10 Best Alternatives To ‘Rainierland’ for Streaming TV Shows & Movies

In such a busy and tenacious world, everybody needs the entertainment to light up their mood. So, the best way to get entrained is by binging amazing movies and TV series that make you happy, emotional, and sometimes crazy.

If you want to seek some kind of relaxation and want to enjoy your favorite sitcoms and movies at free cost, Rainierland could be the answer to your question.

Alternatives to Rainierland for Streaming TV Shows and Movies

If you don’t know much about Rainierland, it is a prominent website that provides a platform where you can watch your favorite movies, TV series, and documentaries online without any cost.

Generally, what makes it much more amazing is that there is no hidden subscription like other demand service sites such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and it is quite easy to access the start procedure, which helps everyone to enjoy their content.

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But in recent times, it has been founded that the site of the Rainierland movie is deemed illegal, as it does not possess any kind of license as well copyright to publish free movies and content in their media center, which caused trouble to the Rainierland.is site and was forced to shut down.

But all movie lovers, don’t be glum as in this article, we have sorted out the list of sites like Rainierland, which allows you to binge your favorite content without any charge.


10 Best Alternatives to Rainierland for Streaming TV Shows & Movies

In this article, we will provide a highlight about 10 sites that are quite similar to Rainierland and provide you with endless entertainment.

So, let’s begin!

1. XMovies8

Many people think that XMovies8 may post adult content on their website, but that is not true, XMovies8 is a spectacular site where you can watch your Movies and TV Shows with any hackle, and it is easily accessible on the internet.


  • XMovies8 not only provides content but also peculates descriptions of the movie or TV show.
  • The wide area of content is available in good quality.
  • No ads pop between viewing, which allows you to watch content without any hindrance.

2. HubMovie

Hubmovie provides new and fresh content and keeps you with currently existing trends prevailing. It is quite similar to Rainierland in its structure and content. Hubmovie appears to be one of the best alternatives for the former.


  • Hubmovie provides upgraded content with a new reality show in HD quality.
  • Quite easy to access this website and watch content without any hindrance caused.
  • Hubmovie also provides amazing content for kids, such as cartoons and superhero movies to entertain them.
  • To ease out your viewing, this site provides ads-free streaming, which provides viewers smooth streaming.

3. Putlocker

Putlocker is considered to be one of the most popular streaming sites like Rainierland as it contains a variety of movies, TV shows as well cartoon shows, which could amuse your mood.

Like Rainierland, Putlocker is free of charge and can hook the audience with its great content. In 2016, Putlocker faced some copyright charges, and it has been suspended for a while, but you can still avail of it by installing a VPN.


  • Putlocker provides almost every kind of content on their website, be it a horror drama or a comedy series that gives more choice to viewers.
  • It also felicitates, downloading facilities that could be convenient to viewers as they can binge content without any network too.
  • Video quality of the content is quite better than other streaming sites, and it has recently been upgraded to High Definition.

4. YesMovies

YesMovies is another streaming website that provides quality content available in HD too. It is not that popular as other sites but could be a useful platform to stream movies as well as rent them on demand.


  • It provides free access to the movie but also enables you to rent a movie on-demand with a minimal fee.
  • YesMovies Highlights the current trending movies or show which popular on the website and can intrude viewers with the current trend.
  • YesMovies not only contains movies in their library but also showcases various reality shows to tune in viewers

5. Fmovies

Fmovies generally contains a string of websites that provide links and online access to various movies and TV shows. You can either watch your content online through a link or can download it from the link itself and watch it later.

This kind of idea was unique then, which made Fmovies much more popular in the market. In case you can’t find a site link, you can use another extension, such as Fmovies.io and Fmovies.is to open the website.


  • It provides content in more than 13 languages, which presents a variety to viewers.
  • Fmovies constitutes fewer ads while viewing, which is a massive relief for viewers to enjoy their content with less hackle.

6. Geeker

Geeker is another streaming website which not only provides you with movies and sitcoms but also gives access to various songs, audios, and videos in their library. Unlike other discussed websites, Geeker is not a free-of-cost website as it charges a subscription.

But not to worry, as it also offers you a 30 days trial pack where you can test their services and avail of them later. It is a wonderful website, but it does not stream sports, to watch free sport then you should go to Stream2Watch.


  • Gives access to various entertainment modes such as songs, videos, etc.
  • Geeker provides good quality content with high definition.

7. Flixster

Flixster has been a popular platform for streaming for a long time due to the kind of quality content they provide to viewers. But due to some legal issues, it was forced to shut down temporarily, and now Flixster is available and provides links to watch content.


  • It provides HD content by providing a various link which allows you to watch content without any hindrance.
  • Flixster does not require any kind of account before binging movies, which allows viewers to watch content free of cost.

8. WatchFree

WatchFree is one of the most variegated websites. It can be the perfect alternative for Rainierland as it provides highly diverse content covering a large array of media in its library.

Also, as the name suggests, WatchFree provides online streaming without charging its viewers.


  • WatchFree provides significant content in High Definition without any charge or subscription.
  • The sites contain a diversified library, which contains all-time TV shows as well as all-time movies, which is amazing for classic viewers.

9. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is the website that contains one of the largest databases for entertainment content. It is becoming increasingly popular day by day. This site provides you with a downloading feature along with a watch online feature so that you can find your content later.

HouseMovie is also considered to be one of the best alternatives to Rainierland.


  • HouseMovie site provides a description as well as details about the movie or show before watching.
  • As soon as you click on the watch online, it will provide you with an option of multiple links. Here, you can select one and enjoy streaming.
  • HouseMovie site also showcases reviews and ratings of a particular movie or show to give an idea about the content to viewers.

10. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is another online streaming site that is quite popular among viewers and is quite similar to Rainierland. It provides a large variety of content without any subscription.


  • MovieWatcher¬†keeps you updated with new movies and TV shows so that you don’t miss out on anything.
  • The website endures content from different genres like romance, horror, drama, etc., to keep its viewers amazed.
  • MovieWatcher provides content in HD quality.

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The list provided above happens to be the best alternative to Rainierland. However, it depends upon you that what kind of content you want to binge on. Also, Rainierland provides you with the utmost entertainment without any charges.

Apart from this, many other sites like Rainierland are available online. So you can also check there. However, one thing that must be endeavored is that it would be a genuine site and provide original and updated content.

Try to be beware of frauds and hackers that destroy your system. In the end, keep watching movies and shows. Also, try these sites like Rainierland listed above to attain the utmost entertainment.