10 Best Sites Like ‘SideReel’ To Watch Movies Online

Here, we are again with some exciting information for you that makes your streaming 100% fluent and interesting. SideReel is a website that offers you a large collection of the latest series and television shows.

If you loved to watch TV series then this platform is meant for you. It gave you content in different languages and different genres and from different regions. It has great varieties and an easy go interface. SideReel is a very popular website among series enthusiasts.

But because of its notifications and pop-up ads, you may get irritated or may not be enjoying your streaming.

Sometimes it takes a little more time to load which may be sufficient for losing interest. So, for tackling this problem we here enlisted 10 Best Sites Like SideReel in 2021 for you. So you can enjoy your streaming without Interruption.



10 Best Sites Like SideReel

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1. Watch Series

Watch series is an online streaming platform used worldwide. It offers you the latest and trending series of different countries and in different languages. It has simple interface anyone can use.

It schedules its weekly chart on its home page where you can see what is coming on which day and time. It also gives you an idea of series which are newly added to the website. Simply you have to go to the website select your desirable series and episode then it takes you to another link where a video file is available.

This is the free streaming website that offers you a great collection of content. It is popularly known for its best series collection. It is the best alternative for SideReel.

2. TVMuse

The next in the count down is TVMuse. TVMuse is a free streaming site for watching TV series and trending shows. It has a great variety of tv series and shows which you can access free of cost.

If you are in search of a platform that offers you the latest to latest series then this place is made for you. You can search directly for your favorite series on the search tab. It has an interactive interface.

It is well categorized in movies, tv listing, shows. It shows you its daily calendar. It is on the blue and white theme. It is a well up to date website which helps you find the latest series and shows. You will surely enjoy streaming on this website. This is another alternative for SideReel.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free online streaming website. It is used to watch television series and shows and movies. Whether registration is optional but with an account you can enjoy your streaming even more smoothly.

It has many variations in movies, tv-series, and shows worldwide. It has dubbed and subbed content also. You can enjoy streaming without any interruption. It is a dark-themed website. It has a very creative and interactive interface and UI design.

There are many movies also and offer old series. You will have a good experience with picking this website. This is one of the best websites for series enthusiasts. This one is also an alternative for SideReel.

4. ShareTV

ShareTV is also in the race of best sites for tv series. It offers users lots of tv series, tv shows, and movies also. It is a free online streaming website. It also allows you to see the celebrities and news related to the film industry.

It shows you daily updates and scheduled series and episodes. You can search your favorite series with simple clicks. It has a simple and interactive UI and interface. Registration is optional. It also shows you up the likes and dislikes on every series and movie.

It has a great collection of movies, series, and shows available in different languages. It is a well-managed website with only pop-up disturbance. It is an amazing site with its database. You will make a good choice with it. It is a good alternative for SideReel.

5. Hulu

Hulu is also an online streaming website with some packages of payments. Registration is compulsory on this website. It offers you different types of movies, series, and shows. It is the best but paid website.

You can enjoy your streaming here without any interruptions which makes it your favorite source of streaming. It gives you high dimensional picture quality in its content. You can browse some other options too.

Firstly it gave you a free trial then you have to pay for streaming. It is updated on the regular basis. This website offers you a great database. It has an attractive UI design which makes it more professional. You can go through it. It will surely be a good option other than SideReel.


TV.COM is next on the countdown. It is the best online streaming website. It offers you to watch trending series, shows, and movies. It has a blue and white-themed interface and quite an attractive UI design. It has a great collection of content.

It allows you to see the short introduction regarding the video. It gives you a listing where you can have a suggestion for your streaming. It has high-quality visualization. You will have a better experience of streaming here. This website is of the top sites for series streaming. It is another alternative for SideReel.

7. FlixTor

Flixtor is another alternative for SideReel. It is a free streaming website for trending series, shows, and movies. You can watch your favorite drama anytime anywhere. The best part about this website is that it does not show any kind of advertisements and notifications in the middle of your streaming.

It improves the user experience. This website shows high dimensional picture quality. It offers you a great collection of its content. It is an updated website daily so you can able to find out recent series and movies.

It also offers old movies and series which are mostly viewed by an audience or in demand. This website is one of the best websites for entertainment. It can easily replace SideReel and can be the best alternative to it.


CBS TV is the online streaming website for TV series specifically. It allows users to stream for free the amazing series which are only available on the internet. It has high picture quality. It has interesting content. It is known for its short web-based series.

It has many many options in such short web series content. It has an interactive and simple interface that is easy to use. If you want to have a short break during work then it must be chosen option because allow you short web series to watch for entertainment.

It is a famous website and one of the best alternatives for SideReel. You will surely halve a good experience after streaming on it without spending a penny.

9. USTV Now

The next on the number is USTC Now. It is an online streaming website worldwide. You can watch your tv shows live here. This platform is not just an alternative for SideReel but also a television. It allows their users to watch the live tv shows which are on air at that time.

You are traveling or somewhere outside of the home, you can watch your favorite tv show with this website. You just have to go to the website, choose a channel, search your show, and here you go. You can enjoy your streaming anywhere.

It has high picture quality as well. The registration may be optional. You can go through the tv guide also or you can watch live shows. It depends on your call. You will surely enjoy streaming on this platform.

10. FOX Television Shows

Last but not least if FOX Television Shows. This is one of the best alternatives to SideReel. This is a streaming website for television shows and series used worldwide. You can watch your favorite series here within few seconds. It offers high dimensional picture quality of its content.

It has a good collection of series and movies. It includes television shows related to sports, news, entertainment, and community. It includes the academic shows which can be preferred to students. It is a good site with a simple interface. It has good traffic on its platform. It is a good alternative to SideReel.

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These are the top ten websites rather than SideReel. It is a little bit similar to the SideReel. These websites are the best at their content and user facilities. If somehow you found any glitch in accessing the SideReel then you may go from these websites.

This website helps you to watch your favorite series, shows, and movies without any interruption. You can simply enjoy your streaming anywhere and anytime.