10 Best Sites To Watch ‘Live Soccer TV’ For Free

Soccer is a game that is loved, watched as well as players across the globe. It is the favorite outdoor game of a significant portion of the world’s population. This game is known to people of all continents.

There are many Sites to Watch Live Soccer TV for Free, and these websites also help the users to keep updated with new matches of soccer.

Sites to Watch Live Soccer TV for Free


10 Best Sites to Watch Live Soccer TV

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1. LiveSoccerTV

LiveSoccerTV website informs the users about the matches that are broadcasting on the TV. It tells where and which match is streaming on TV at what time. Additionally, this site streams the matches and shows that they are standing.

LiveSoccerTV also gives information about upcoming fixtures, match news, and other useful information that a soccer lover would want to know. LiveSoccerTV is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, as well as in English.

LiveSoccerTV consists of a list of soccer-friendly pubs that are currently in the US. If you want to watch movies and TV shows online, then perhaps you should go to Hubmovie and XMovies8.


  • It provides enormous useful soccer information.
  • The website provides TV schedules in quite a neat fashion.
  • This site also provides Android as well as iOS mobile app versions.

2. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports consists of one clean as well as a clear interface Live Soccer TV site. First Row Sports site loads quickly and is free from any kind of distractions. However, some advertisements often pop up on the website.

But FirstRowSports is easy to use and quite useful, and great for all soccer fans. This website also provides links where the users can stream basketball, rugby as well as other sports.


  • Very few advertisements are shown on this site. However, these ads can be removed at just one click.
  • The page of this site opens quickly. Additionally, the streams are considered to be of decent quality.
  • The site is very easy to use. It also provides alternative streaming links to every match.

3. Feed2All

Feed2All is a rich soccer streaming website. It consists of plenty of live videos feeds from all over the globe. Each link also shows the National flags. Feed2All lets the users know whether the stream is a national league or an international competition.

Feed2All also shows the time.¬†Additionally, the site allows for changing time according to the viewer’s time zone. Here, soccer is said to be the default sport. Other sports that stream on this site are cricket, snooker as well as darts.


  • The page of Feed2All is lively and does not provide any dull moment.
  • It is a great alternative to channel surfing.
  • It provides a solid and very good quality of streams.

4. Stream2Watch

Every stream of Stream2Watch provides a rolling chat that transmits messages that are sent by other users who are watching the same stream. The streams that are enlisted here are arranged according to their starting time.

If any stream is live, then it is indicated with a flash that will appear next to it. Additionally, it will display the time remaining and the counter as well. We recommend the Chrome browser for the optimal viewing experience of this website.


  • The user can chat with other users while streaming. This is rather enjoyable.
  • Motorsports, as well as wrestling, are also included in the offer.
  • Additionally, it also provides golf streams. Thus, these are hard to find.

5. FromHOT

FromHOT site originated as “Sport Lemon.” It explains the inclusion of lemon graphics throughout the website. It provides a combination of all famous sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and hockey. These sports are sorted by match time on one page.

FromHOT also provides cycling streams and other interesting sports. These sports are sorted into switchable tabs that are placed on top of the screen. One can watch streams with or without a special plugin installed.


  • This site presents all matches on one page. It is a great idea from the developers.
  • Streams normally work even without the plugin. The plugin is optional.
  • The developers have designed the page of the website very nicely to attract users.

6. Ronaldo7

Ronaldo7 site is dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo and also his celebration pose. This site is a streaming hub that is slick as well as functional. Ronaldo7 only streams major international soccer matches. However, it is done with great charm and style.

The left sidebar of this website consists of the interesting and latest information about Mr. Ronaldo.


  • This is a very nice website. It can also track live soccer matches.
  • Ronaldo7 also gives nice moments to the users.
  • This site is a blessing from the universe.

7. CricHD

Before starting as a Live Soccer TV site, CricHD was only dedicated to cricket. Gradually, the website has expanded the offer to soccer as well as other sports. The home page or the front page of the CricHD site has sorted the events according to their starting time.

Additionally, the left sidebar possesses a list that contains all major TV sports channels. The users can watch all of them live over the internet. Users can enjoy sports channels without installing any plugins or programs. There is also the facility of live chat on the front page.

However, the admin moderates the live chats.


  • The website has a good streaming facility in English.
  • CricHD site is very reliable as well as user-friendly.
  • The users show their love to watch soccer on this site.

8. LiveTV

LiveTV has a comprehensive collection of streams as well as stats based on soccer. The site possesses a forum where anyone can ask questions regarding streams. They can also participate in building a community of soccer fans.

On LiveTV site, video archives allow the users to watch highlights as well as the goals of any streamed match. It is the best thing that will make the user stay on this site.


  • One user of this website loves to enjoy watching Latin America highlights since he or she lives in a different time zone.
  • This is a great website. Additionally, the detailing of this website is quite good.
  • The site is impeccable as well as user-friendly.

9. Real Stream United

Real Stream United performs as the best Live Soccer TV site as well as brings joy to all soccer fans. The site has an option of filters that help the users to select a few matches that interest them. Additionally, they have to sort the offering according to the starting time.

Real Stream United encourages everyone to participate. The webmasters have the provision to add the site widget to their page. Additionally, if the users click on any match, then it will lead to a list of available streams as well as their resolutions.


  • The users can enjoy sharing their streams with others.
  • Developers have made and maintain the RealStreamUnited properly.
  • The users can watch sports on this site during their leisure time.

10. Atdhe

Atdhe is one of the Live Soccer TV sites that has a collection of free streams of soccer. Additionally, it has other sports like handball, baseball as well as volleyball on offer. The website has fixed the times.

The social widget on the side of the homepage shows a lot of people who genuinely care about this Atdhe site. These are the reasons for which we recommend this site to the users. Advertisements are rarely noticeable on this site.


  • The users enjoy this site.
  • Atdhe is a great page for football lovers.
  • The website is clean, simple as well as efficient for the users to handle.

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These are the top 10 sites for watching soccer live. Live Soccer TV sites are user-friendly as well. The developers maintain them. The features are quite good. The users can try using these sites to watch soccer live.