10 Best ‘AnimeSeason’ Alternatives To Watch Anime Online

AnimeSeason is a popular website to watch anime series, movies, and dramas absolutely free of cost. It is popular among anime fans because not only does it provide you great streaming experience but also it has a great user interface.

Its simple design and nice interface make it easy for anime lovers to browse their favorite anime without any difficulty. AnimeSeason is one of the oldest sites for streaming anime series. It has a huge database and it also provides rich content.

On average, the site has millions of users. You can access AnimeSeason contents anytime and anywhere across the globe. Unlike other anime streaming sites, AnimeSeason does not show you the unwanted advertisements that interrupt users’ browsing experience and annoy them.


The website is well designed and is divided in several sections, to make it easy for the user to find their favorite content. You can also search your favorites by choosing from the categories option.

The categories option have the most recent series, highest rated, genre, random anime, and full series listing to choose from. There is no need to register or make any kind of payment to stream on AnimeSeason. No need to giving any personal or sensitive information.

You just visit the website, find what you want to watch, and click on it to start streaming. From AnimeSeason you can also download anime in your preferred language or subtitles from the available options. The site has anime dubbed in English to reach out to more people.

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AnimeSeason is not a legal platform and it does not have permission to stream most of its content available on the site. Due to this reason, many countries and internet providers have blocked the site.

The administrator of the site also keeps changing the extension of the site’s domain so as not to involve in any copyright issues.


Top 10 AnimeSeason Alternatives

If you cannot access AnimeSeason due to restrictions in your country or because the site is under maintenance or maybe because the server is down, all these reasons should not stop you from streaming the latest episodes of your favorite anime.

There are many alternatives of AnimeSeason available in the market that provides almost the same or maybe better user experience. Many free or paid, which may be legal or illegal, websites are there for you to try and find the best one for you. Some of the anime streaming platforms you can try instead of AnimeSeason are:

1. Hulu

Hulu is another platform where you can stream your favorite anime dramas and movies. Hulu is more popular for its content. It has an amazing collection of award-winning, trending, smash hit TV programs, movies, and top-rated. You will also find all the latest updates of anime.

It works on any kind of operating device, whether it is mobile phones, laptops, computers, game consoles or smart TV. You can navigate the site very easily, it has very smooth interface. You will also have the option to choose the video and audio quality while browsing.

You just have to pay a nominal charge to access and stream its contents. No other hidden charges are there and you can cancel your subscription anytime you like. To make sure that Hulu is the perfect platform for you, it offers you free trial. So before making the payments make sure to try it first. The only drawback of Hulu is that it does not have all the seasons of some famous anime series.

2. Netflix

Netflix is a well-known platform for streaming all of your anime content, television programs, movies and anything you like. Netflix has huge collection of everything available in different languages and different subtitles.

There will not be any advertisements in between when you watch on Netflix, you can enjoy the streaming without any disruption. It is a paid platform. You can choose from four plans that it offers: Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Choose according to your need keeping in mind the number of screens on which you will browse Netflix, the quality of content you want and the amount you are willing to spend. There are several payment options as well: through cards, internet providers, and others. You can also try any plan for 30 days, free of cost.

3. Anime Planet

Anime planet is a free platform to stream anime series, shows, and movies. It has the most trusted database when compared with other anime streaming websites. It has over 40,000 legal anime contents.

It is the first platform where they recommend the anime to watch according to your previous streaming or just randomly. The site has option to select the show according to the characters, manga, anime and community.

You can also communicate here with other users about your experience and discuss and review your favorites. You have to subscribe it by paying very low cost. You will then get access to premium content and can have track of what you had already seen.

4. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV allows its users access to thousands of movies, TV shows, anime content absolutely free of cost. You can download it in APK format and give certain permissions and you are then ready to stream anime of your choice.

In order to prevent buffering in case of poor internet connectivity, the app automatically adjusts the quality of your streaming. Recently, the developers of Terrarium TV have announced its shut down and soon the app will stop working. But no need to worry you will still have enough options to stream anime on.

5. AnimeLab

If you want to stream anime in high definition quality then Animelab is the perfect platform for you. It shows anime directly from Japan and in HD quality. It gives you free access to thousands of anime without any registration need.

It updates its contents and adds more anime to its database every week. To get notified about the latest added content you just need to provide an email address and verify it.

With every series or movie you select, Animelab shows you the community rating, release year, number of episodes and the approved age. You can also upgrade to its premium version by paying small amount and get access to fresh content and no advertisements.

6. AnimeUltima

Animeultima is designed and made for all anime lovers. All the anime fans searching for their respective favourite series can find it on Animeultima, the ultimate destination for all anime lovers. Animeultima have huge collection of anime that you can stream online or can download to watch later at no cost.

The site has a search option from where you can directly search for anime of your choice. Once you have selected what you have to watch, it gives you a short description of the characters, settings and story of the show.

7. Anilinkz

Anilinkz offers you cool interface with huge database of every kind of anime content. No registration or any charge is required to use Anilinkz.

It is very simple to use, which attracts all the new anime lovers. You can browse the contents of the site by simply searching for the content or by using categories to explore it. The site gives you a regular update of all the on-air shows.

8. AnimeNova

Animenova is the best alternative for AnimeSeason. Both of the sites have almost same collection of anime to offers and provide great user experience. Animenova gives dubbed version of Korean drama and Japanese anime in high quality.

Through the advanced search option you can directly search for the content you want to watch. It has over 30,000 anime contents and keeps on adding more to it. You can find all the latest episode of series, new released series, drama on Animenova.

The most attractive feature of Animenova is that in case the series you want to watch is not available on the website, you can request for it and they will provide you later on.

9. AnimeHeaven

You can download and watch anime on Animeheaven without any limitations. On Animeheaven you can discuss the content with other users and comment on the content that you have already watched.

With every show there will be a detailed description about the characters and story of the show which makes it easy for the user to decide if they want to watch it or not.

It has adventure, action, horror, superpower and romance genre from where user can choose its preferred one. No registration or any charge is needed to stream on Animeheaven.

10. GoGoAnime

Gogoanime is another platform where you can watch and download thousands of anime. The best feature of Gogoanime is that it adjusts its resolution according to the user’s internet connection and gives the user fast streaming experience. It updates regularly and adds new seasons, latest episodes on daily basis.

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Once you have done the sign up process by providing your email address and other required information, you are ready to enjoy fast streaming experience on Gogoanime. You can also share what you are streaming on other social media platforms.


We have provided several alternatives for AnimeSeason, now it’s up to you to choose the best for you. Pick the one that gives you the best experience and have all of your favorite anime.