Why do Nurses Think They are so Great

One of the most gratifying and demanding jobs in the world is that of a caregiver. All of you nurses out there deserve a round of applause.

Nurses are among the most dedicated members of the healthcare team, giving patients with support, respite, and the care they need when they are unable to look after themselves.

Why do Nurses Think They are so Great

In honour of all the amazing men and women who have chosen to work in the field of social work, Goodnet has created this page to honour them. It’s hard to imagine a more selfless profession than that of a nurse.


1: Nurses are Incredibly Well-Educated.

It’s not an easy road to nursing school. Nurses are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree, and many go on to earn their master’s or doctorate degrees.

Attendance at workshops, seminars, and courses is a common practise among nurses who want to stay on top of the latest developments in their area.

2: A Nurse Life can be Saved

Without nurses, hospitals would not be able to function. As the first point of contact with a patient, they provide an initial assessment of the patient’s health. When it comes to a patient’s medical history and subsequent treatment plans, doctors rely significantly on nurses for critical information.

3: Nurses have Exceptional Interpersonal Abilities.

Every patient and member of their family can count on nurses to treat them with respect, take the time to understand their anxieties and fears, and even use humour to lighten the mood when necessary.

4: Getting their Hands dirty isn’t a Problem for Nurses.

The truth is that patients can be downright filthy. When it comes to caring for the sick and old, nurses are there to help at every step of the process, whether it’s changing a diaper or bathing someone.

5: Nurses Provide a Sense of Security to Those they Serve.

The first person you’ll run across when you walk into a hospital or medical centre is a nurse. Nurses are the first people you meet when you enter the hospital or are getting ready to see a doctor. They are there to answer your questions and allay your concerns.

6: Nurses are a Never-Ending Source of Energy and Enthusiasm.

Try being a nurse if you think working 9 to 5 is exhausting. Many nurses perform 10- to 12-hour shifts (! ), taking only short breaks in the middle of the day and night shift.

When it comes to helping patients get better faster, nurses never lose their professionalism or compassion, no matter how long they have been working.

7: Nurses Remain Cool in the Face of Adversity.

Nurses know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency or worst-case scenario, therefore they handle stress like pros.

8: Nurses Work well as a Team.

When it comes to working in a group, nurses have a lot of experience because their shifts are constantly changing with the addition of new doctors and staff.

Nurses come together in times of crisis to provide assistance to people in need and to guarantee that patients receive the best treatment possible.

9: In Terms of Efficiency, Nurses are Masters of Planning.

Because of the high volume of people entering a hospital or medical facility, nurses must not only provide patient care but also ensure that all of their documentation is in order.

Nurses are responsible for monitoring a large number of patients to ensure that they receive the right treatment at the right time, such as when to take medicine or have blood tests.

10: Nurses can do a lot of things.

Every day comes a new set of personalities and ailments for nurses to cope with. They must continually transition between working with patients and doctors, and back and forth between the two.