15+ Best ‘Soul Anime’ Alternatives to Watch Anime in 2023

In present times, anime has been gaining a lot of attention from people worldwide. Anime is hand-drawn cartoons and computer animation that has originated in Japan. It is being articulated in different countries with different languages.

Soul Anime is one such website that offers users the to watch anime online for free. On this website, the users can watch anime in HD quality and can even download it, if they want to. It has a user-friendly interface enabling users to use it easily.

Soul Anime

On the menu page of SoulAnime, users have the option to choose from anime lists, anime movies, completed anime, and random anime.

When the site is opened, you can see the newly released series displayed on the front screen. Soul Anime is also considered a community where anime lovers can communicate with one another.


About Soul Anime

Soul Anime has a diverse collection of the latest anime series and episodes. Since it is articulated in different countries with different languages, most of its series are dubbed and subbed. This makes it easy for users to watch anime in their preferred language.

Soul Anime is popular among anime lovers is due to the best quality anime content that the site offers. The streaming content of the site is widely in 1080p, making it popular among anime lovers. Soul Anime has a very diverse collection of anime making it a one-stop-shop for all content.

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19 Best Soul Anime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online In Full HD Quality in 2023

There are times when you can have trouble accessing the Soul Anime site due to numerous reasons. So, to help you overcome this problem, here are a few alternatives of Soul Anime that will provide your anime online in full HD quality.

1. KissAnime

KissAnime is the best website that offers anime online free of any subscription cost. It offers instant premium streaming anime. You can find the latest anime online and series anime in high quality.

It offers anime in English subbed and dubbed anime. It also has a mobile-friendly interface, but one negative thing is that there are too many ads that pop-up.

2. MasterAni.me

MasterAni.me is similar to Soul Anime. If you want to have unlimited access to purely high-quality anime, then you just have to sign-up on the site to create an account. The platform has a user-friendly interface.

The homepage of the site is free from interrupting ads making it popular among anime lovers. There are various sections provided by the site thereby making it easy for the users to use it without any difficulty.

3. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is a site that enables its users to watch cartoons and anime series for free. The site is popular among anime lovers as the site always updates the series and categorizes it for the users.

If you want to be notified whenever any new cartoon or anime is uploaded, then you just have to register yourself as a member on the site.

This gives the best experience to the users while streaming anime online. The site is designed in such a way that both sides of the homepage are covered in ads. Also, there are pop-up ads on clicking any new video.

4. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is another alternative for anime lovers. You can find subbed and dubbed anime series over here. It has an ad-free homepage with a user-friendly interface. If you want to watch the latest anime series, then this is the best stop for you.

The site shows the newly released anime series. The site has numerous additional functions over its regular services. If you want to see the thumbnails and title of the concerned anime video, then you just have to enable shown in display mode.

It has a huge traffic of almost 2.5 million users every month. Most users of this site are from the US, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

5. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is another good alternative to Soul Anime. It offers various anime series free of cost. You can watch anime series on this site without going through a complex process of creation of account.

CartoonCrazy has a user-friendly interface making it easier for users to browse through anime series. Various pop-up ads are displayed while viewing any video. These pop-up ads open in a new tab of the browser. There are around 12 million users who prefer using this site. The major traffic comes from the US, UK, and Canada.

6. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is famous among its users as it streams the videos in high quality. The site offers a diverse collection of anime series. There are many pop-ups and display ads found on the page of the site. The pop-up and display ads open in a new tab of the browser.

The database of the site is updated regularly by its developers making it more optimized and preferable by the users. The site receives approximately 7milliion users per month and most of the traffic is from the states of the USA and the Philippines.

7. Anime Nova

Anime Nova is a text-based site making it easier for users to use the site even in poor network connections. You can access the site easily without facing any hindrance while watching any videos. It has a large database of anime movies.

You will not face any issue related to pop-up ads and display ads on this site. The site has around 3 million users per month with the majority of the traffic from Japan and the USA.

8. KissAnime Club

KissAnime club is a new website that offers its users a new anime series and television series. The site offers a simple and user-friendly interface to its users. You will not see pop-up ads and display ads while streaming anime movies and series online.

You will find subbed and dubbed series and movies, so you can watch it in your preferred language. Since it is a newly developed site, so it does not have a lot of traffic compared to its competitor sites.

9. OtakuStream

OtakuStream offers newly released anime movies and series to its users. The site has a unique feature of light/dark which you can set according to day and night in your location. The site does not have pop-up ads on its homepage.

Moreover, it has a good interface and user experience. You can watch anime series and movies without any hindrances. You can simply create an account by logging in with the help of Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The site has approximately 15 million users per month. The traffic mostly comes from the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

10. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is an alternative to Soul Anime. Users can watch famous cartoons and anime series free of cost. But this site is not much popular among the anime lovers as there is only specific content to watch. You can watch only those cartoons and series that are popular. The database of the site is not huge.

Another drawback of the site is that there are too many ads that are displayed on the homepage. Due to all these drawbacks, the site does not receive much traffic.

11. AnimeShow

AnimeShow offers a huge collection of anime series and movies to its users. There is a search tab on the homepage of the site where you can search for the content that you wish to watch for.

The drawback of this site is that there are too many pop-up ads and display ads making it annoying for the users. The site has around a million users per month. Most of the traffic on the site is from the USA and UK.

12. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima has many sections on the page. Each section is dedicated to particular categories like the latest episodes, popular shows of the year, all-time popular and latest added anime. The homepage of the site is free from ads.

There is a search bar where you can search for a particular content that you wish to watch. The site receives approximately 3 million users per month with most of the traffic from the US, UK, and Brazil.

13. AnimeFLV

AnimeFLV is quite popular among all the alternatives of Soul Anime. It is considered as the father of anime content provider website. The drawback of this site is that it offers anime series and movies in Spanish instead of English.

The site has a user-friendly interface and is very well optimized. The users can watch videos without any hindrance like buffering.

14. AnimeTV

AnimeTV is also an amazing site where you can watch all the latest anime. The videos are subbed and dubbed. So you can watch the videos in any language you prefer. The sidebars on both the side of the homepage are filled with pop-up ads and display ads.

In the middle, you will find all the latest anime series. You can easily sign-up with the help of Facebook and Twitter accounts. The site receives around 7 million users per month with most of the traffic from the USA and the UK.

15. Anime Heros

Anime Heros is a new site in the world of cartoon streaming. You can find all the latest and famous anime on this site with the best quality. You can stream videos on HD+ resolution on this site.

It has a feature of notifications that keeps the users updated about every launch and release of new web series and movies. It has a user-friendly interface.

16. FreeOnlineAnime

FreeOnlineAnime is the best option to stream anime series online. It has a user-friendly platform which makes it easy to navigate through the site easily. The video player of the site is quite similar to that of YouTube. You can watch all the videos in HD quality.

This site is new in the anime streaming world so it does not have much traffic.

17. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a site that is very popular among anime lovers. This site has an advantage over its competitors as it is already popular among its users. This site has a large database of cartoons. The unique feature of this site is that it provides web-based games for kids.

The site is like a premium with an excellent user-friendly platform. You will not find any lag or playback errors on this site. There are around 1 million users per month that become a part of this site.

18. WatchOnlineCartoons

Watch online cartoon is a site that provides a huge database of cartoons and anime. If you wish to watch the content from tv channels like nick, Disney and Cartoon Network, then this is your stop. This site provides you content from channels like nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

The homepage of this site is filled with thumbnails of your favorite anime and cartoons. The drawback of this site is that you will receive many pop-up ads while streaming.

19. Anime Freak Tv

Anime freak tv is another alternative to Soul Anime. You can search for anime series based on genre. The site offers a lot of genres. The site is easy to use with a user-friendly platform. You will not face any issue of frequently arising pop-up ads and display ads.

You can stream videos in HD quality without facing any hindrance. There are approximately 12 million users every month on this site.

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These are a few good alternative sites that help you in watching anime series for free. There are many more sites that offer you to watch anime online. You can go through these alternatives and decide which site you wish to watch anime.

There are various features in the sites that you will not find on the Soul Anime site. We hope that you will like these sites to watch anime.