‘Hell’s Kitchen Season 20’ Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Only a few shows, not even those in the field of competitive shows or reality TV, have lasted for more than 20 seasons. Foodies, on the other hand, can’t get enough of Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen! Here’s what we know so far about the 20th season of Hell’s Kitchen.

The contestants are split into two groups for each season. In the end, only one team will walk away with the major prize: an opportunity to work under Ramsay’s tutelage as the head chef of one of his restaurants and $250,000 in prize money.


“Hell’s Kitchen” is a name that needs no introduction. It’s synonymous with the fierce culinary world, fiery competitions, and of course, the iconic Gordon Ramsay. Season 20, which aired in 2021, was a standout season for various reasons.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, touching upon the number of episodes, the plotline, the legacy it has adapted from, and much more.


Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns, the twenty-first season of the American reality series Hell’s Kitchen, aired on Fox on May 31, 2021. As a presenter and head chef, Gordon Ramsay was back, as was season 10 winner Christina Wilson as red team sous-chef.

Season 7 runner-up Jason “Jay” Santos as blue team sous-chef. Ramsay also returned as a guest judge.

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Where can You watch Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen?

Hulu allows you to watch new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen the day after they air on FOX. We don’t expect the competition reality series to be streamed outside of FOX and Hulu.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Cast

We don’t yet know who will be competing this season, but with new episodes set to air in the near future. We’re confident that this information will be made public shortly! As additional information becomes available, we’ll update this post.

Hell’s Kitchen season 20 Release Date

Hell’s Kitchen’s twenty-first season is set to air on May 31, 2021, according to the show’s Wikipedia entry, and with how near that date is, we can already smell the beef-wellington.

When is Hell’s Kitchen season 20 coming to Hulu?

New episodes for Season 20 will be released on Hulu the following day after they air on FOX, as has been the case in prior seasons.

When is Hell’s Kitchen season 20 coming to HBO Max?

It doesn’t appear that the FOX series is available on HBO Max at this time, which indicates that the twentieth season may not be available on HBO. This could change, however, because the series has already completed twenty seasons, but we may have to wait a while to watch it on HBO Max.

Host Of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 

The Hell’s Kitchen creator and presenter, Gordon Ramsay, is anticipated to return for the show’s twentieth season as well.

In addition to his culinary prowess as a chef, Ramsay is also known for his fiery temperament and ability to speak a variety of languages. People are applauding and critiquing his language at the same time.

Who won ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 20? Trenton and Megan face off in the finale

In advance of the final episode of Hell’s Kitchen’s 20th season, it was evident that anyone might win. Megan Gill and Trenton Garvey will square off in the finals after both Kiya Willhelm and Brynn Gibson were eliminated.

Trenton was declared the Season 20 winner in a nail-biting showdown that had us all on the edge of our seats. Many people thought Trenton deserved to win, while others thought Megan was just as deserving.

Some viewers expressed their disappointment that Megan didn’t win the competition on Twitter. She was a natural in the kitchen and always had a smile on her face.” She never succumbed to the pressures of rivalry or position.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Number of Episodes

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, also known as “Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns,” consisted of 16 episodes. These episodes kept audiences on the edge of their seats, witnessing young chefs battle it out for supremacy in the kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Rating

Season 20 was well-received by fans and critics alike. On IMDb, the season holds a strong rating, which is a testament to its engaging content and the evergreen appeal of Chef Ramsay’s tough-love approach.

Plotline of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

The season’s subtitle, “Young Guns,” was quite indicative of its theme. Unlike previous seasons, Season 20 featured contestants all aged 23 years or younger. These young chefs, despite their age, brought tremendous skill, passion, and fire to the kitchen.

With every episode, viewers witnessed growth, challenges, confrontations, and of course, the expected amount of culinary drama that Hell’s Kitchen is famed for.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Adapted From

Hell’s Kitchen is originally a concept from the UK, with Gordon Ramsay himself being a crucial part of the original show. The US adaptation, which began in 2005, has taken the core concept and expanded upon it, making it one of the most watched culinary competition shows in the world.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Executive Producers

The brains behind the scenes, ensuring everything goes as planned, are the show’s executive producers. For Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, the executive producers were Gordon Ramsay, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Kenny Rosen, and David Eilenberg.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Opening Theme

One of the most recognizable aspects of Hell’s Kitchen is its opening theme. The thrilling “Fire” by the Ohio Players sets the perfect tone for the heated competitions within the kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Original Network

Hell’s Kitchen, since its inception in the US, has been aired on the FOX network. Season 20 was no exception, with FOX broadcasting each episode and making it available on its digital platforms for fans to catch up.

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Winner Trenton Garvey will Likely become a Culinary Star

Trenton Garvey, the winner of ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ is certain to become a culinary superstar. Season 20’s conclusion will mark the beginning of Trenton’s tenure as the new Executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

Trenton, Gordon’s protégé, will look up to Gordon as a mentor. A major victory for the native of St. Louis, who admitted he was prepared to leave after the first week. Trenton admitted as much in an Instagram video he released, saying, “I had no faith in myself.”

Getting this far was a huge accomplishment for me. “The moral is to keep battling and keep going,” he wrote. A person’s self-esteem can be rebuilt.

We’re confident that Megan, the runner-up, will be just fine! There are no hard feelings between Trenton and Megan because they watched the finale together in Las Vegas!

Garvey Trenton The Season 20 Hell’s Kitchen Champion

Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen included Trenton Garvey as a contestant. When he won, Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas offered him a $250,000 salary as Head Chef.

Executive chef Trenton Garvey was already on Instagram

Trenton Garvey, according to GoldDerby, began competing on “Hell’s Kitchen” at the age of 23. However, he had an advantage over the others because he had worked as an executive chef for two and a half years at the tender age of twenty.

It’s only Samuel Garman, one of the other “Young Guns” contenders, who can match his degree of experience. he worked at The Blue Duck in St. Louis, Missouri, as he stated to Mashed in an email.

In an Instagram post, he added, “I’m looking forward to representing STL for the second time in Hong Kong history.” “I pray that I have done you justice!”

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Hell’s Kitchen debuted on Fox on May 30, 2005, as a reality cooking competition show in the United States. “MasterChef” creator and star Gordon Ramsay serves as the show’s executive producer.