5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes, Followers, and Views

People buy Instagram Likes, Followers and Views to get more popularity in social media giant Instagram. In case you aren’t living under a rock, chances are you must have heard of the sensational social media platform Instagram. Instagram is one of the top social media platforms today. It has hundreds of millions of active users and is used by them to interact via various posts daily. That is why Instagram has become one of the hotspots for brands and other companies that are trying to promote their products on the internet. It is because even a small percentage of those users can boost their sales significantly if they get interested.

Due to all these reasons, Instagram has become one of the most competitive Social Media Apps because if anyone has the good number of followers, they can not only get brand deals but can also launch their own products. This new trend has led to many people investing in private IG viewer or buying Instagram Likes and Followers in order to get a competitive edge.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes, Followers, and Views

In case you are wondering if it is OK to buy followers or likes for Instagram, then your worry is legit. Although this business seems shady at first, there are a lot of Instagram influencers who have to use this process to increase their audience.


5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes, Followers, and Views

The websites that are given below are top sites for buying Instagram Likes, Followers, Views and other services. Unlike many fraud sites, these websites will help you buy actual Instagram services. We know growing organically is doubt the best way, but it comparatively quite slow and not only do you have to be talented as well as creative, but luck is also a significant factor. So, lend your hard work and creativity a hand and speed up the growth of your followers.

We took time for carefully analyzing all Social Media Service sites in order to ensure consistency, quality and customer support of all of them. Our list has only the top social media suppliers where people can buy Instagram followers, views and likes. Also, some of these sites can provide other services such Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and etc.

Let’s get started!

1. SocialShaft

SocialShaft is one of the most trusted tools for Instagram Marketing which helps its clients grow organically and gain 100% real followers on Instagram. All that the customers have to do is set their ideal targets, and SocialShaft will do all the work. In short, it is a great option to grow your Instagram. SocialShaft offers you to buy Instagram likes, followers and everything you need for Instagram marketing.

SocialShaft Free Buy Instagram Likes

SocialShaft offers:

  • Real Instagram followers.
  • Get likes, Views, Followers and Comments.
  • Get 50 Free Likes.
  • Fair and Reasonable Price.
  • Outstanding Customer Support.

2. Follower Packages

With packages starting at just $19 for 1000 followers, this social media supplier is rated 4.8 out of 5. Follower Packages offers deals which fit everyone’s budget. Follower Packages offers the highest quality and is the most ethical and customer supportive social media supplier that one can ask for. Anyone can buy relatively cheap followers on Instagram using this platform.

Follower Packages

Where other such services charge between $50 to $70 for low-quality results, Follower Packages is a clear winner. Its services are prompt and timely when it comes to providing what they promise. Follower Packages’ team works efficiently and ensures that its clients get their engagement, including followers and likes within the sad time and in a very natural way. Follower Packages also takes care of issues like personal content misuse.

Moreover, they understand that it is utmost important that its users built a credible image of themselves in social media networks, which is why it strives to offer great quality engagement by giving real likes and followers. Being on top of our list, Follower Packages combine the highest quality followers and best support at the lowest price.

Follower Package offers:

  • Pocket-friendly packages.
  • Highest quality in the business.
  • 24/7 available customer support.
  • Fastest delivery.
  • Utmost customer satisfaction.

3. Famoid

For many years now, Famoid has been one of the best places for buying social media services for example real and targeted followers and likes on Instagram. Moreover, Famoid promises constant like count and followers, which is a huge deal. Furthermore, it has 30 days “Drop Protection“. It means that if its customer loses followers in the near future, it offers a guarantee for 30 days for refilling their profile which makes it very reliable.

Additionally, they promise fast delivery and quality customer support although it is not one of the best services available but is definitely worth your try if you can’t afford premium services and are looking for somewhat good quality at a cheaper rate.

Famoid Offers:

  • Instant delivery.
  • 24/7 quality customer support.
  • Affordable plans starting at just $19 for 2500 followers.

4. Genuine Likes

Genuine Likes is comparatively new social media supplier platform. But it is winning hearts and gaining trust with its unique, mind-blowing ideas. Their super cheap deals have gained them immense fame among Instagram users who wish for instant glory.

Although Genuine Likes is getting quite popular due to their instant delivery and real-time followers, unfortunately, they offer no permanency of the followers.

Genuine Like offers:

  • 100% money refund in case of lack of satisfaction.
  • Stick to Instagram’s dos and do nots policy to ensure that your experience with them is absolutely safe.
  • Packages starting at just $5 for 500 followers on Instagram.
  • Quick delivery – purchased Instagram followers reflect within a few minutes.
  • Secure payment via PayPal.

5. Socials Growth

Socials Growth is yet another social media supplier platform which offers various services for enhancing the growth of its customers’ Instagram accounts. They offer followers, likes, comments and views. The process is quite simple. Choose the package that suits you best and then enter all the relevant information.

Don’t worry anything too sensitive. Then carry out the payment and watch them do the work for you. For as low as $14 dollars they offer 500 followers, and for $35.99 you get 80 likes on all your posts.


In the end, using different social media supplier platforms in order to gain more followers is one of many ways which are used to instantly increase your rankings, credibility and overall following. A good supplier can help you grow your profile and overall engagement, several folds faster than the traditional slow ways.