15 Best Alternatives To ‘MovieWatcher’ For Watching Movies and Shows

Watching free movies online has always been a crucial part of entertainment for us. MovieWatcher satisfies that cravings for us.

MovieWatcher is an online movie streaming website that presents you with unlimited, latest and trending movies that too for free. With high video quality, it also allows you to download as many movies as you want.


15 Best Alternatives to MovieWatcher for Watching Movies and Shows

But relying on only one website sometimes has its cons. So here we are, giving you some best alternatives to MovieWatcher in case you face any problem or cannot find the movie you want to watch.

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1. PandaMovie

Suitable for all movie lovers, PandaMovie is the best online movie streaming website. You can find an excellent collection of TV shows, series, and top-rated Hollywood movies. PandaMovie also offers you to the links to external sites so you can continue watching.

And the best thing is that the website provides all these TV shows for free, without any charge. Therefore, you can continue watching movies nonstop without any stretch. You can search for the movie or TV shows you want to see by entering the name in the search bar on the homepage of the website.

There are other modes, as well. The other modes include refining the database provided by the site according to genres, year of release, and ratings. You can also click on the option of Movies and TV shows.

Unlike MovieWatcher, PandaMovie has its library of movies instead of hosting it on other sites. But the major problem this website has its aggressive display of advertisements. Repeated display of ads sometimes acts as a hurdle in our watching.

2. HouseMovie

With almost four thousand movies to stream online, HouseMovie is the free online movie streaming website. The website presents you with top-ranked movies and TV shows in high quality and can download them as well. You can also sort them based on genre.

HouseMovie has the download option too, you can download them in the best quality and available print and can watch without any disturbance. HouseMovie is also a recommended movie network of the most famous, trending, and newly released movies.

The website is easy to use. You will not find any difficulty in streaming movies online or downloading it. You can also read about any movie before watching it. Just a click and the short disruption will appear on your screen, giving you an idea of what the movie is about, along with a list of movies recommended and similar to it.

Using the HouseMovie website is easy-peasy. The website is very organized, allowing you the option of sorting the movies and TV shows according to the genre, release years, and in alphabetical order too. The viewers can sort the movies according to their choice and wish.

3. GoMovies

GOMovies is one of the best and most used websites currently as an alternative to MovieWatcher. Showcasing the latest and uploading the new movies as soon as they are available makes GOMovies unique as compared to other websites.

But access to the website is limited in some areas/countries. The website might not be legal in the place of your residence. Good news for movie fans, the service is free of cost, will not charge even a penny for streaming the movies.

You can stream the recently released all day long without any worry of payment. The biggest disadvantage of the site is its quality print. Most of the newly released movies are available in SD quality, not even in HD. Therefore, if you can comprise in print quality for watching new movies, then this is the best stop.

Most of the movies available on GOMovies are from the 123Movies website. 123movies is another best online streaming website. Along with online streaming, you can also download your moves from the side. The only hindrance in your free watching is the website’s display of a lot of advertisements. Sometimes just clicking would lead to you some external link displaying annoying ads.

4. Vidics

The fourth in line is the vidics. Vidics is the next best alternative to MovieWatcher for streaming online movies and TV shows. The website gives you information on the movies you want to watch or have watched.

It also provides details regarding the actors and actresses in the movie, which makes the website different from others. Vidics has 2 different sections- a new section and a scheduled section.

The new section displays all the news of upcoming movies and TV shows while the scheduled one shows their timings and release date. Therefore, the services provided by the website are not limited; it is more than what the other websites are providing.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind before operating the website is Flash Player, or DivX player has to be installed for using Vidics. When we watch movies online.

Slow buffering and loading of the movies are the only trouble you will face while watching the movies or TV shows. This problem is caused due to the slow internet connection and high-quality content on the site.

5. Primewire

Primewire is another great alternative with free streaming of movies online. The site acts as an index for other streaming websites and gives you access to them. Similar to all other websites. This one, too, allows you to search movies according to the genre and different categories.

The feature of creating an account in Prime Wire enables you to comment and vote for movies, making it easier and interesting for others.

The scheduling section will update you about all the to be uploaded movies. Features like unlimited results, recommendations, free for everyone, easy to use interface, and many more impressed the movie fans and operate Prime Wire happily.

6. Raineirland

The movies on Raineirland Movies are dedicated to HD movies and TV shows, which makes it quite different from others. Raineirland Movies acts as a perfect platform for the ones who are dedicated to watching their favorite movies.

And the best thing is this website does not have ads. Yes, you read it right; Raineirland Movies displays no ads meaning disturbance-free watching. The easy to handle interface helps you to search for the movies on your wish list simple.

Different sections will inform you about the upcoming movies, latest movies, and most viewed movies. The feature that other listed alternatives do not have, but Raineirland Movies has its top IMDB section, where it displays the movies in order of the movies with the highest IMDB.

7. Putlocker

Putlocker takes its name after the PUTLOCKER but is not the original one. The website allows you to watch movies online and download them without any registration. The movies available on Putlocker9 are attained from different websites but are in high resolution.

The users can get desired movies easily through its simple and organized interface. the movie can be filtered according to the genres such as crime, comedy, family, thriller, action, etc. with the movies.  Also, it shows its information, such as the duration of the movie, release date/year, casting, and a brief story.

Two distinctive sections are its schedule section and request. In the schedule section, it displays the information about TV shows and their running time, whereas, in the request, it asks for the request of any movies/ TV shows that are not available on the website already.

8. HDMoviesPoint

HD Movies Point is again one of the perfect sites to watch and download movies. The best feature that HD movie Point offers is its picture quality.it gives the audience to download movies in HD in various qualities.

But the catch is you have to generate an account first to download movies. Without signing up, you cannot download the movies you want. The movies are available in all genres- romance, thriller, action, comedy, etc.

HD Movies Point provides an overview of all the movies in its library, making it easier for us to choose from a large repository. Various screenshots of the scenes in the movie are also displayed in HD Movies Point that will show us its actual print.

9. Speed

As the name suggests, speed only shows HD and high-quality movies. If you want to watch only the high-resolution movie, then this site is strongly recommended.

Although the site makes sure and checks for any inactive and harmful links on the website, it warns its users that they will not be responsible for any inconvenience by harmful links. On the other hand, speed allows you to stream movies online, download them, and share them as well.

Except for the displeasing ads on the site, the interface is structured and simple. The display of convenient options is restricted to 3 types Movies, TV shows, and release dates. Only the search bar on the top helps to search for our movie.

10. Movie4k

Next on the list is the Movie2k website that allows you to watch a full-length movie in high quality. Without the frustration of ads displaying, your wan watch movies freely. This site is considered as a perfect alternative to 123Movies.

From classic to modern, Movie2k contains thousands of movies. The attribute that makes Movie2k stand out from others is that it accepts requests from you. You can suggest and request the movies you want to see, and it will add to its database.

You can sort from its extensive library using different categories such as genres, A to Z option, TV shows, release date/year, country, and much more.

11. Movie4U

From any series, TV shows to movies, everything can be found on Movie4u. from an online movie database, your cravings can be satisfied through this site. This website does not contain any hacking practices or spam at all, making it different and easy to use.

And the best thing? There are no frustrating ads display on Movie4u. just log in to the site, and you can download exclusive movies without any excuse. There’s a short description regarding the movie, giving you some insight. Offering a wide range of print, Movie4u is the best stop for all the diehard fans of movies.

12. Niter

After finding the movie you want to watch on the site, just click the watch now option and Niter will show you. The site is available for free. Unlike other sites, Niter does not offer you too many movies, but the feature that makes it unique is its allowance for its viewers to publish the movies as well.

You have to just register yourselves for upload, store, and share your multiple videos. But before publishing, you have to keep in mind that it should not be illegal and should it violate any copyright.

13. MegaShare

Megashare9 is the hotspot for all the top-rated Hollywood movies. Without any registration and sign up, this site gives you thousands of videos starring your favorite people without even charging a penny.

Megashare9 also presents you with a huge variety of TV shows and TV episodes. But the movies offered are not in its database, it takes you to external links over the internet where they are available.

Megashare9 does not host any videos, movies, and media files. All-inclusive, it is a great website for watching movies of all genres- action, thriller, drama, romance, horror, mystery, documentary, and many more.

14. Watch5S

Another excellent movie and television series streaming website is Watch5S. It is an upgraded version of Fmovies with new features and tools that makeWatch5S more interesting.

One such exciting features are that Watch5S displays some entertaining news about your favorite movies, actors/actresses, upcoming movies, and all other related things.

There is also an IMDb Top Rated Movies section where you can choose the movies with the highest ratings. Other options of Watch5S include exploring movies according to their genre, release date/year, country, etc. with daily updates and search bar.

15. SolarMovie

Last but not the last, SolarMovie allows you to stream movies online as well as download them on any platform. SolarMovie provides a massive library of movies consisting of all types of movies from old to new, ranging in all genres. There is no limitation on the number of videos you watch in a day.

There are no short clips, scenes, or audio in SolarMovie site, only full-length movies. Similar to Megashare9, SolarMovie doesn’t host any videos instead, it provides you links. Those links takes you to the place where the movie is available.

But Solar Movie warns that opening the link is purely on your risk thus Solar Movie will not be blamed for any inconvenience. The interface of the SolarMovie is organized and differentiated categorically according to the genre, country, release year, etc.

16. 123Movies

123Movies is considered to be an amazing online streaming website as it contains a large collection of movies, tv shows as well cartoon shows in their library in order to entertain viewers with their content.

This website provides you with all the content in HD without any charge although there is an option of upgrading into a premium in which you can access the content into Ultra HD without any hindrances. The only hindrance is that too many ads pop up while streaming.

17. LosMovies

LosMovies is an online platform that provides entertainment to viewers through movies, sitcoms, documentaries, etc. that usually binge the audience through their content. Also, this is free of cost, and it doesn’t require any kind of registration to get started.

LosMovies is not known among people as it is new, but still, this website is quite reliable and safe to use, and you can access this website without any hindrance.

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Searching for movies over the internet was once a problematic work, but now the availability of many movies and TV shows websites has made it very simple and easy.

Happy exploring!