

How Virtual Receptionists Service Works

When a client call comes in virtual receptionist, which is now your virtual receptionist receives that call for you, with smart technology, your virtual personal receptionist, will know about you and your client history in just a few seconds and everything will be done smoothly.

Your receptionist will perform all the functions we described above in the article. If you want to receive after-hour calls on our own, you just need to tell this to, and they will forward after-hours directly to your number, or you can have them via email or text messages as voicemails. Virtual Receptionists Service Features Virtual Receptionists Service provides the following features:

  • 24*7 Live Virtual Receptionists: Virtual Receptionists are at your service 24/7, no matter what time of day or night it is. They will answer every call with a positive attitude and will ensure your client is happy.

  • Summary of calls:

They will provide you with a summary of every call immediately via email every day at 6:30 PM PT to keep you posted about client needs.

  • Call Disposition:

Their call dispositions feature they will mark your every call with its type and urgency level helps you to prioritize customer calls and needs.

  • Callback on client calls:

Their callback on client feature will promptly make return calls to your client if lost by any technical fault.

  • Appointment Booking and Reminders:

Their services include booking and reminding appointments with clients, so you will not lose any possibility of making better client relationships.

  • Answering Texts to your Number:

If a client texts on your number, then their virtual receptionist will text back on your behalf, will answer to customer questions, book appointments, mark important dates, etc.

  • Outbound Calls:

Your receptionist can also make outbound calls for you to your clients, to score leads, and for the betterment of client relationship & your company.

  • Multiple Live Transfer Numbers:

Their service provides you with the benefit of having multiple phone numbers of multiple clients. In case you have to make live call transfers to transfer destinations.

  • Friendly and Professional Demeanor:

Their experienced and smart virtual receptionists answer every call with a smile, and they speak in clear, easy to understand American English. (Also, they speak Spanish)

  • Customized Greetings:

If you want, then your virtual receptionists will always greet your clients using a specified greeting customized by you for you.

  • Transfer Destinations:

With this feature, you can prioritize clients, specific types of calls to be put through you, and the receptionist will simply transfer those calls to your number.

  • Referrals to Recommended Businesses:

Your virtual receptionists can sort out and refer your bad leads to someone in your custom list if allowed by you. Virtual Receptionists Service Billing and Fees

The fact that Virtual Receptionist Service charges as per call received instead of cost per minute is important for small business owners. services are pocket friendly with amazing features and benefits. has three plans for their clients to choose one, and those plans are:

You can choose any of the above plans, but if in case you feel these plans are not suitable for your business, then you can customize your plan accordingly. Virtual Receptionists Service Free Trial Virtual Receptionists Services offers a free trial period to their customers, for them to ensure if fulfills their requirements. They offer a 14-day free 20 call trial period, and you can make use out of it and then choose a plan if you are satisfied with services. You can also customize your plan (if required). Live Chat Live Chat feature adds just about one more feather of praise in their service providing hat, with this feature they help you capture more leads, makeup with potential clients, book appointments, consultations on your website thought out all day, every day. Live Chat Services

Providing customer assistance through Live Chat is the fastest, friendliest, and professional way for the improvement of the business. chat feature provides you live chat agents all day, i.e., 24*7, similar to virtual receptionists’ live chat agents, also book your appointment, schedules call backing in both ways, collect your business payments, lead qualification, CRM integration, block spam, and sales messages. provides automated responses in real-time English & Spanish translation, plus they send instant chat transcripts to you via email.

How Live Chat Service Works Live Chat Services provides 24/7 on real-life duty agents with their smart AI technology with automated & bilingual (English and Spanish translation) responses. Live Chat services also assist in Payment collection, CRM integration, Instant chat transcripts sent to you via email, Appointment booking, call back, and calendar scheduling.

How Live Chat Service Works provides you with experienced, qualified, and friendly live agents with smart learning AI technology that helps them to know & understand your clients and converse with them in an effective & qualified demeanor. All this, in return, contribute to the success & expansion of your business, help you build a better and stronger client relationship. Live Chat Service Features Live Chat Service provides the following features:

  • Live Agents: well qualified, experienced, professional, and friendly live agents are always at your service. They are available 24/7 to answer your clients and to provide you with qualified leads.

  • AI Technology and Proactive Chat:

Their smart AI technology help to assist your clients in everything from language translation to assertive chats. You can decide when to engage clients in productive conversation. It can be immediately or with a delay of 15, 30, or 60 seconds. It is up to you to decide.

  • Custom Built Knowledge Base & Q&A:

You can customize answers to common questions you would want to give as a reply, it would help live agents or your full-time chatbot for easy answering.

  • SMS Text Answering:

Not just web chat, but live agents also answer to text messages sent on your business number. You can add this extra feature to your plan for free.

  • Facebook Messenger:

By following your company’s custom instruction, Live Agents are happy to help you with your Business Facebook Messages too. (you can add this feature too)

  • Custom Branding, Colors, and Placement:

You can choose and customize how your chat widget would look like or how it will be displayed, where will it be displayed on specific-pages or site wide. You can choose the design & color of your chat widget so that it harmonizes with your website, and you can also choose from different styles how you want to present your chat widget to clients.

  • Mobile-Optimized: Live Agent Chat Widget works on every device, on every browser so you can answer your clients from a computer or a tablet, an Android or iOS mobile.

  • Referrals to Recommended Businesses:

Just like your virtual receptionists, live agents also sort out bad leads and refer them to other business providers present on your custom list.

  • Customized Greetings and Familiar with your Business:

Just like in virtual receptionist services, you can customize greetings, and your live agents will greet your clients using those greetings personalized by you. As keeps track of all of your clients and your business as well, live agents will answer every question of the client, whether it’s regarding a payment or appointment booking. You will have it all sorted out by

  • Mobile Notifications:

You will be notified via text message every time a new chat occurs on your chat widget, and you will be notified about new leads also.

In addition to the above features, Live Chat Services will help you with Appointment Scheduling, E-commerce Order & CRM integration, New Client Intake, Lead Data Gathering, Customer Service & Support Desk, and Web Services also. Live Chat Service Billing & Fees Live Chat Services provides you Easy billing option so that you are always aware of the services you are paying for. There is no hidden or set up fee, i.e., you will not receive any extra add in your bill, and you can join their service quickly without fee, and it is also easy to set up.

There is no yearly contract, so you can quickly pay month-by-month, and if you want to cancel your plan, there is no cancellation fee. Furthermore, charges nothing for any spam or wrong business chats or unwanted chats (from people who ended up on your website by mistake, without any intention). Live Chat Services have the following plans for you to choose from: Live Chat Service Billing and Fees Live Chat Service Free Trial

You can start with live chat service without any fees, that’s right provides a free one day trial period with 20 chats and live agents working for your business 24/7. After the free trial, if you are satisfied with Live Chat services, then you can choose from their current plans, or you can customize one according to your requirements.

Conclusion provides Virtual Receptionist and Live Chat services for small businesses. They work as the keystone of your emerging business by taking up your client calls, booking appointments, calendar work, etc. all those unwanted yet essential things you need to deal with but don’t have enough time to do so.

You can quickly start with Services; they work with every phone system or website, and their smart AI technology + real workers help you in building stronger client relationships, and ultimately it brings more growth to the business. cheaper than other services and will not cost you any service you are not using. They work with every field, i.e., Marketing, Legal & Law Firms, Automotive, Lifestyle & Events, Constructions & Design, Finance, Accounting, Medical, Health & Wellness, etc.

Thus, whether your business is a start-up or Solo business, services will always be ready to help, Serve & Assist you 24/7.