Afghanistan Pull Out Sparks EU Calls for More Military Might

Paolo Gentiloni, who is the EU’s commissioner for economics and taxation, had spoken to the news about it. He has spoken about the need for a bloc and the creation of it that will help to develop the geopolitical stage. This is the usage that we can see in the modern world.

“We are known as an economic superpower, but we cannot be completely absent in the geopolitical role,” he had said to the news. This is said in recent times and quite seriously.

Paolo Gentiloni, the EU’s commissioner for economics and taxation.

Gentiloni has said that it is a terrible conclusion in the world of the war in Afghanistan. This is an example to him where the United States and the others are taking away or going back on the commitment that they had to do on a global stage. This is adding to the already piling criticism that the world had been seeing in the current times.

“I think we can coexist very well,” Gentiloni said when he was asked about the fact that whether this is the threat to NATO. The question seems obvious in a situation like this. Critics are very wary of the fact. Undermining of NATO is not something that is meant to be or propagated. The behavior of the USA in terms of Afghanistan has led to severe political and social repercussions in all the political governments of the world.

Sometimes there are crazy events that can act as a catalyst for making history. It is much possible that the event that has happened in Afghanistan is one of that stature. This might be going to bring about some changes in the world and the relations among the Nations. This is not at all just concerned with Afghanistan and within its boundaries.

What comes next is yet to be seen. We are all on the same boat, just as mere spectators. We will keep you updated.