Top 8 Alternatives To ‘RedBox’ TV in 2023

Redbox is one of the sensational entertainment applications in the United States that provides the content of television entertainment and movies for everyone at an affordable rate. The quality of video print in HD print provides its contents in multiple languages are the features of Redbox.

Currently, it releases content through more than one thousand tv channels across the globe without any interruption of advertisements while watching movies, tv shows, or videos for both adults and kids, which is the reason why the audience is attracted towards it.

Users can create their own list in which they can the tv shows, movies, and web series they want to keep track of and are also allowed to use external applications for video game players on its terms and conditions.

RedBox TV

Amid the digital age, where streaming services are increasingly becoming the norm, there exists a standout player in the entertainment arena: RedBox. This detailed guide provides an in-depth perspective on RedBox’s operations, its founding journey, and the overall user experience.


What is RedBox?

RedBox is a unique entertainment service known for its signature red kiosks found at popular retail locations. These kiosks offer DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rentals. Over time, RedBox has expanded its services to include digital rentals and a free live TV service, ensuring it caters to a broad spectrum of entertainment seekers.

Top 8 Alternatives To RedBox TV

Below are the top 8 alternatives of RedBox TV:

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1. Morpheus TV

It is one of the online applications that stream content of movies, television, and web series in a feasible manner for the users to access. All the user’s activity while using the site is completely monitored using trakt, a software that is legally allowed for tracking.

The site is completely easy to access and it has all its contents categorized that helps the users to locate their preferences without wasting time. Moreover, the contents of different languages are provided with clean subtitles that improve the experience of a user.

Users can also stream the content by downloading its app directly to their devices.

2. Loola TV

It is an application that provides the facility of streaming live content on multiple platforms at the same time. At times, chrome extensions do not give access to stream through Loola TV which stops users to use that site. In such cases, users are required to use a VPN to break such barriers to access the Loola TV website.

It is unique from every other application because going live to stream content at the same time that brings in all the online platforms together at once is exciting for all the users and it does not cost them any money.

3. WhatAired

it is an application that follows a particular tv show or series that helps them set reminders for viewing them live. This app helps users to find a show and helps in keeping track of them regularly.

It is highly recommended for all those who forget to watch the latest episodes on the day of being on air. It has a simple interface, is easily accessible, and helps users to share with their contacts, everything for free of cost.

4. Tappir

It is one of the trending applications that is available in the browser as well as downloadable in smartphones, helps users to keep stream and keep track of the episodes with regular reminders by creating a separate list.

It has a feature that provides two different views namely calendar view in which the episodes that have been tracked as per the airdate will be saved and seasonal view in which all the episodes either past or future can be watched when required, none of it will be charged to any of its users.

Users can access this only through a web browser and with android devices only, iOS devices are not yet included in the list.

5. CnemaCentre

It is an application that allows users to stream movies, tv shows, and series free of cost. In addition, it has a feature that gives a user to search for shows and helps them keep regular track of them.

It is easy to access, explore and search in the app, by providing the latest updates about all the trending and new shows. The users also prefer using this site because of its user-friendly interface that makes them comfortable streaming here without any trouble.

6. Flicktion

It is one of the free online streaming apps that provides the content of movies, tv shows, and series by having a tie-up with all the media handlers. The app provides the users with a feature where the schedule of the shows can be prepared that will help in keeping track so that the users do not miss it.

It also allows the users to share the information and stream movies together online. It has a simple user interface and is completely safe to use this app.

7. Moviebase

It is an online-based application exclusively for Android users, that provides the content of movies and TV shows that includes a variety of genres. It can also be streamed through its website, which is easy to access and contains a strong interface.

Users can stream movies, tv shows, track their regular updates. And have a customized home screen for free of cost and are allowed to share with their contacts are the additional features of moviebase.

The website is perfectly categorized that helps the users to search their choices at ease. The activity of every user is tracked using trakt just like Morpheus TV.

8. Flixi

It is an application that is Al-enabled containing a huge list of different service providers of movies, tv shows, and series content, giving an option to the users to choose the provider for streaming the contents, free of cost.

This app recommends movies, tv shows and tracks every user’s activity throughout. The recommendation of the service provider platforms is Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube red, etc.

The website is designed perfectly to attract its users having a perfect background theme, categories of tv shows, movies, and recommendations. Users have to maintain an account on the website to access the contents, by providing their email ids or Facebook login details or creating a username.

Is RedBox Still Working?

Absolutely! RedBox continues to operate its kiosks across thousands of locations in the United States. In addition to its physical presence, RedBox has ventured into the online domain, offering on-demand streaming, digital rentals, and purchases, further solidifying its stance in the entertainment industry.

Who is the Founder of RedBox?

RedBox was initially conceived by McDonald’s Corporation as a venture to drive additional foot traffic to its restaurants.

The concept was later developed and launched in 2002 by the company’s venture arm, Redbox Automated Retail, LLC. While the brainchild of a collective effort, Gregg Kaplan played a significant role in its establishment and operations until 2009.

Benefits of RedBox:

  • Versatility: With both physical kiosks and online streaming options, RedBox caters to traditional DVD renters and the digital-savvy audience.
  • Affordability: One of RedBox’s standout features is its cost-effective rental rates, making it an attractive option for those seeking budget-friendly entertainment.
  • Convenience: Strategically placed in high-footfall areas such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies, RedBox kiosks are easily accessible for most consumers.
  • Expansive Library: From the latest movie releases to popular video games, RedBox offers a vast array of titles to cater to diverse entertainment preferences.

Is RedBox Safe?

Using RedBox is completely safe, both in terms of transactions and the content provided:

  • Secure Transactions: Whether you’re renting from a kiosk or their online platform, RedBox employs robust encryption methods to safeguard users’ personal and payment information.
  • Legitimate Content: RedBox offers legally procured content, ensuring that users are not infringing on copyright laws when renting or streaming.

Is RedBox Free?

While RedBox’s primary services are based on rental fees, they do offer a “Free Live TV” streaming service. This allows users to access a selection of channels without any subscription or sign-in requirements. Additionally, their on-demand platform occasionally offers promotional free titles or codes for rentals.

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There are many more alternatives of Redbox Tv apart from those mentioned above such as FilmFed, Binge, Showmaniac, Flick, Tviso, TV Time,, Followshows, etc. that have similar features.

Users have to ensure that the application or website they browse is compatible with the devices they use and if it is safe for their devices. If a user is unable to access any website because of any chrome extension then they are advised to remove such extension or use a VPN or antivirus software to break such extensions.

RedBox, with its iconic red kiosks, has transformed the way consumers approach movie and game rentals. Its adaptability to the evolving entertainment landscape, coupled with its commitment to affordability and accessibility, cements its position as a trusted and reliable source for entertainment.

Whether you’re in the mood for a physical DVD or a digital stream, RedBox has got you covered.