Tyler Perrys A Madea Homecoming Review Tylers Hard Lemonade

Halfway through “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming,” the humour of Tyler Perry’s multi-media Madea brand is captured.

Rosa Parks, who later sought safety on a Montgomery bus, is threatened by Perry’s short-tempered, unfiltered titular matriarch in a black-and-white flashback that tells the tale of how she started the Civil Rights movement by doing so.

Madea provides evidence in the form of a photo she quickly snapped with her phone. She says, “because they didn’t have iPhone back then, it was an A before I was born.” Even though it’s obviously ludicrous, it doesn’t hurt to laugh about it.

Tyler Perrys A Madea Homecoming Review Tylers Hard Lemonade

The iconic Madea figure played by Tyler Perry was supposed to be seen for the last time in “A Madea Household Funeral,” but it now seems like Perry has brought her back for no apparent reason.

Madea is the host for the Black high school graduation party for her great-grandson Brandon. Mr. Brown (David Mann) places himself on the fireplace as a ruse for a dozen family members to act silly. Additionally, it provides Madea with a venue to share her mixed thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement:

Madea is upset that Ellie (Candace Maxwell) has advanced to the rank of police officer and now poses a threat to her stash of marijuana, but she is equally incensed at the prospect of demonstrators setting fire to her local liquor shop.


The plot twists in this screenplay surpass even those in a conventional soap opera.

In the opposite side of the Atlantic, Brendan O’Carroll, who portrays Agnes Brown on the Irish sitcom “Mrs. Brown’s Boys,” is Perry’s cross-dressing equivalency. If you watch the movie quickly, you might miss Perry’s sweet observation on love:

The other half-dozen absurdly ludicrous ones aren’t enough to make up for “Cease erecting those divisions and construct you some fences.” The top credit scene, where he dons shorts and a blonde wig, parodies “Homecoming,” the 2019 BeyoncĂ© live performance movie. Is this happening for a reason? He’s probably doing it because he has the ability.

A Madea Homecoming is a Tyler Perry movie.

Unrated. Netflix is a good site to view movies with a running time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.