What Is Windows Setup Remediation KB4023057

You are a computer or pc user that you should update your windows then this article is for you. If you using windows and update it frequently to the latest version of windows. Then you will find a service that is something odd on it. There is a service that adds a new service to the installed program list. The name of this new program is the windows setup remediation (KB4023057).

It showed on the settings and as well it is an app on pc. when you check the installed date it is very recent. It is not a new thing but it installs automatically. But it is doesn’t appear in the windows update list from that it got in the suspension category. That is a virus or something like that. Also when you check for the vendor name is not available make it more suspicious.


What Is Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057)?

If you are in tension about the windows setup remediation (KB4023057). So, don’t worry it is relatively new for most of the users. But it is a genuine windows update.


Windows setup remediation (KB4023057) is a windows servicing stack update. It works for the improvement of reliability.  Its updates those files which make an issue when updating of windows to make an easy update. The primary purpose of it is to improve quality of windows updates without any interruption.

In simple words, you can say it repair the corrupt windows files, request your device not to shut down when an update is going on, change network settings, and many such small problems that can affect the update. It is useful and legit and it is only for smoothening your windows update process. And it fixes all the problems by itself you don’t need to give the command to it.

This app is updated automatically before windows update or along with the windows update from the window store.

Should I Delete it Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057)?

If you want to delete this update you can delete it. But I recommend that not deleting the app because it helps in the update process. And removes all barriers from the update of your windows and smoothens the process.

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If you uninstall this update this is offered to you whenever the windows are updating. You can’t get 100% free from this because it’s been offered many times. You will install it again. So, once again I recommend that not delete or uninstall the app because it is a windows app.


The above article gives information on the windows setup remediation (KB4023057). From that, you will understand that it is not a virus app it is a genuine windows app. That helps windows to update your laptop or computer easily.

It repairs the unnecessary files that create a barrier for updates in windows. It helps to fix this kind of file. And also if you want to delete the app then it shows again and again for installing the app. So, as per my recommendation don’t install the app.