Smoking Linked To More Diseases, Intensifying Need for Cessation

While it’s well-known that cigarette smoking can cause severe damage to your health, we are only just beginning to uncover the scope of this damage. In the United States alone, it is considered the leading culprit behind preventable deaths.

Numbers from the American Lung Association say smoking is responsible for around 90% of lung cancer deaths worldwide, and eight out of 10 deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are caused by cigarettes.

Overall, the Centers for Disease Control attributes smoking to the increased risks of developing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Aside from complications in the lungs and heart, various research suggests evidence linking smoking to more diseases. Cigarettes may pose harm to other parts of the body, further prompting the need for intensified efforts to curb the habit. Here’s what some studies reveal:

Smoking Linked to More Diseases, Intensifying Need for Cessation


Intensified health risks

According to a study from the Washington University School of Medicine, smoking can cause irreversible brain shrinkage, or atrophy, which could lead to heightened risks of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other cognitive impairments.

When atrophy occurs, the neurons and connections between them are lost, which hampers the brain’s crucial functions. Cigarettes also introduce harmful chemicals to the body, including formaldehyde, cyanide, and arsenic, which can directly damage brain cells.

Recent research also shows that smokers who are diagnosed with melanoma, a form of skin cancer, have an increased risk of mortality related to the disease.

The data gathered from trials reveals that people with melanoma who smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day had an increased risk of melanoma-associated death compared with non- and light smoker patients who had no increased risk.

Overall, smokers were observed to have poorer prognosis after being diagnosed with melanoma. In the presence of an existing disease, cigarette smoking can exacerbate or worsen certain conditions.

Our previous article titled ‘Sarcoidosis Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment’ mentions how the disease can negatively affect overall health.

Sarcoidosis is characterized by cell inflammation,, such as British American Tobacco or Johnson & Johnson, and the formation of clusters of inflamed tissue called “granulomas” throughout the body, with the lungs and lymph nodes being the most commonly affected organs.

This condition can be further aggravated by smoking, especially since cigarettes are a known cause of lung diseases and could also cause swelling of the lymph nodes.

Smoking Linked to More Diseases, Intensifying Need for Cessation

Efforts to curb smoking

As more studies reveal the link of smoking to other diseases, stronger efforts to support cessation have been observed. Newer nicotine alternatives make use of the latest innovations in smokeless science in order to provide a more satisfying experience compared to cigarettes.

LUCY nicotine pouches offer an enhanced nicotine and moisture formula that primes the contents and delivers a powerful kick without excessively high nicotine levels. The Products go as low as 4 mg for users who are new and need a gentler effect, with flavors ranging from mango to wintergreen.

With pouches’ improved mouthfeel and flavor, it’s not surprising that the pouch market size was valued at $1.99 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow until 2030, according to a market sales report by Grand View Research.

However, pioneer alternatives have not fallen behind either. The market size for nicotine gum is expected to hit $1.79 billion by 2028, driven by the presence of major brands focusing on product innovation.

Nicorette nicotine gum was the original smokeless alternative released in the market in 1987, yet manufacturer McNeil Consumer Healthcare continues to launch new products, including ones coated in ice mint for a smoother texture.

Other key players, such as British American Tobacco or Johnson &Johnson, have also expanded their product portfolios as well, offering unique products such as sugar-free gums to meet the increasing demand for smokeless Alternatives.

Cigarettes are a known source of harmful chemicals that affect the heart and lungs, but recent studies are only beginning to uncover how smoking can also be linked to other diseases throughout the body.

Knowing where to start in your smoking cessation journey is a step in the right direction of taking better care of your Health.