C. Cummings Jr Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Clarence “CJ” Cummings Jr., 21, will compete for Team USA in the 73-kilogram weight class in the rescheduled 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


C. Cummings Jr Olympic Games

C. Cummings Jr works out at his hometown gym, The Foundry, in Beaufort, South Carolina. Cummings started weightlifting when he was a preteen, inspired by his older sister Crystal’s gym routine.

When C. Cummings Jr was only 12 years old, he entered and won medals at official weightlifting tournaments. He placed second in the 56-kilogram division in the 2012 American Open Weightlifting Championships.

In the nine years since then, he has won four consecutive Junior Weightlifting World Championships and set nearly two dozen American records across four different weight categories at both the youth and senior levels (2016-2019).

C. Cummings Jr is ranked third in the world among 73-kilogram weightlifters by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

C. Cummings Jr has demonstrated in training that he can perform at a higher level than he has shown in competition. C. Cummings Jr has a good shot of winning a medal for the United States in the 73-kilogram event at the Tokyo Olympics.

If he wants to challenge Shi Zhiyong for the gold medal in weightlifting, he will likely have to achieve his personal best.

On Wednesday at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, C. Cummings Jr was one of just three weightlifters to try a clean and jerk with at least 198 kilogrammes.

C. Cummings Jr, at age 21, was the youngest of the eight lifters competing in the 73 kg. division at the Tokyo International Forum, thus he decided to “go big or go home.”

The shot was off-target.

Last Words

C. Cummings Jr explained, “The last clean and jerk was the bronze medal, so I just had to do whatever I had to do to make it. That was it; if I didn’t succeed there would be no future for me. Thanks for reading our article C. Cummings Jr Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.