IPv6 Proxy: What is it And How to Buy?

IPv6 Proxy is very important in today’s world. They have a lot of usefulness that you will get from getting the IPv6 proxies. Unlimited proxies can be ranged all over the world. If you are still wondering why you should buy proxies and Where to buy them, then no worries because we have got the best article here for you, my friend. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.


What is an IPv6 Proxy?

IPv6 Proxies are proxies that use IPv6 addresses. You can use a proxy to hide your actual IP address and go incognito mode on the internet. It is a gateway between you and the internet. The proxy server will connect and interact with the internet on your behalf.

what is a proxy server

To put it simply, IPv6 Proxies are the latest version of the IP address on the internet. IPv6 Proxy is not exactly brand new because it has been around for a decade, but people do not seem to notice them much, so they were entirely in the dark.

They were shadowed by the IPv4 version, which is still in use. Many companies and people still are wary of letting go of this old proxy and opting for a new one. But this does not matter because IPv6 is soon going to replace IPv4. It is inevitable.

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Why will it happen, you ask? Well, because it is a scarcely used address. When a vast number of people use devices, more devices need to be manufactured. Then the proxies will allow more TCP and IP address to be formed. We are and maybe have already run out of the IPv4 addresses.

The amount of addresses that the IPv6 has to offer to be formed is a lot more than the IPv4 addresses. With the need for more and more IP addresses, there will be no way left than to turn to the IPv6 proxies. Evolution is at play here, and no one can stop it.

Why Buy IPv6 Proxies?

Well, technology is always a step ahead every time you blink your eyes. It is an evolution that has been going on for generations. This is the case with both us and technology too.

It is why we have opposable thumbs and why I can write this article today. So without evolution, there is no life. You might be thinking that why you should buy an IPv6 proxy. Well, because it is obviously better than its former versions.

In order to keep up with the updated proxies, you must be curious about why you need to do so. Well, we have an explanation for you. You should always be aware of what you are doing and why you need to do this.

Proxies have to keep changing along with the internet to make sure that they are still relevant. As the internet keeps changing, the IPv4 updated to IPv6 proxies too. So we need the IPv6 proxy to keep up with the changing internet.

Where to Buy IPv6 Proxies?

You need to know where you can buy your IPv6 Proxies. You need to find and buy affordable proxies on the internet. Here are the features that you should look for in proxy providers:

  • Go for a high-end and reliable proxy provider with a quality IPv6 Proxy IP address.
  • Look for virgin, private and dedicated proxies feature.
  • Your proxy provider should have 24/7 customer support.

You can just ditch the idea of getting the cheap proxies because that is going to do more harm than good. Believe in the quality, and that will surely make you happy. Pay a little more and you will get a quality service. Here are some of the best places where you can get your proxies from. Let have a closer look at them.

1. ColdProxy

ColdProxy a good place to buy proxy, which provides high performance, and their Proxies can efficiently work on multi-threaded software and bots. Also, they provide IP white listing or user/password based authentication with no setup charges. They also have 95% uptime of the proxies.

You also have the option to choose static or rotating IPs. Once again, they will all be private. It will also hide your actual IP address 100% of the time. There will be complete anonymous nature.

ColdProxy IPv6 Proxy Provider

ColdProxy is best for solving re-captchas. ColdProxy provides private IPV6 Proxies servers, so you can rest assured that the IP address you will get will be unused, and it will be personally yours from the very beginning. Your privacy will be safe and secure.

ColdProxy services are very affordable and do not put any restrictions on technical support, speed or traffic, and never compromise performance, regardless of price. Their plans are a little complex, however, right now, they are offering the following proxy packages.

ColdProxy Proxy Packages

ColdProxy Proxy Plans

Top Features:

  • High-quality IPV6 Proxies.
  • Rotating or static IPs.
  • Many different subnets.
  • Completely anonymous.

2. Scraper API

They have more than 20 million IPv6 IP addresses. They also have IPv4 proxies that are available, but we are not really discussing it today. They have a dozen of locations all over the world. There is no problem with IP blocking or traffic slowdown.

Every plan has unlimited bandwidth. The speed goes up to 100 MB/s. They have the customizing service too. You can very much have the request of forming your custom required headers and types.

Premium proxy features are also available on ScraperAPI. They also have a 7 day trial period. If you are not satisfied with it, then you can have your money back. There are thousands of users that are opting for the proxies.

3. ProxySeller

You can get a minimum of 5 proxies per month on ProxySeller. There is a calculator on their home page that will allow the users to calculate how many proxies that they want to buy. This will allow the user to calculate the payment they have to make to buy their required proxies.


This is a convenient tool to have. You can reduce the price of the proxies by buying them in bulk. 1000 Proxies can be sold at 8 cents each, and 5000 proxies can be sold at 5 cents each. They have 24/7 hours of customer service so you can contact them if you are having some problem.

They also have a built-in chat at their website that allows you to chat with their representative regarding any problem that you face. They have the IP address in 7 countries. You should go check this out.

4. ProxyLine

ProxyLine is a little more diverse than the other IPv6 Proxy providers that we have here. It is a bit more challenging to navigate than the other proxy providers. The service is for native Russian speakers, so it may prove to be a bit difficult for non-Russian users. However, they do support the English language, but it is also not very easy to navigate. Placing the order can be a bit of a hassle.

But if you can get past this stage, then you can see that how cheap is this proxy provider. The more IPs that you will, the more the price will be reduced. They take numerous forms of payments for the convenience of the customer.

5. ProxyIPv6

ProxyIPv6 can be understanding social media automation and web scraping. They are one of the most expensive IPv6 proxy providers that you will find. The price starts at 80 cents per IP address when you buy IPs under the number of 500.

If you buy more than that, then you can get per IP for 60 cents. ProxyIPv6 is a great proxy provider too. They have 24/7 hours of customer service. They also have a 3-day guaranteed money-back policy that is also absolute.

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Final Words

We hope that this article has been helpful for you. We tried our best to describe the proxies in the best way possible. I hope that you have found this easy to understand. If you are still wondering what and why you need the IPv6 proxies, you should reread the article.

We hope that you will share this article with others too. And they can also benefit from this article. Hopefully, you are deciding to take a private proxy for yourself. In this age of stolen identity and misused private information, the user’s privacy is very important. Thank you so much for reading this article. Have a great day.