10 Best ‘Bedpage’ Alternatives in 2023

.Bedpage is a classified ad posting website that comes as the alternative to Backpage and offers almost all the significant services to post for multiple categories. It is a simple solution that provides the users with a system of free access from any part of the world and sells and trades online.

Online trading in that sense connects the potential sellers and buyers. After that, both of these can set the terms and conditions according to their mutual understanding. Being the best Backpage alternative, the platform allows its users to post their ads multiple times in different categories quickly.

There is no hurdle to post ads in any category or city if you are posting your ad in the right way. The service starts with a very basic level, and now it has millions of visitors around the world that can use it to post their ads.



10 Best Bedpage Alternatives in 2023

People are getting tons of calls and clients every day by posting their ads on this advanced solution. Unlike other similar sites, it also has lots of features that make it better than others.

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1. FinderMaster

FinderMaster must be on top of the user’s list. The process of finding a service or an item is rather simple. This classifieds site enables you to browse through the site by using a map or just by simply navigating through the provided menus.

The overall interface of the site is quite simple and shows all the categories and sections that you can easily explore to find your product or service. It also comes with an advanced search box where you just need to enter the name of your product or service that you actually want to buy.

2. ClassifiedsFactor

ClassifiedsFactor has done a great job in presenting its customers. It is extremely easy to use classified ads site. All tasks such as finding services or products can be done by visiting a page. It also allows you to choose both your area and the item on one page.

Furthermore, this site is a bit different as compared to other similar classified or online advertisement platforms. It is entirely free to find services and products and can sell your things by just placing an open post.

Posting ads here is an easy task and requires a few simple steps to complete your ad. To publish your ad and you need to create a free account.

3. Backpage

Backpage was a classified provider that is completely free. It permits its users to search and post unlimited jobs on its giant classified platform. Backpage was an online market of classified. It provides the users with a system of free access from any part of the world and sells and trades online.

Online trading, in that sense, it connected the potential buyers and sellers. After that, both of these can set the terms and conditions according to their mutual understanding. The primary aim of Backpage.com was to assist both local and internal consumers to get the ads of the others and post the advertisements of their business without any cost.

4. Kijiji

Kijiji.ca is an online classified advertising platform owned by eBay and founded in March 2005. It operates as a centralized network of online communities, urban regions and organized by the city for local advertisements.

It is available for more than 300 major cities in Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, and Taiwan, and contains live ads in a massive range of categories including cars, housing, jobs, and everything in between.

Kijiji offered all similar services and seen as the competitor to Backpage and the most significant differences being that it gets much less U.S traffic and has an extensive pets section.

The users can easily browse classifieds in your area or other areas to find the best deal for sale. One of the best things about Kijiji is that it enables you to find local service providers or tradesmen such as a cleaner, childcare, and plumber, etc.

The platform also includes prominent features such as buy and sells everything, find apartments, two new ads are posted every second, and contains multiple categories, etc. Overall, Kijiji is one of the best-classified advertising platforms as compared to others.

5. Oodle

Oodle is a web-based market for millions of advertisements and classifieds. It collects the advertisement from the local newspapers and some leading online sources like ForRent and eBay. It also gets the data from the other international level of a newspaper.

This website also increases its database of advertisements and classified systems. The best about Oodle is that it provides a comprehensive advertisement system and deals with online trading as well where the users can negotiate with each other for a particular product as well.

Currently, Oodle offering its classified service for the United States, the United Kingdom, and some Asian countries. Oodle also provides the system for listing ads as well.

For this, the users are required to give some detail about what are they posting and why are posting it. After this, they will be required to provide some description of the job and describe the price and just click on the post.

6. OLX

The massive development and inventions are not only serving you in the form of information. However, they also have made it easy to sell and purchase. For this purpose, there are a vast number of classified websites and services, and OLX comes at the top of the list. This site also offers you to post your ads for free.

It is very important to point out here that instead of dealing with online trading. OLX connects potential buyers and sellers. One of the main tasks of OLX is only to list the ads that are usually posted by the sellers.

Then the willing buyers are required to view these ads and connect with the sellers to finalize the deal. Moreover, OLX is one of the giant platforms where you can expect ads of almost everything and can place your own ad for free as well.

7. GumTree

Gumtree provides classifieds for the people of the United Kingdom only. So, if you are living in the UK, then you can take out the benefits of using Gumtree. Currently, it is dealing with the ads and classified of various other countries as well, but the ratio of the UK is higher as compared to other areas.

Either you are looking for employment, or want to upgrade your system, or looking for an apartment for rent or something else the Gumtree will be a great help for you.

8. Adpost

This platform features the system of ad posting only. However, it is not a complete fact. Adpost is a free classified and ad provider. It features both system of ads and classified searching and posting their own ads as well.

The main advantage of using Adpost is that it provides all essential features and functions. Just like the other online classified providers. Adpost has the system of notifying the users about the post and ads are according to the criteria of the users.

9. Recycler

Recycler is a dedicated classified provider. These products can be in any category. The only difference is that its way of doing business in second-hand and used products only. The system of Recycler is quite similar to the other classified provider. The only difference is that its way of doing business in second-hand and used products only.

If you are looking for a second-hand item of any type, then Recycler is the perfect option for you. In this platform, you will find the advertisements and classifieds in the category of cars & vehicles, pets, house for rent, room for rent, apartments for rent, mobile homes, real estate, community, services, and much more.

10. USFreeAds

USFreeads is an online portal where users can view thousands of advertisements. It is one of the greatest platforms for potential buyers and willing sellers. They get a chance to negotiate with each other by offering services and products. There are hundreds of free classified and ads that are provided by USFreeAds each day.

These are available in the category of automotive, pets and animals, real estate, business opportunities, home & garden, jobs, announcements, sports, toys, games, models, collectibles, hobbies & leisure, jewelry & watches, wanted ads, electronics, and dozens of others.

11. DomesticSale

For the first time in the world of classified, DomesticSale is a trash-free classified point that makes it sure that its users are getting spam and scams free classifieds. In that’s way, DomesticSale ensures the reliability of the originality of the ads.

According to the name we see that it itself stand for availability at the local level that means the global availability of DomesticSale. Moreover, it provides the ads and classifieds in the category of sale & services, cars & trucks, employment opportunities, resumes, vacation rentals, events calendars, secure store, and much more.

12. Krrb

Krrb is an online trading platform. It works as a channel of communication. It is between the potential buyers and willing sellers in the shape of dealing with classified and ads. Furthermore, it provides both classifieds and ads. Krrb connects users across the globe.

This website is the online provider for local classified and connects users across the globe. It is very easy and straightforward to search. Just like exploring the ads, the system of posting any ad is also very straightforward that requires the users first to create an account and after that go for the posting of the job for free.

13. eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds is known as the digital classified market that is being backed by eBay which is a giant online retailer. This website makes it extremely easy for internet users across the globe to search quickly for the local advertisement of their particular category and get their ad posted as well for free.

Moreover, eBay Classifieds is the system of free ad viewing and placing service that offers and very straightforward and easy to use a system of buying, selling, and trading at both local and international levels. Come to the platform of eBay Classifieds and enjoy the chance of getting a job by exploring through the jobs listed.

14. Yakaz

Yakaz was the digital search engine of millions. It provides the local and international levels of ads. Yakaz gets itself updated on a regular basis. Every day thousands of ads and classifieds are added to the database of Yakaz.

It was a digital marketplace for exploring classifieds in various categories. For example, cars, motorbikes, an item for sale, services wanted, a product for sale, rent a house, real estate, business opportunities, and dozens of others.

Moreover, the site was among those few online classifieds providers that have a very significant presence in the online world and across the globe.

In addition to providing fresh and new material, Yakaz also listed the classifieds and ads of second-hand and used products as well. That system of Yakaz expanded the area of choices for the users to select what is according to their demand and requirement.

15. OfferUp

Offer Up is free to use mobile application that allows you to buy and sell everything. Also, it is one of the largest mobile marketplaces for local buyers and sellers. The app makes it easy to find the best deals on the things you want and make money on the items you wish to sell.

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Also, the application starts at a very basic level, but now it has millions of users around the world who can use to buy and sell the item in their community or neighborhood with people they can trust. Also, this website has multiple categories such as electronics, clothes, furniture, cell phones, and lots of others which are very similar to the other digital marketplaces.


These are the great alternatives of the Bedpage that the users will enjoy and will love to surf. Lastly, these websites are free and user friendly and hence is of great profit to the users.