What is VPN, What Are the Best VPN Services and More

    When the internet was just proving to be the main workforce globally, A Indian born Microsoft employee Gurdeep Singh Pall working as a Software Design engineer in 1996. He was working on first version of Windows NT 3.1 in 1993. During this period he led to design and implementation of many award winning technologies such as PPP, TCP/IP, routing and WiFi. He discovered the first VPN protocol in the industry i.e Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). VPN, simply means ‘Private’ which would suggest that an user is able to make connection to internet in a kind of private manner, and this makes it easy to remain anonymous as one browses the internet.

    What is VPN, What Are the Best VPN Services and How to Set Up


    Why Do You Need A VPN?

    It allows users to safeguard their data from any third party interception. As of now, everyone using the internet for their work or personal purposes is aware of fact that any data on the internet is never safe. It may be some official documents or even your private details are unsafe with growing number of hackers from private domain or even trying to overcome censorship from governments.

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    There is growing threat that your data is unsafe on the internet. As a user we should try to limit the over display of one’s details on the internet. Well, taking into perspective on the topic of VPN. It allows user to create a private connection between devices and people across the internet. It will secure every user from hackers and anyone who is interested in keeping a track of your browsing details and other sensitive data.

    Initially created for the big companies and high turnover businesses as well as government sector that require secured network to transfer their highly sensitive information from one end to another without anyone able to hack it for their use. Most common example is Hollywood and bollywood entertainment sector which has been targeted by hackers for purely entertainment data from movie releases to private details.

    VPN has been an effective solution to all the security needs for any company to protect their data and files from government sectors to private sectors. There is developed system in hand through which information is encrypted in such a way that even your details if stolen or lost will be useless to the third party if he is not intended for.

    Types of VPN

    1. IPSec (Internet Protocol Security)

    It is used to create connections between devices in a network as well as in connections of two networks. It is best for all types of general purpose as it works as an IP layer assured of security from end to end.

    2. SSL ( Secure Socket Layer)

    This connects single user to ecommerce website so that important transactions and data are not stolen by third party or Hackers.

    3. Mobile Private Networks

    A mobile VPN or mVPN is known as mobile VPN due to the fact that the VPN can change its points of attachment to the network. It is used by individuals who require to constantly use the internet even if they are in mobile or change of wireless networks causing breakage in the network.

    With the VPNs internet users are assured of safety and they are versatile and adaptable tools which are required to safely surf the internet for information and for own privacy.

    What You Need To Look In Your VPN Service Provider?

    1. Bandwidth: Depends on the services that you require which would include either you need a VPN for video streaming, speed and a reliable connection.

    2. Robust encryption: Protecting your valuable information. A service to secure your data across servers.

    3. Security: While there are many free VPNs services which are free to use for a limited period to understand your requirements and its services. There are always flaws which you will find while using free services which might cause security breach in your day to day work. So always understand your needs and the find out the protocols provided by the service provider are updated always to suit your needs.

    4. Customer Support: Paid services will always provide 24/7 customer support to all its users compared to the free services.

    5. Kill switch or flexible payment options: In times of VPN connection fails does the service provide you with a Kill switch to protect your information and does it give u more than one payment options like gift card or even crypto currency.

    You can find the decent and robust security VPN service provider by just searching on the Internet but it will always be advisable to check with your peers the best service provider from the hands on experience.

    4 Best VPN Services – Trusted, Safe and Fast

    India is one of the countries which follow total censorship and ban of certain websites. With the government moving towards absolute censorship so finding a VPN for good security and anonymity will be always in the minds of an individual. VPN services especially in India should be recognized as one of the best software for online security, privacy and anonymity.

    If you ask me which are the best VPN services for MAC. Then as per 2020, here are some of the following VPN services which might help you understand the market

    1. Cyberghost VPN

    Which is considered fast and it includes malware protection. Check their website for their benefits and discounts. Consider the ratings given by the users at 9.4.

    2. ExpressVPN

    Considered as Superfast, reliable and ultra secured and the rating given for the services speak highly at 9.8.

    3. NordVPN

    Fast speed, strong privacy  and good security features and rating given for the services are 9.7.

    4. PureVPN

    Consistent speeds and decent basic privacy. Its connected to more than 140 countries.

    How to Setup a VPN

    To set up a VPN connection, you need some information. Either you can set up your VPN with the details provided to you by your employer or else if you looking to set up a private VPN for your personal needs you need the following

    1. IP Address.
    2. Username Password.
    3. Connection type (L2TP or PPTP).

    You don’t need to be a technical wizard to set up your VPN for your Mac, Windows or Linux. A little knowledge of will help you easily connect to your VPN using the information. In brief I would explain that all the VPN settings for MAC can be entered into system preferences under the Network preference panel selecting the network and your configuration. Once you are connected the status should be shown on your menu bar and timer will begin.

    So there it is your VPN connected to your MAC.

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    Well, Now that you have connected to your VPN service. Use it wisely and just stream download your favorite movies without anyone watching your movements around the net. Its time users secure their information and fairly use the internet without any restrictions.