Top Tech That All College Kids Need

With all of the things that college kids are responsible for these days, it’s crucial for them to adapt to technology so that they can make their lives just a little bit easier. Here are some examples of technology that they cannot live without and a few that are simply just nice to have.


1. Headphones

Headphones College Kids Need

When purchasing headphones, make sure they are the noise-canceling kind. Why are headphones important? Because they keep you focused on studying in the library or common areas in the dorm as well as helping to put you in the zone during your workouts. No matter if they are headsets, earbuds, or open-backs, a pair of headphones will do you a world of good when you are in college.

2. Financial Apps

Trying to keep track of all of your homework in college can be challenging enough, but managing finances is even more difficult. Luckily, there are apps that can not only help you keep track of what’s coming in, going out, and even set reminders for when tuition is due. Private student loans are a great way to cover any gaps between what you have saved, any government-based loans, as well as grants in order to combine to pay for college. You can compare interest rates and see potential future payment schedules all at the touch of a button.

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3. Smart Pens

These little gadgets are not used as often as they should be. They work by using special paper while taking notes with your smartpen. The paper transmits your notes to the pen which reads them and transmits them to your mobile device or computer. They eliminate the need to keep numerous messy notebooks and make sure all of your notes are kept in one place. They are especially useful for those who are constantly losing things.

4. Smartwatch

While the first wave of smartwatches was a bit cumbersome, they have now advanced to the level of where they are basically personal assistants. They can do far more than simply tell time. They can play music, take pictures, organize your calendar, and so much more. Plus, unlike a phone, they are hard to lose or misplace because they are strapped to your wrist.

5. Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard That All College Kids Need

While you may be trading in your laptop, or even desktop, for a tablet, you still can’t type very fast on them. Get a wireless keyboard to use with your tablet for the ultimate in research speed. It also makes for easier gaming capabilities during your downtime.

6. USB Coffee Mug

While this may be considered non-essential by some, they clearly don’t love coffee as much as you do. In all seriousness, these pretty nifty to own as you can plug your coffee mug into a USB port which will keep your coffee piping hot no matter how long it sits there. Now there’s no excuse to have a thermos of lukewarm coffee.

7. Power Strip

With all of these gadgets, you are going to need a power strip while in your dorm room or apartment so that you can keep everything charged to full capacity. However, within the cramped confines of such a small dwelling, a traditional power strip simply will not do. Thankfully, they now have power strips that are flexible. They are able to wind around chair or table legs and other hard-to-reach places. Definitely, a must-have for students with lots of gadgets.

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8. Backpack Charging

As great as a flexible power strip is, however, it isn’t always feasible to use when you’re on the go. In times such as this, you’ll need a charging backpack. Not only will the internal charging unit be able to supply power to all of your devices, but the backpack itself is padded so your gadgets or laptop will be able to travel with no fear of being damaged.