9 Best ‘Sarahah’ Alternatives in 2023

Sarahah is an application based on operating systems such as Android, iOS, & the Internet that enables its people to share content links to get unnamed responses. This app is primarily used by workers and employers to exchange words of recognition, reassurance, responses, and other information.

Even though the initial response was positive, there have been numerous allegations that Sarahah records its users’ addresses on their webpage and that apps of this type promote misuse.

After a girl was abused by her friends, a mom from Australia established an internet petition requesting that Sarahah and similar applications be shut down.



9 Best Sarahah Alternatives

There are certainly other alternatives to Sarahah which are mentioned below.

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1. Spout

Spout is an unrestricted, unknown place chat app that helps to reach oneself and communicate with others nearby. The Spout application is compatible with use on both iPhone and Android platforms, and users can connect it from all over the world at any time.

Besides, users can use this app to share whatever is on their head, tell about themselves, get guidance, make suggestions, and see what others are telling. Also, it enables users to converse with nearby residents or all across the world, even if you are a household, college, office, or on the road.

Spout allows you to handle your account online while never revealing it to others. As well as that, there is no requirement to register an account to communicate in Spout, which preserves the privacy of the message sender and allows them to convey their feelings freely without fear of being judged.

2. Lipsi

With the support of this fabulous platform, users can find random people in school, in college, at a cafeteria, or anywhere else. The app has known to be a vital element for so many of today’s youth.

It is a convenient and straightforward social communication and interaction platform; after downloading the application, all you have to do is enter some information to find your preferences.

Further, All of your data is concealed from other customers, allowing you to search and chat anonymously. Lipsi includes a robust chat function that allows users to receive and send limitless messages, share pictures and videos, and enjoy online games

Along with this, the program also offers a strong search function, message history, the ability to prevent any user, leave a comment, and a variety of other characteristics. Finally, If they wish to meet different random people in their area privately, the Lipsi – Anonymous Messenger application is available for users.

3. Stupid Chat

StupidChat is more than just a messenger service; this is a hidden Network site that allows users to make companions while. It’s confidential, secure, and a lot of fun to be untraceable and share whatever you want without even being assessed by the community for your ethnicity, spirituality, or other.

It is a user-friendly application that enables us to interact with other representatives in our area without revealing our identity. Stupid Chat application is a simple app that necessitates you to sign up with a secret identity, meet friends, and build a system.

Moreover, Users can then cherish secretly answering questions or answering polling data, bringing good polls to mates, viewing your list of friends on a chart, making groups collecting and posting information, and having a great time. When compared to other confidential apps, it provides the most secrecy and never allows anybody else to learn anything about you.

4. Whisper

Whisper is an app that allows vast numbers of people all over the world to express their true feelings, viewpoints, business suggestions, and get the internal tip. It is a social networking service that enables users to publish and upload pictures, videos, and texts anonymously.

It has a range of characteristics that are useful for people who would like an area in which they can relish privacy as well as other obtainable information. users can reply to the text privately or publicly using the application. It already has over 30 million members worldwide who privately share lots of secret information each couple of weeks.

Also, The most pleasurable and pleasant aspect of this platform is the secret chatroom feature, which allows users to interact with other representatives without revealing their identity. The Whisper posting is called whispers, and it includes messages, video clips, photos, and Memes, among other things.

5. Candid

Candid is a free iOS and Android mobile application created by Voiceme Pvt Ltd for private talks. The platform helps users openly communicate their deepest sentiments, profound feelings, deep ideas, and other confidential material.

Unemployed people, have family problems, are pessimistic thinkers, or have shattered relationships can share their feelings anonymously. After downloading the app, you must join up using Fb, verify your email account, and stay secret to use it.

Besides users can choose any username they like and portray themselves without fear of being judged. This programme allows you to reveal your true feelings by making confidential message and voice confessions.

Additionally, It contains a variety of categories, including Personal, Societal, Medical, Work, and Profession, and you can even create your own to convey your emotions.

6. Sayat

Sayat is a free messaging app that allows you to collect private, real, and accurate information from your friends and followers. The platform helps you to secretly express your thoughts with whomever you wish.

This open and transparent feedback can assist you in determining how your personality differs from what others look at you. Apart from this users can write nearly anything, such as what they like or dislike about the individual.

This app’s main feature is that no private data is shared with anyone, and you can stay secret at all times. The sexes and your informal username are the only pieces of information that are disclosed with others.

In addition, users can post whatever they want that they couldn’t share on Facebook and other social networking sites. Sayat has several notable characteristics, including multilingual support, a simple and convenient layout, a secret chat room, and much more.

You have complete control over how you find and spread the content, as well as how you add photographs and enjoy them.

7. Covertly

It is a messenger app free of cost. It is not well-known or well-liked by the general public. Nonetheless, such an application persists, and users use it. Users can engage in conversations with others using this portal.

Every user can downvote and upvote a post. They can improve the exposure of a post thereby. The app’s user interface is very relevant and convenient.

Furthermore, covertly provides a completely confidential portal for users to boldly share their experiences. Other applications require contact information, email address, and social network login credentials. but covertly doesn’t ask for such details which makes it different from the others.

8. After School

After School is a school-based anonymous and personal messages software for students who want to express themselves without exposing their identities. You can post confessions clearly and securely and receive interesting information, amusing encounters, sentiments, and praises.

The After School app provides ultimate anonymity with all you have to do is install it and begin questioning. You can secretly like, subscribe, and spread any content with the assistance of this app to gain more feelings and views.

Further, It also has a personal conversation feature, like other comparable apps, that allows users to send audio, video, or messages without any restrictions. After School is a fun social app for all those who wish to communicate their deepest feelings with others.

9. Vent

Vent is yet another useful site that can benefit users to express their feelings with other people. It is rather fun to share privacy and confidentiality than with your real identity. It is the best platform to post private details, feelings and flaws.

Moreover, this site helps people to solve their problems and seek advice as it is difficult for them to talk about this with their family and sometimes friends. So it solves your difficulty without revealing your identity.

Also, users can experience responding to other persons with specific icons and sharing thoughts and feelings in aspects they’ve never experienced previously. The Vent application features advertisements, and if you’d like to avoid them or activate extra features, you must buy the Premium plan.

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There are other Sarahah alternatives that users can use to receive hidden comments from someone else. According to experts, people feel free to give genuine feedback in an unidentified setting.

Nevertheless, there are situations when honesty may exceed a certain threshold. According to psychology, anonymity might trigger violent and abusive behaviour. As a result, visitors of Sarahah or similar systems should expect disparaging comments and make adjustments. Please share your views and questions in the comments section.