How Many Runs in Halfpipe Final

Hirano Ayumu dropped in first during men’s snowboard halfpipe qualifying at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and got so much air that the cameraman nearly lost him in the sky.


How Many Runs in Halfpipe Final

Hirano landed a frontside 1440 and a cab 1440 at the Genting Snow Park with tremendous amplitude and made it look effortless.

How Many Runs in Halfpipe Final

His second run was even more impressive, resulting in a score of 93.25 that topped qualifying before Friday’s final.

Prior to the Beijing Olympics, it was unclear whether three-time defending champion Shaun White would be able to compete with up-and-coming athletes like Hirano.

And the golden one responded emphatically to this question during Wednesday’s qualifying.

The 35-year-first old’s run ended in a fall, but comebacks are his stock in trade, and on Run 2 he absolutely nailed it with back-to-back double corks, double tens, and double 12s to qualify in fourth place.

He used the word “relieved” later. White has indicated that Beijing will be his last competition, and he intends to go out on a strong note.

The riders he is competing against will make it difficult for him to win a fourth straight gold medal.

Exciting Final Snowboard Halfpipe Preview for Men

Scotty James claims that Shaun White served as a role model for him, and the Australian rider placed second in qualification to advance to the finals ahead of his idol.

James, at 27 years old, remains the same thrill-seeking medal threat he was at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, when he won bronze.

Those who believed he no longer has what it takes were silenced a couple of weeks ago when he won big at the X Games, and rumour has it he has three triple cork variants up his sleeve for the final.

Hirano’s Ayumu and Ruka, as well as Totsuka Yuto, demonstrated their intent to do major damage by finishing first, third, and sixth, respectively, in qualifying.

And the Japanese are a quadruple threat, since Ayumu’s brother Kaishu qualified in ninth place, keeping the Hirano brothers’ Olympic podium hopes alive.

The Australian teen phenom Valentino Guseli qualified sixth, slightly ahead of Totsuka and just behind Shaun White.

The sixteen-year-old may very well steal the show and ascend to the podium.

Also, do not be startled by a large surprise in the final. Taylor Gold of the United States, Jan Scherrer of Switzerland, and Andre Hoefflich of Germany are ranked seventh, eighth, and ninth, respectively (10th).

Last Words

Shaun White, a snowboarding legend, will compete in his hallmark event, the men’s halfpipe, at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on Wednesday morning (Tuesday evening for viewers in the United States).

After qualifying for the men’s snowboarding halfpipe finals with a 98.5 performance, White will face difficult competition in the finals against Scotty James of Australia and Ayumu Hirano of Japan. Thanks for reading our Article How Many Runs in Halfpipe Final.