8 Best Apps for Students in 2020

High school, college, and university students can’t live without technologies because a smartphone became the irreplaceable element of modern life. Some time ago, people considered phones only as an entertainment tool, but they turned out to be useful in any sphere of life. You may think that the best apps for students assist them with homework, and you’ll be partly right.

Best Apps for Students

Some apps contain answers to widespread questions, but students prefer to get help with college homework online. Ordering the assignment from academic writing services lets you get the paper tailored to your needs, and don’t worry about the grade, because it will surely be high.

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8 Best Apps for Students in 2020

If you want to make some aspects of your life easier, consider downloading some of the following Apps for Students.

1. Memrise

Memrise - Apps for Students

If you want to learn a new language in your spare time and traditional learning methods seem dull, install it. Memrise is the platform that uses flashcards method. Learn new words, listen to native speakers, and try to reproduce the right pronunciation. Unique memorizing techniques will make your studying effective. Memrise offers the opportunity to learn a lot of languages.

2. LastPass

As a student, you’re forced to register on a variety of websites. Keeping all the passwords in memory doesn’t guarantee that you’ll remember the necessary one at a critical moment. Moreover, storing them on your phone means that you put at risk your personal data. LastPass is the best solution. This app stores all your logins and passwords. The browser extension makes the sign-in process fast and easy.

3. Grammarly

It’s impossible to imagine studying without writing essays, dissertations, and personal statements. If you do it quite often, you know that editing and proofreading are too time-consuming activities.

Some students who don’t want to bother with these assignments prefer to pay someone to do homework. If you want to do it on your own, but look to save you time, download Grammarly. It will correct the most widespread mistakes and suggest corrections to make your paper sound stellar.

One of Grammarly’s main competitors is the Hemingway Editor app, which is often used by proofriders, rewriters and copywriters. Professional writers of such websites as cheappaperwriting¬†in most cases choose exactly this application for its convenience and simplicity.

4. Todoist

If you need the app to manage all your tasks, create the to-do lists, and plan each day, install Todoist. The interface of this app may seem complex for those who’ve never used such software; however, it’s an irreplaceable tool for people who have to manage the projects. Create tasks, add attachments, sort them, filter, and do anything you consider necessary.

5. MyLife Meditation

Having a rest is very important for students. Sometimes they’re too busy and too concerned with their academic performance, that they can’t rest. All these thoughts prevent them from sleeping well. In such a situation, meditation and mindfulness practices come to aid. Get personalized recommendations, reduce stress, improve sleep, and enjoy many other benefits of such activities.

6. Mint

Tracking the budget is a beneficial habit, and the earlier person gets it, the better. Download this app to manage all your finances in one place. Track your income and expenses, create budgets, and see all your balances and bills. Notifications will help you not to miss the payments and know when the money runs out. Data security is provided, so you may not worry that someone will get access to this information.

7. TED

Stay aware of the fresh ideas and continuously expand your knowledge with TED. Annual conferences of TED gather lots of world-famous people who give talks and share their thoughts and ideas with a broader audience. All videos are short and devoted to all widespread topics, such as business, science, tech, etc.

8. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Last but not least on the list of best Apps for Students, If your knowledge of mathematics is low, it doesn’t mean that you can’t complete assignments and get good grades. Wolfram Alpha is a knowledge base and the set of computational algorithms that can solve problems, answer questions, conduct analysis, and complex mathematical operations.

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We are sure these 8 apps will help you make your study life easy. What apps do you use as a student? Let us know in the comment section.