WhatsApp Hidden Tricks: A Step-by-Step Guide to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp

When it comes to the messenger app that has taken over communication totally, WhatsApp wins hands down. As a messenger app, WhatsApp has become synonymous with and sometimes more effective than real communication.

Even if someone has to talk to someone from another room, they will just WhatsApp. And why should they not? The app has everything. From voice notes, files, pdf, video, audio, and group chats, it has become ubiquitous.

But, not all of us are addicted and some of us are genuinely worried about the addiction of the loved ones. This is why, if you are wondering how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, you are at the right place.

WhatsApp Hidden Tricks


Safespy – Spy on WhatsApp

Safespy is a web-based application that allows its users to read through someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely. To be able to do so, Safespy offers an interface that is web-based. Being accessed on the web, there are no installation requirements. 

Along with the WhatsApp messenger spying, Safespy has the impetus to show you almost everything on someone’s phone. You can conveniently see someone’s text messages, iMessages, call history, browsing history, deleted messages, and viewed media files.


Safespy Wins the Spy App Competition

There are other popular spy apps. But, most of them necessitate users to jailbreak or root the targeted device. Safespy, however, works seamlessly on both stock Android and iOS mobile phones.

Safespy is already a global leader in the field of spy apps. Its usage has seen massive growth relentlessly and has a user base of a million satisfied users in more than 190 countries.

So, when there are a plethora of virus-laden apps, finding a safe and secure space to spy from is a blessing. Safespy offers that space. You do not have to undergo futile attempts to seek the best way to perform spying on someone’s WhatsApp. Safespy is the most perfect, secure, and reliable way of checking someone’s WhatsApp and people you care about.

In addition to this, Safespy also offers competitive monthly plans. You can choose the plan of your choice that offers you maximum performance. It also ensures user privacy. There is absolutely no storage and retention of personal details and data.

Register to Safespy

You do not require any special technical skills for using Safespy. You can use this platform to read someone’s WhatsApp remotely. The interface is perfect, easy, and convenient. There is no complicated paraphernalia, just some very easy steps.

Step by Step Guide to WhatsApp

The best part about using Safespy is that it requires no software installation. Be it Android or iPhone, you can follow simplistic, clean, and utterly purposeful steps. These steps will allow you to see someone’s WhatsApp.

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Step 1: Register to Safespy

This is the initiation process. You need to register on Safespy’s web-based application. It is a very time-efficient process and does not take longer than a few minutes. All you need to provide for your registration is your email ID. The sign up is simple and prompt.

Step 2: Selection of the Plan

After you have signed up to Safespy, you would need to select a monthly plan. To make an informed choice, you can browse through all the monthly and premium plans that Safespy has to offer.

If you are aware of the quantum, volume, and purpose of your spying, you will be able to make informed choices. It is highly recommended to be aware of your deliverable. Once the demand is clear, the choice proves to be more informed and accurate.

So, select the plan of your choice based on your requirements. You can then pay for the monthly plan that is being sought.

Step 3: Setup

When you have selected the plan, you will then receive the relevant setup link. The link will be received on your email ID. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions as and when they appear. The setup will be a fairly prompt process and will be done and dusted with immediately.

Safespy Setup

Step 4: Establish the Link with Target Device

Once you are done with the setup, you would now need to select the target platform. This has two dropdowns, Android and iOS. In whatever device kind WhatsApp is being accessed, you can choose the same.

Establish the Link with Target Device

How to Link An iPhone

When you need to spy WhatsApp that is being accessed on an iPhone, you need to select iOS as the target device. The rest of the process will be very simple and efficient. The only prerequisite for this process is to know the iCloud credentials of the iPhone.

So, if you know the iCloud ID and password of the iPhone under question, you can link immediately. All you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone and the link will be established. You can then view their WhatsApp.

How to Link An iPhone

How to Link An Android Phone

When it comes to Android phones, you need to tweak the rules a little bit. This is because of some of the very stern rules of Android phones. By virtue of these regulations, you need to download the Safespy app.

But, do not worry, your secret will not be found out. You can hide the app immediately upon download. Once hidden, the app will not be detected at all. The app has been designed to render this purpose and weighs only 2 MB.

How to Link An Android Phone

This makes sure that the app, when hidden, doesn’t raise any sort of suspicion. When this is done, then the link with Safespy is established. After this, you can view someone’s WhatsApp messages immediately.

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With Safespy, you do not have to worry about how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. The application is as secure and perfect in its features as any spy app could be. Furthermore, the efficiency in spying that you attain with Safespy is not even comparable to other apps.

Safespy offers everything and more that can be expected out of a spy app. It is crafted for spying perfection.