Human Behavior Will Determine When the COVID-19 Pandemic Ends, CDC Director Says

CDC Director says that the Covid pandemic is something that has no expiry date per se. She cannot predict even a ballpark of the time when we could expect the Covid pandemic to end.

This is because the Covid pandemic will never depend on the time frame but rather on the human behavior and actions that is going on across the world. It is a very bad situation as she says that it can somewhat be a problem.

So, in short, the end of the pandemic might depend on medicine and scientists a bit, but for the majority, it depends on us, the common everyday people, and the action we do.

Human Behavior Will Determine When the COVID-19 Pandemic Ends, CDC Director Says

“We do indeed now have a lot of the science that is within our grasp right now; we even have the vaccines,” Walensky told reporters on Thursday. “What we do not have and what we can not really predict is something very strange and mysterious. It is human behavior. And human behavior as we have seen in this pandemic has not been very good, and it had not served us very well.”

Where is the lie in that? “With the delta variant that had been here for quite some time, the R-naught is 8 or 9,” Walensky said. “That means that in a matter of time, we need a lot of protection in the community so as to not have the disease.”

“And we must all be aware of the fact that the virus is mot stupid — it is going to be there,” Walensky said. “So really there is no other option, but it is actually what your question depends on. It all depends on the fact that how well we coalesce together as one being as humanity and as a community.”

But so far, the situation has not been good as we have come across. It is said that “we are battling on with one another and among one another and within this internal fight we are forgetting about the battle with the common foe. The common foe right now is the virus itself,” Walensky said.