15 ‘Putlocker’ Alternative To Stream Movies Free

Putlocker is an online streaming website that provides the content of entertainment channels such as movies, series, television shows, etc. It was originally launched in the United Kingdom in the year 2011.

In the year 2016, as per the order of the court of the United Kingdom, the website was completely shut down because of piracy issues. Putlocker was found to be the best alternative to the site Megaupload for the users.

Putlocker to date is operating through its proxy websites that amount up to fifty websites with a similar domain name compared to the original website’s domain.

This website has been having traffic mainly from users in the United States also. Users are comfortable streaming on the site with a variety of choices to stream their preferred media content.


As there are only proxy sites and no legal ones, it has become riskier for the users due to malware and virus issues. Because of this, users have a wide range of choices to stream their media content on other websites.

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15 Best Alternatives to Putlocker

1. 123Movies

The website was originally launched between the year 2015-2016 as per sources. It is a popular website that streams content on series, TV shows, and movies, such that users will not fall short of choices. It is known to be the most pirated website in several countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

123Movies is also called as GoMovies, GoStream, and MeMovies, even though after the shut down of the original site in the year 2018, it is been active through its proxy websites till date gaining huge traffic every day.

As per google trends, this website has been one of the most popular visited websites, having a website the contents categorized as per genre, the year of release, and suggesting the most popular releases for all its users. One drawback for the users is continuous pop-ups and advertisements that disturb the browsing.

2. Megashare

It is one of the popular viewed pirated websites that streams the content of a variety of Hollywood movies free of cost to all its users. It has a huge record of movies, giving all the users a choice to watch the old content in today’s time and relive their thoughts and memories with high-quality print.

3. Popcornflix

It was originally launched in the year 2011, Screen Media Ventures being its current owner. The uniqueness of this site is that it provides the content of movies and web series without any interruption of advertisements and pop-ups because of which users highly prefer this site.

At the beginning of its launch, owners of the site chose its target audience as the users in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, which currently have expanded to few more countries.

This site does not charge any amount from its users for browsing movies or web series. To date, it is accessible on multiple platforms such as Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, etc.

4. PopcornTime

The website was originally released in the year 2014 as a multi-platform, through an integrated media player in free BitTorrent software. It is considered at par with the popular application Netflix because of their similar type of usage.

It provides the content of movies, series, and TV shows. Users preferred using this site within the four months of its initial release before it was taken down because of the contents provided, user-friendly, interface, and regular updates.

This site is blocked in several countries such as the United Kingdom, Israel, Denmark, etc. The site, irrespective of its legality has ensured that all its contents are released with high-quality print. Movies can be downloaded from other suggested websites and servers.

This site ensures that no advertisements or pop-ups are disturbing the browsing of any user. In the countries where it is banned, users can use VPN or anti-virus software to regain access.

5. Fmovies

It is one of the websites that provide a variety of content of movies, TV shows, and series for streaming and downloading to all the users free of cost. It was officially launched in the year 2016.

The website is created with a simple interface in which the contents are categorized genre-wise, country-wise, release year wise and suggests high-rated movies, series, and TV shows to its users that helps to locate the preferred content at ease. Users have to enter the login credentials to access all the contents.

It was shut down multiple times beginning within a year of the website’s release due to copyright and piracy issues. It is marked similar to pirated websites such as Pirate Bay by several organizations. Due to this, owners of the site currently began with advertisements and pop-ups showcase on the site that caused a disturbance while browsing.

Certain ads redirected the users to other web pages due to which they did not prefer using this site. Currently, the website is blocked in countries such as India, Sweden, and Australia due to the reasons mentioned above. The site has the feature of browsing the entire page in dark mode for a better viewing experience.

6. GoMovies

It is one of the popular pirated websites around the globe, known by the name 123Movies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123MoviesHub. The site has huge popularity for the content that it provides such as movies, TV series, reality shows to stream online and download free of cost.

It releases all the contents from various sources, one such being Netflix. The contents released are of Bollywood and Hollywood, even before the original release on the respective legal platforms.

The website’s contents are categorized into three divisions namely latest movies, latest TV series, and latest episodes. The clarity of the video print is highly satisfying for all the users. It also suggests the latest and popular releases in a separate section.

Advertisements and pop-ups do appear on the site that disturbs the viewing experience of every user, which can be solved by using an ad-blocker.

7. MovieWatcher

It is one of the illegal online streaming websites that provide content of movies, TV series, and shows in multiple languages, allowing all the users to stream and download movies for free of cost.

The original website was shut down by the government that leads to constant changes in the domain to keep the site active. The site does allow the users to browse without charging any cost of registration or subscription.

8. Los Movies

It is a leading pirated website that streams the content of English movies free of cost to all its users with a comfortable streaming interface. It has gained popularity by releasing other language movies such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada dubbed in English, giving a wide variety of movies for the users to watch. The site provides users to stream content at a print of their preference from 360P to 720P.

9. Solar Movie

It is a well-known website that provides movies, drama, series, and TV shows to its users free of cost for streaming online and for downloading. There are a variety of genres this site provides such as drama, action, comedy, horror, etc. It is known for its feature of high-quality content to all its users and user-friendly interface.

Viewers can conveniently stream their searches and watch online without any disturbance of advertisements and pop-ups, even while downloading the content. The main traffic for this site is counted to be from India, Hong Kong, Korea, and France.

10. Yes Movies

It is said to be the craziest pirated online streaming website that provides content on a variety of Hollywood movies, TV shows, and series without any payment of a fee. It has more than nine thousand viewing contents giving a wide choice to its users.

This website is highly not recommended in several countries such as India and the United States. With the usage of proxy websites, this site is still active in these countries.

11. Cmovies

It is one of the topmost liked pirated websites that hosts a huge collection of Hollywood movies, web series and TV shows content. The site ensures to provide regular updates to its users before the actual release of the content in the respective legal platform. It covers a variety of genres such as horror, comedy, romance, adventure, biography, action, thriller, etc. free of cost.

12. Movie4u

It is a pirated online streaming website that provides the content of movies and TV shows of a variety of genres and specifications. The website is easy to access and simple to browse, having all the contents categorized alphabetically.

The contents are also categorized separately as TV shows, movies, trending suggestions, featured films, and the ratings of each content released on the website.

13. 5Movies

It is a website that streams and downloads the content of movies and web series of different genres and specifications.

It provides the content specifically of Hollywood, Korean and Japanese, having the website categorized into movies, TV shows, genre list of TV and movies, country-wise contents, top-rated movies, and TV shows with a dark mode creating a better streaming experience for all the users.

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There are lot more alternatives to putlocker websites like moonlight, pirate bay, Afdah, CoolMovieZone, Ganool, SnagFilms, WatchMovieStream, etc. Even though, the above-mentioned websites are the best alternatives of putlocker.

For most of the websites being pirated, users are recommended to use a VPN or anti-virus software that is safe for their particular devices to access the websites, secure their devices from viruses and malware issues.

There are advertisements and pop-up disturbances that the users experience while browsing a website, mainly pirated. Users can try using an ad-blocker to have a better browsing experience online.