5 Must-Have Features in a Case Management Software for Medical Practices

Are you considering practice management software but don’t know what features to look for?

Medical professionals have so many tasks to do in their scope of work. That is why more and more are using medical practice management software to do menial tasks.

Did you know that the market value for case management software has reached an estimated $4.31 billion? With more and more medical professionals seeing its benefits, this number is only set to rise.

Case Management Software for Medical Practices


Medical practices have a lot of case and patient information they have to keep organized. Choosing the right features for your case management software depends on your needs. Learn what features you must have in your practice management software.


Meeting Scheduling

Streamlining your operations is a great way to improve your workflow and save time. One of the menial tasks that can get automated is scheduling.

Optimizing your scheduling process is the best thing you can do. This software allows you to schedule patient appointments using a drag-and-drop interface. These schedules can also get color-coded, which helps you categorize patients.

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  • Accessible to Staff and Patients

Patients will also be able to schedule their appointments using an online portal. This online patient portal was designed for ease of use so that anyone can use it. Patients will also receive automated reminders, reducing cancellations and late appointments.

Your desk staff can also get scheduling modules that help them look for timeslots. This makes inputting scheduling easy as they can organize information based on categories. This also enables you to track individual patients faster as you will not have to dig through files.

You will get a form builder with many vital features that allow you to adjust meeting dates and times. For example, you can have a registration asking for customer information that your clinic needs. Add questions based on your patient’s personal needs or even state required information.

Patients can check the availability of their doctor from the comfort of their homes. They see which rooms and equipment are being used and which services are available for them to avail. Having this improves your clinic’s performance and productivity.

  • Meeting Scheduling Feature Uses

With this crucial feature, you can set up patient schedules. Patients and doctors will also get appointment reminders. Physicians can also schedule patients in advance, even during the initial consultation.

Patients who need X-rays and equipment can check for room and equipment availability. Room and equipment scheduling can also get done through the patient portal. Registration can also come with patient intake forms, which saves both of you time in the clinic.

2. Pre-registration for Patients

Before doctors assess a patient, they need to know basic medical history. However, taking care of patients doesn’t begin when they enter your clinic. Having complete pre-registration information and requirements helps you give patients the best care.

The patient medical history helps you check your patient better. This helps you know what medications they take, so you can avoid giving medicine that might react with it. You may also get a family history of diseases, which may help with a diagnosis.

Having a pre-registration feature means that patients can provide this information beforehand. This information helps you give a faster diagnosis and saves time.

Most pre-registration also allows for putting insurance information. Your software scans for this insurance information within your database. This ensures that the insurance is valid and eligible within your clinic.

This helps save a lot of headaches with insurance claiming when the bill is due. You can also see if the patient is not covered and make the necessary changes. You can help the patient with information changes to help with their insurance.

This process helps your clinic avoid lengthy disputes and insurance claims from patients. This software also helps in facilitating medical benefits checks. This helps your clinic avoid misunderstandings about their coverage gaps which get costly.

  • Patient Pre-Registration Feature Uses

With case management software, you can check patient information on a case-to-case basis. In addition, you can ask for patient information without interviewing them in the clinic. This helps maximize your time with the patient.

The pre-registration feature also comes with insurance eligibility checks. This helps you avoid being victims of insurance fraud and disputes that may take years to settle. The software also helps confirm medical benefit checks helping you check for coverage.

3. Billing

All healthcare providers have to bill their patients after providing healthcare. Medical management software reduces human error when it comes to billing. This makes sure all your claims and billing are accurate.

A medical practice management software keeps track of insurance companies and policies. This helps you avoid getting surprised later if you realize a patient was not covered. In addition, this helps track payments made in batches, easing your staff’s workload.

This also provides statements on command, helping communication between your staff and patients. This provides both sides with better communication and ease of access to billing. Users can check their deductibles and copays and add government or commercial payments.

This can also help your staff input billing data on individual patient accounts. Your customer portal can also have a billing page so patients can keep track of theirs. A payment processing feature can also get added to help with the billing process.

  • Payment Methods

There are many methods you can use to post electronic payments. You can add integrated software that enables you to get successful billing charges. When charging your patients, you can prefill some necessary data.

Pre-filling ensures that the payer meets the requirements and that no errors hinder the submission. You can also use claim scrubbing to help you check for errors and correct them. This reduces your need to re-submit claims and get compensation faster.

When you receive a billing denial, you get editing that helps make resubmission easy. The denial can get cross-checked with your database that checks for Medicare rules. You can also keep track of denial history and adapt to avoid getting new denials.

  • Billing Feature Uses

With the billing feature, you can easily check the insurance payers listing in your clinic. This also helps you with claims processing and claim scrubbing. This helps in double-checking the information so you can avoid errors.

The software tracks patient claims for you and can provide paper or paperless claim copies. You can also have a payment collection set up through this software. This helps you give out automated billing to patients.

This also comes with a billing rules engine that searches for Medicare rules. This helps you avoid denial when getting compensation for claims. In addition, this software enables you to streamline your denial management.

4. Patient Information

This software also doubles as patient management software. This software capture patient information. This includes basic information like their name, contact information, and address. Once your staff has encoded this data, you can search for info using a master patient index.

This information isn’t limited to basic info like age and contact info. Your software can also keep track of current prescribed medication and allergies. This helps healthcare providers avoid prescribing any medications that can be dangerous.

  • Patient Information Feature Uses

With this key feature, you can store patient demographics and record information. This helps you create referrals to specialists if needed. It also offers referral tracking, which ensures your patient gets the care they need.

You will get a master patient index that makes all identifying information searchable. This helps give you the ease of access to any patient information. This gives you patient medication and allergy lists that give you vital information.

You may create a patient education tab giving information about their medications. This can also include information about the dos and don’ts of a disease or other helpful articles. This gives your patients a patient portal that helps give better client communication.

Case Management Software for Medical Practices

5. Reports and Analytics

Most clinics rely on separate business intelligence software to get reports. But medical practice management software also provides this service. This gives you and your staff detailed info on your clinic’s performance.

This includes financial performance and a history of your patient’s finances. This helps you identify trends, performance gaps, and financial estimates. Most software comes with systems that create pre-set reports that you can customize.

Your report and analytics come with different reporting functionalities based on your needs. This includes decision support systems and any related systems. It also gives doctors a dashboard that gives them easy-to-understand reports.

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You can get custom reports and even ad-hoc reports. This helps you check the growth and performance of your clinic or where you might lack. They also provide a physician dashboard that checks their performance.

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