Top 6 Twitter Blogger Mistakes Even Pro Writers Make

Social media management is a staple in today’s online work. Every business has at least one social media page, if not multiple.

That’s because everyone is interconnected nowadays. So, a company that doesn’t have a social platform is essentially self-sabotaging.

The most famous platforms include Facebook (nowadays “Meta”), Instagram, Indeed, Reddit, TikTok, and Twitter. This last one is today’s main subject.

Twitter Blogger Mistakes

Twitter is a social media app where people can post media and statements. But the best feature of Twitter is the sharing option, the so-called “retweets.” This particular feature is one of the most used and is responsible for making accounts and their posts viral.

Retweeting something means creating connections. Therefore, it’s crucial for networking and spreading your content online. When someone retweets a post, the viewers start to multiply exponentially.

In fact, there is a famous saying that users seem to utilize when posting something that they deem worthy of popularity: “Twitter, do your thing!” This sentence encourages people to share the post and give due recognition.

Not everyone can become viral on Twitter. Nonetheless, having a stable following and growing retweets is vital for your business. But how do you make sure you use Twitter correctly? Here are a few mistakes even pro writers make on Twitter.

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Mistake #1: Closing the Circle

The worst mistake on a social media platform is to close your circle. These apps are meant to connect you with other people and their content. So, if you limit yourself to posting and retweeting your own tweets, you won’t get anywhere.

But closing the circle also means posting advertisements only. Today’s users don’t like pages that talk strictly about what they sell. It’s not engaging or interesting, so why retweet or follow?

Your promotional posts should cover about a quarter of your entire content. The rest of your posts should be aimed at engaging your audience. Think about blog posts, articles, and collaborations.

Moreover, you should open your circle up by engaging with users and other business accounts. Try to retweet and follow other accounts, and they might follow you back. Also, you might see a migration of followers coming from different pages after you interfered with them.

Mistake #2: Being a Hostile Presence on the Platform

Twitter is known for hosting social media “beef” between accounts. Sure, when that happens, those accounts and posts get a lot of traction from the users, thus becoming viral. However, the less controversial you are, the more you have to gain. So, try not to be a hostile presence on the platform.

You might think that bashing other accounts or complaining is a way to squash your competition, but today’s marketing works on creativity, not negativity. Remember that there’s space for everyone on the platform, whether users or companies, big or small.

Say you work for a tutoring firm, essay writers company, or freelancer site. Sure, there’s competition, but aim to highlight yourself. So, instead of retweeting a negative post about another firm, try to share the excellent reviews you had on your page.

Mistake #3: Ignoring the People Who Share Your Content

If you wish to engage your users, you might want to engage with them first. So, answer them if they comment, retweet, or tag your page. You can retweet their post where you’re tagged or thank them for sharing your page.

Pay close attention to the comments regarding your work. Other users will read them and see whether you answered or not.

The same goes for other pages. If a page is sharing your content, share back. This way, you create a partnership, and they might help give a boost to your page.

Mistake #5: Not Balancing The Time Spent on Twitter

Another common mistake is not managing the time spent on Twitter. Some users don’t spend enough time on the app, miss opportunities, trends, and comments, and lose engagement.

On the other hand, some users spend too much time retweeting, commenting, and posting. This creates an endless flow of posts which might cause you to lose followers. Especially if you self-promote frequently, users might think you’re another spam account.

The best solution is to be organized and post regularly. For example, try commenting and retweeting as soon as possible but posting twice a week. You can schedule your posts too.

Lastly, you can monitor your performance on Twitter and other platforms. This means you can see what type of content has the most success. Then, try to concentrate on the demanded posts.

Twitter Blogger Mistakes

Mistake #6: Not Hiring Authors

If you’re planning on having long-term social media accounts, you can think about hiring a writer once in a while. Hiring someone to do social media marketing is a good idea if you’re not skilled, lack ideas, or don’t have time.

Authors might help you create the right posts because they have different perspectives. They’re closer to your audience, and they have experience. So, a professional writer might be great.

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Last Thoughts

Even if you’re a professional writer, you might make some mistakes while using Twitter. For instance, spending too much time or not enough can drive followers away. Also, being negative and closing your circle reduces engagement.

So, try to have a positive attitude online and create posts that might seem interesting to your followers. Avoid over-promoting your content but interfere with other users and pages as much as possible.

You can also schedule your posts and hire authors to help you with content.

Last but not least, try to collaborate with other pages.