6 Best Instagram Caption Generator Apps for Android and iOS

A good Instagram caption will make the viewer stop scrolling the feed. The more time the people spend reading the caption and viewing the post, the better the post will rank on Instagram. Caption generally adds context and shape the voice of a person who uploads the picture. An interesting caption is a way to connect to the world.

Best Instagram Caption Generator Apps for Android and iOS


Top 6 Instagram Caption Generator for Android and iOS

For the influencers, the caption is the fuel that they live or die for. Therefore, it is important for the people to have a great caption generator, which will help them find the relevant caption for the picture. Some of the caption generator for Android and iOS are:

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1. Captions for Instagram and Facebook Photos

It is one of the great caption generators that helps users gain access to the simple yet interesting captions for their posts. The users can find the relevant caption by just typing any word, and the generator will show the captions related to that word.

The best part is that the generator is advertisement free, which helps in saving time. This generator’s main drawback is that there may occur grammatical mistakes in the caption, which the users need to take care of before posting the picture. Secondly, it gives a list of unrelated captions, which the users are not looking forward to.

2. Story Caption

As the name suggests, it is a great application to find story captions as all its captions are 3-5 words that fit in any story. This generator provides the users with various lists of captions, and users can find the desired captions easily.

This app also enables the users to form a list of favorite captions for later use. The only drawback of this app is that it contains advertisements. But the quality of captions is generally better in this app as compared to other apps.

3. Hashtag and Caption for Instagram

This application provides users with different categories for captions like luxury, fitness, motivational, etc. It is a very simple and interesting application that finds captions for their users in few seconds without any hassle.

Users can easily share their captions to other social media like Snapchat, Facebook, etc. The main drawback of this application is that the collection of captions is limited, so users cannot use it for a long time. Users cannot search for any specific keyword, and they are also limited to the topics provided by them.

4. Quotes for Instagram and Facebook

It is one of the best caption generators which provides the users with a wide range of topics, and each topic has a wide range of quotes as captions for Instagram. It also enables users to favorite all the captions they like for future needs.

This application contains a various advertisement, which irritates the users sometimes. The application does not provide an option to search for any specific keyword. Therefore, for great caption lists, the users must go through this application.

5. Caption for Instagram

It is a fantastic application that provides an interesting and best caption for pictures for iPhone users as it has an enormous variety of captions for every picture. This application is generally highly rated on the app store.

Users can also search for captions by typing in any keyword and collecting captions relevant to your pictures. The application is advertisement free. This application is not available in all countries.

6. Caption Expert for Instagram

This application provides the repository of captions to iPhone users. Caption Expert for Instagram is actually an expert Instagram caption generator that finds interesting and creative captions to its iPhone users without any difficulty and wastage of time. The best part of this application is that the users can search or get captions by typing any emojis in this app.

The app will then provide a caption to the related emojis. This application also provides the users with a cool option to submit their own captions with their Instagram handle to the app. It also provides the option to save the captions for later use. The main drawback of this application is that this application is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.

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Summing Up

Therefore, all the applications play a major role in providing exciting and creative captions for the users. These captions are essential for users to express their thought with their social media posts.

This application helps the users in finding suitable captions for their pictures in no time without any difficulty. An interesting caption is a way to connect to the world. Hence these applications are high for the users in finding an appropriate caption for their pictures.