5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes and Subscribers

There are many reasons why people want to buy YouTube Views, likes, or subscribers. With YouTubers emerging from almost every corner of the globe and YouTube flourishing more than ever, attracting viewers on videos and then increasing those views have become extremely difficult. This is the reason why more and more people are choosing to buy views on their YouTube videos in order to enhance their fan base and become a recognized face on social media platforms.

It has been proved that buying views has helped increase the authentic growth of YouTube channels when it comes to subscribers, views, and likes. A low number of subscribers is highly unlikely to attract new viewers. People generally shy away from being initial subscribers of a channel and “clickbait” is also quite active on YouTube.

If you think that all the successful YouTubers prefer growing organically, then you are highly wrong. Content is obviously the main thing but attracting a crowd while new topics trend daily is a very daunting task. “Buying views is an illegal practice” is a myth. Most of the successful YouTubers have been privy to this method, and it is only a push to get your ball rolling.


5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes and Subscribers

Below we have reviewed some of the best sites to buy Views, Subscribers and Likes on YouTube from so that it is easier for you to decide.

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1. BuzzVoice

Using Buzzvoice, anyone can get targeted Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter or Instagram Likes and Followers per day with their services. Buzzvoice guarantees organic growth of your accounts by commenting, liking and following thousands of users every day on the basis of followers, competitors and even location-based targeting.

BuzzVoice Buy YouTube Views, Likes and Subscribers

Most people visit BuzzVoice to buy YouTube Views. This is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of social media marketing needs. In case you need to create or promote your SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook accounts, then it is the best place to be.

2. Follower Packages

Follower Packages is one of the most trusted and reliable sites that we encountered on our research over social media supplier platforms. It offers the highest quality of views that is available in the business. It means it provides its customers with a very well analyzed personalized service which will help its customers improve their social media rankings and grow their channel.

They can help in increasing your credibility on YouTube and other such platforms as per your needs at an affordable price. Follower Packages is the lowest priced provider on our list. But don’t let its cheap prices make you think that it will compromise on the quality of its service. Both these features have made Follower Packages accessible to everyone.

3. Fastlykke

Fastlykke offers all services for YouTube on one platform. Its packages start from just $9 to $60, deeming that Fastlykke is the priciest supplier on our list. Fastlykke also provides premium as well as basic services.

A lot of people wants to buy YouTube views, subscribers, likes, etc. Fastlykke will work on increasing your views by real accounts. They promise quality content at cheap rates. However, if you wish to boost your account, you have to pay big amounts. Fastlykke provides many services for many social media apps and sites except TikTok.

4. GetRealBoost

GetRealBoost offers services for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, along with YouTube views. Starting from Likes, comments to shares and subscriptions, GetRealBoost has got it all. They offer comprehensive, optimized packages that boost the account’s ranking and make sure that the content is seen by as many eyes as possible.

The prices are quite affordable, and users can test it by making a low initial investment. They even include free likes in some of their packages. Although the authenticity of those likes is not really guaranteed. Their packs range from $5-$2500.

5. QQtube

QQtube site claims to be the best YouTube Views provider. They offer services on Instagram and YouTube. QQtube guarantees that they never deliver any fake views. They are very attentive to customer demands and deliver services accordingly, which is very appreciative of them.

QQtube Best YouTube Views Provider

QQtube also ensures that your video goes viral. But we are somewhat sceptical regarding that. Their results are quite quick, and their price range is very reasonable, but customers have to order a certain amount of comments, likes, etc. so there’s that.

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The websites mentioned above are a few websites where anyone can buy views, likes and subscribers on YouTube. All the given websites are secure, legit, and safe. Take your time deciding which platform offers services that meet your needs best. Thank you for reading!