A. Murtazaeva Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Olympic fencer A. Murtazaeva will represent Russia in 2021. A. Murtazaeva was a competitor in the women’s épée event at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

And finished in fourth place overall. She competed at the Russian Championships in both 2019 and 2021, and she came away with bronze at both.


A. Murtazaeva Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Hong Kong’s best hope for a medal, Vivian Kong Man-wai, suffered a devastating defeat to the last-placed fencer in the individual épée competition on Saturday.

It’s possible this is the best opportunity the 27-year-old will ever have. A. Murtazaeva, a member of the Russian Olympic Committee, is swiftly.

Becoming the story of the first day of competition at the Makuhari Messe Hall after continuing her unexpected run to the medal stages with a 15-10 triumph against the world No. 7.

The Russian had already won against a young Hong Kong fighter, Kaylin Hsieh Sin-yan, earlier in the day. Likely unsurprisingly, Kong said she has never faced a competitor quite like the 19-year-old Muscovite.

A. Murtazaeva Said She Followed Her Brother

Like her brother before her, she got into the game. “It wasn’t out of any particular interest on his part that my brother entered, but rather at the suggestion of medical professionals.

Since he had hurt his hand, this was essential in facilitating its recovery. At first I went to watch, but eventually I joined in on his sabre drills as well.

Despite my continued fondness for the sabre, I now find myself unable to picture a world in which I do not also train in epee. Now my sibling is a sabre coach.”


The day began with Kong taking on Maria Luisa Doig Calderon of Peru. Many times, the two athletes launched their attacks almost simultaneously.

Favouring whoever made contact with the ball first. Time ran out after several back-and-forth statements during the first of two three-minute periods. They were deadlocked at 6-6. Thanks for reading our article A. Murtazaeva Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.