What Cuomo So Grabby

He’s one of the most grabby politicians in America, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is no exception.

In the last few years, he’s been found guilty of misusing government funds, abusing his position of authority, and engaging in other forms of corruption throughout his tenure. Nevertheless, he is a competent leader despite his many shortcomings.



What is it About Cuomo Actions that has Sparked Controversy?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been attacked for his aggressive political tactics. Some are beginning to wonder how he intends to administer the state in light of his previous acts, which include tax increases and the passage of contentious gun control legislation.

Mike Bloomberg, who was recently deposed as mayor of New York City, has drawn analogies to Cuomo’s policies, which have drawn comparisons to his aggressive campaigning tactics.

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In New York City, Developers Get Tax Incentives

Tax advantages for developers in New York have been the focus of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent media attention. New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s latest grab is a revision to the state’s property tax code that would provide developers with a credit on their assessed value, reducing their property taxes as a result.

Those in the construction and real estate industries believe that this shift will encourage them to build more in New York and create jobs. Critics argue that this proposal is a giveaway that will not generate the income necessary to pay important services like education and infrastructure..

Restricting the Acquisition of Firearms is the Second Target

As part of his new gun control legislation, Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to limit gun purchases to people who have passed a background check. For people with mental illness or domestic violence convictions, the governor’s Second Grab proposal aims to prevent them from obtaining firearms.

Candidates for gun ownership will be screened by the New York State Police. A few days after a shooting in Las Vegas that left 59 people dead and over 500 injured, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has put out a proposal.

By Making Doing Business With the State More Difficult for Small Enterprises, This Third Grab will be Made

His dealings with the media and lobbyists have made New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s name better recognised than his interactions with small businesses since taking office in 2015. It has become increasingly difficult for these enterprises to conduct business with the state because of his administration’s “grabby” nature.

New laws and regulations imposed by Cuomo’s administration have made it more difficult for small firms to operate in New York. A provision requiring corporations bidding on public contracts to reveal their political donations, for example, was enacted by the administration. Small businesses are unduly targeted by this rule, which is unnecessary and unreasonable.

A new tax on company revenue proposed by Cuomo will also raise taxes on small firms. Businesses with smaller budgets would be disproportionately affected by this tax. Taxpayers would be on the hook if this tax failed to generate enough income to meet its expenses.

Another Ploy: Raising Company Taxes

In the previous few years, Governor Andrew Cuomo has increased company taxes several times. Taxes on corporations with yearly turnover of $500 million or more will see a 2% increase under his latest proposal, which was announced on Thursday.

The governor cited a $2 billion shortfall in the state budget as justification for the increase. Economists, on the other hand, argue that boosting taxes on firms will only make the state’s budget situation worse.

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Cuomo has always been a money-grabber when it comes to the state of New York. In recent weeks, the governor has taken a series of unpopular and costly actions that have brought this into glaring view.