5 Best Text Editors in 2023

Editing text is not something that seems to be appealing to everyone. Keeping this aside many organizations need this more than anything. It doesn’t matter what work it is it can be a simple task like notes to more complex office work. These text editors certainly make text editing easy.

Text Editors


5 Best Text Editors

Some of the text editing apps below may be appealing to professionals whilst some may appeal to beginners and intermediates.

1. Sublime Text

This editor is one of the most preferred and used in this list. License once bought can be used on multiple systems.


  • It has a trial period for testing so that the user can familiarize and text the editor and then extend his/her license.
  • It works on multiple platforms available. The license can be worked as in cross-platforming.
  • It has a feature of editing in a split which is efficient for sorting and efficient managing. Multiple windows can be opened and that too on different screens.
  • Python API also provides a plug-in that is created by the user or other people.
  • It has a very good user interface which makes sorting and modifying lines in menu functions. It also provides shortcuts.
  • Almost everything can be customized from the menu to functions.
  • Theme availability
  • It is very efficient and good for people who are heavy coders. These coders require customization and shortcut functions.

2. Atom

This text editor was made with all the developers in perspective. Some communities create and customize themes for the users just like any other editors available in the market. A person that has a ton of experience in the writing area should go through this editor with ease.


  • Consists of a huge community comprising of developers which means that there are regular updates.
  • Cross-platform
  • It is especially beneficial for coders and those who collaborate with others too.
  • GitHub package is provided for integration
  • New themes can be searched
  • Multiple panes and code editing are available.

3. Notepad++

It is considered as one of the most popular editors that are available currently. It does not require any charge and has a good amount of features included. It runs on only Microsoft Windows. Power is consumed very efficiently.


  • It is free of cost and can be accessed by literally anyone.
  • It can be made available in various languages and even more can be translated via documentation.
  • Multi-view editor available
  • The tools for customization are pretty easy to familiarize.
  • It has an auto-completion feature making documentation and work easy to complete without a hassle.
  • The interface is offered as so efficient that tab switching is very easy.
  • This text editor has also various plug-ins available that a smooth functioning can be done.
  • It is ideal for both beginners and advanced due to its diverse features and easy-to-use interface.

4. TextMate

This editor is made available free of cost. Although there is a premium version to it which can be upgraded for some money. The payment is once done give a license for one operating system and not multiple.  It is exclusive to Mac users only.


  • Availability of both free and paid versions.
  • The interface is well sorted and neat.
  • Almost every element is customizable as bundles are offered.
  • Macros can be generated for production speed.
  • An advanced file search feature is also made available.

5. UltraEdit

This text editor proves as a viable source for the editing job as it caters to all the text editing needs. Unlike many other, in this list, this text editor is not free. The user has to pay first and then he/she can upgrade it for free as new updates come. It is made available on three operating systems namely, Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.


  • This text editor has a very good community as they provide useful, a good amount of features, and customer support is also decent.
  • It is lightning fast in terms of finding, replacing tasks in a text which makes it very efficient to work on.
  • It has the feature of HTML preview which makes efficient programming.
  • Large files can be easily edited. This text editor will not crash when editing or handling large files.
  • The license once bought can be used on three different systems.
  • Configurable tools are available. Themes and skins are made available.
  • The templates included are smart so they auto-fill the code.


If the above details still do not suffice and a final verdict is still needed to be made below are some of the key features each of the above text editors have and are known for. Although it would be best if each text editor is tried at least once.

These are the final verdicts of all the above text editors and all the key features are listed above to make the user’s choice for choosing the text editor easier.