Economy and Economy Plus: United’s 777-300ER

The first class has 2 rows of 4-person suites. These suites contain electronic sliding doors, minibars, dressing tables, wardrobes, and light controls. These chairs transform into beds with mattresses. 2E and 2F feature bassinets for newborns.

The business class has 42 angle-flat chairs. The first section has 2-3-2 seating. Traveling with babies? Seats 6DEF feature bassinets.

Galley and bathroom noise will bother 7th-row guests. 7A and 7K have mismatched windows.

Four business-class rows are behind the exit row. Other passengers crowd around the 8th-row seats while waiting for the restroom, creating discomfort. 8DEF includes bassinets.

The 11th row’s sole downside is proximity to economy class.

United's 777-300ER

Three economy classes can hold 304 persons. The first row has 3-4-3 seats. As 17th-row tray tables are in armrests, seat width is limited. These sets have no takeoff-and-landing floor storage. These seats offer bassinets for baby passengers.

The 21st row has limited reclining and near lavatories.

Second-class seats have 14 rows. Seats 23DEFG have more legroom. Infants get these seats initially. These seats are near the lavatory, have no floor storage during takeoff and landing, and have narrow armrests.

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The best seats are 24ABC and 24HJK. These seats have legroom. Due to built-in tray tables, these chairs are narrower than usual. These seats lack floor storage during takeoff and landing.

36th-row passengers may find the galleys and lavatories too close.

Third-class seats have 14 rows. 37ABC and 37HJK have more legroom. But near restrooms, narrow aisles, and no floor storage may be uncomfortable.

38DEFG has bassinets for newborns. Extra legroom, but narrower than conventional, and no floor storage during takeoff and landing.

As the tray tables are in the armrests, 46AB and 46JK are narrower.

49AB, 49DEFG, and 55JK have limited reclining near galleys and lavatories.

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Second Cabin Version Three Class. V2

According to the Boeing 777-300er seat map can carry 360 people. 8 suites in first class. Standard suites. 2E and 2F have bassinets for newborns.

Business class features 42 lie-flat chairs in 6 rows of 7. Sixth-row seats have bassinets. 7B, 7D, 7F, and 7J are close to the galleys. 8th-row passengers commonly have infants. 8B, 8DEF, and 8J passengers may be bothered by galley and restroom noise.

Economy class seats 310. Economy seats are mostly 3-4-3. Three sections of economy class seats. The first row has 5 seats. As the 17th row’s tray tables are in the armrests, the seats are narrower. No floor storage during takeoff and landing. The baby seats have bassinets.

21st-row seats are near the bathrooms and have little recline. Second-class has 134 seats. 23DEFG, 24ABC, and 24HJKJ have more legroom. Reduced seat width, no floor storage during takeoff and landing, near lavatories. These chairs have baby bassinets.

36th-row seats recline slightly more than usual. Another downside is the proximity to galleys and lavatories.

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The third group of economy class seats is behind another exit row. 37ABC and 37HJK have more legroom. The galley noise might be annoying. The built-in tray tables make these chairs smaller than usual. These seats lack floor storage during takeoff and landing.

Baby-traveling passengers sit 38DEFG. These seats offer minimal legroom, no floor storage during takeoff and landing, and narrow armrests with tray tables.

Since there are no seats behind, passengers and personnel tend to bump into 45C and 45H. Rows 46-49 AB and JK are suitable for couples. The front seats’ floor anchors may reduce legroom in 46AB and 46JK.

50th-row seats are terrible because they recline less than regular and are near galleys and restrooms.

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