How To Fix The WHEA Uncorrectable Error On Windows 10

While using Windows 10, if your screen displays the blue screen of death, it means there is some error in the hardware. One such error is WHEA Uncorrectable Error that will appear on the screen as ‘WHeA_Uncorrectable_Error’. The full form of WHEA is Windows Hardware Error Architecture abbreviated as WHEA.


How To Fix The WHEA Uncorrectable Error On Windows 10 

On the occurrence of this error, the computer itself will start compiling the data and then will reset it or the computer will shut down to avoid any kind of corruption. Windows stop code 0x0000124 can damage hardware like GPU, CPU, PSU, RAM, etc.


The WHEA Uncorrectable Error variations include WHEA Uncorrectable Error-Windows 10, WHEA Uncorrectable Error Sysprep, WHEA Uncorrectable Error Overclock, WHEA Uncorrectable Error gal.dll, WHEA Uncorrectable Error ntoskrnl exe, WHEA Uncorrectable Error Overheat, WHEA Uncorrectable Error startup, WHEA Uncorrectable Error BIOS Update.

Causes of WHEA Uncorrectable Error

The WHEA Uncorrectable Error is generally caused by some type of failure in hardware devices. There can be other causes as well like:

Corrupted Hardware- The corrupted and outdated hardware can be one such cause for WHEA Uncorrectable Error.

Voltage Changes- Fluctuations in voltage and overclocking can lead to this error as the system gets corrupted due to a change in power.

Drivers Conflicts- If the device drivers are outdated or corrupted, it can be the cause of this error. The failure of hard drivers or fault in RAM leads to hardware failure further leading to the error.

Corrupted System Files- If the windows system file or registry files are corrupted, it can cause the WHEA Uncorrectable Error.

How To Fix The WHEA Uncorrectable Error?

Since these errors are hardware errors, the solution to fix the error is usually tracking the component that’s having a problem and further replacing it. Updating the system can help in fixing the error but to some extent. Based on the type of error, there are different solutions to fix it, some of those are:

Solution 1: Check Problem With RAM

Faulty RAM can be a cause of WHEA Uncorrectable Error. This problem can be checked with the help of a free memory diagnostic tool which is MemTest86 ( a memory checker ). Just boot MemTest86 from a USB flash drive and leave it, MemTest86 can expose serious RAM issues if there is any.

If it says that you have a bad memory then replacing RAM can only be the solution left to get rid of WHEA Uncorrectable Error. Resetting of memory can be another solution which is a process of removing the memory module from the DIMM slot and placing it back, if the PC boots with no issues on placing the memory back, the problem which was there has been solved.

Sometimes there can be a problem with the motherboard, in that situation open the computer case, remove the RAM sticks, wipe it properly and fix it back.

Solution 2: Check for Corrupted Hard Disk

Since the WHEA Uncorrectable Error is a hardware error, to avoid this error try to run the Windows Check Disk from the Command Prompt. Chkdsk(Check Disk Utility) is a system tool that can help in scanning the system files and repairing hard drive errors but this method will cut the recoverable data into 512 KB pieces so it is advisable to recover or resale the data before fixing the error. To check for corruption in the Hard Drive, follow the given steps:

Step 1- Start Windows in Safe Mode.

Step 2-Go to Start and type chkdsk to open it.

Step 3- Right-click on the check disk utility and select Run as administrator. The utility tool will automatically start finding the error and will try to solve it.

Solution 3: Update All of the Physical Device Drivers 

Outdated or damaged device drivers can also lead to WHEA Uncorrectable Error. It requires proper update and up-gradation of Windows. It is advisable to update the Windows periodically to avoid such errors.

To update device drivers, restart the Windows in safe mode, open the Device Manager and update each driver manually by right-clicking on the Start menu and selecting Update Driver Software. Once done restart the computer back in Normal Mode. Updating drivers can help in saving you from the loss or corruption of data and the occurrence of error.

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Solution 4: Disable Overclocking if Enabled

Overclocking is when the computer’s processor runs at high speed than usual. Overclocking may cause WHEA Uncorrectable Error if the computer is not that compatible to work at quite high speed. Improper overclocking produces more heat leading to stress on the computer and resulting in issues like BSOD or system crashing.

The easiest way to disable overclocking is to reset the system by turning OFF the system and then turning it ON again by pressing the BIOS/UEFI menu access key, type Settings in the search field, navigating to Update & Security> Recovery > Advanced setup> Restart now. The restart process will start, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options> UEFI Firmware settings, the computer will complete restart and will open UEFI & BIOS automatically. Go to the overclocking section and disable all overclocking.


Though WHEA Uncorrectable Error is not an ordinary error caused to hardware devices but there are certain solutions to fix the error and stop the hardware from getting corrupted. The PC operator should remain alert when such an error occurs and try to solve it calmly with the solutions mentioned else if not fixed, contact the professional as if went late in solving the issue, it can lead to heavy damage by corruption the entire system.