Why Are Covid Cases So High With Vaccination Going On?

You might as well be wondering why the Covid cases are still on the rise even though we have created a vaccine and we have also been getting people vaccination all over the world but we can’t say that we are in a much better position. The cases are still rising and there is a chance of the cases becoming even more in number even though many people are already vaccinated and the restrictions are being imposed on the public.

This is mainly because of the delta variant of the virus. At this moment it is the most dangerous variant which is out there in the world. It was first seen and found in India and from there it had spread to different parts of the world.

Why Are Covid Cases So High With Vaccination Going On

The United States and the United Kingdom have been struggling with the coronavirus delta variant for quite a while. Now if you are up to date with the news then you might have heard of another variant known as the mu variant.

Although it is very much uncertain whether this is going to be a threat or not, WHO is actually studying the virus now. If it posed any immediate threat then they will declare it to the public soon. It is however the delta variant that we do need to worry about now. The variant is highly contagious and it is spreading rapidly all over the world.

So how can you stop it? The answer is you can’t, the vaccine will protect you against the virus but you can still get infected, the only difference between a person who is vaccinated and then get infected and a person who is not vaccinated but gets infected is that the former will suffer less damage and not immediately die because of the infection while the latter will be at more risk.

The current 7-day moving average had also been calculated and it had been found that out of all the daily new cases, we can calculate the stands at 153,246 which is an increase in the number of 4.9% compared with the previous 7-day moving average (of 146,087). The current 7-day moving average is 123.6% higher than before.

So this is how the situation stands right now in the United States. What comes tomorrow, no one can tell. We can only hope that the situation gets better in the future.